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SFC Biology Session

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SFC Biology Session - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SFC Biology Session. Student Members Sohini Khan Stephanie Kwan (Chair) Suna Li Mahati Mokkarala Julia Su Ann Wang. Faculty Members Raymond Deshaies Henry Lester Paul Sternberg. 2/14/2013. Outline. Review of last SFC Survey Results Courses Existing New Research Subtracks

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SFC Biology Session

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Presentation Transcript
sfc biology session

SFC Biology Session

Student Members

Sohini Khan

Stephanie Kwan (Chair)

Suna Li


Julia Su

Ann Wang

Faculty Members

Raymond Deshaies

Henry Lester

Paul Sternberg


  • Review of last SFC
  • Survey Results
  • Courses
    • Existing
    • New
  • Research
  • Subtracks
  • Core
last bio sfc
Last Bio SFC
  • Revision of unclear catalog wording
  • Change to Bi 2 (Frontiers class)
  • Suggestion for more Bioinformatics classes
  • Organizational Suggestions
    • More recitations
    • Course capturing
    • Central websites (or Moodle)
sfc biology survey 2013 results
SFC Biology Survey 2013 Results
  • 33 students participated
  • 70% Female, 30% Male
  • 27% Seniors, 55% Juniors, 18% Sophomores
sfc biology survey 2013 results1
SFC Biology Survey 2013 Results
  • Survey suggestions
    • More bioinformatics, seminar, anatomy classes
    • Potential subtrack listing on diplomas
    • Still require and/or substitute the 2nd year of Math & Physics
current biology option requirements1
Current Biology Option Requirements

Introductory/First Year Classes:

  • Wide range of satisfaction
  • Results from people having different backgrounds
current biology option requirements2
Current Biology Option Requirements
  • Generally high satisfaction

“Bioinformatics is the future of biology and Caltech should keep up with the pace. We all will have extensive mathematical backgrounds and this would be a good application.”

  • Other comments asked for bioinformatics, or reinstatement of bioinformatics classes listed in the catalogue

Comments on strength of Caltech’s microbiology research, but lack of general microbiology classes

  • ESE/Bi 166 & 168?

“I realize Caltech's Bio Department focuses strongly on molecular/cellular biology, but a few classes in more organismal or even ecological biology would be fantastic. They wouldn't have to be very advanced, but I'm sure many bio majors here would be interested in learning about other bio fields.”

other comments
Other Comments
  • Pre-med relevant classes
    • Bi 145 insufficient?
  • Classes with lab components
    • SURFs don’t always let you try out “the techniques we learned in class”
  • Distribution of classes among terms
bio majors and research
Bio majors and Research

Of Biology majors who responded, a large majority participate in at least the SURF program

Research- key aspect in undergraduate biology major time at Caltech

bio majors and research1
Bio Majors and Research

Generally favorable view on research experience at Caltech; mode favorability rating at ~9 satisfactory rating.

bio majors and the research thesis
Bio majors and the research thesis…

Majority will not complete a biology research thesis

Main reason: not enough of time, some unclear on requirements

  • Facilitate increased interest in research and different biology fields
  • Most students unaware of Biology mailing list
  • Interested in receiving updates about seminars, current research in biology
  • Brings up option of specialized undergraduate mailing list
  • Possible emails: socials, course advice, seminars, visiting companies
  • Former committee to facilitate communication between faculty and undergrads
  • Used to have socials
  • Curriculum surveys
  • Could manage undergraduate mailing list
have caltech diploma show biology subtrack
Have Caltech Diploma show Biology subtrack
  • By taking specific courses to fulfill a certain # of classes in tracks in order to graduate with that subtrack
  • Can also leave this optional so can graduate with just Biology
  • Sometimes need specialty (Biochemistry) for industry
  • Helpful to show specific specialization in context of finding research positions
  • Not all tracks have enough of corresponding classes, but few do
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Developmental biology and evolution
  • Neurobiology
  • Computational and systems biology
  • Organismal
  • Molecular biology + cell biology
  • Interdisciplinary, technology approaches
core math
Core (Math)
  • Majority agree that Biology should still require the 2nd year of Math
  • Statistics are important
core physics
Core (Physics)
  • A bit split, but agreement that Biology should still require the 2nd year of Physics
  • Many want to be able to substitute (Ch 21, 24, etc…)
questions and discussion
Questions and Discussion
  • Courses
    • Existing
      • Generally highly satisfied
    • Potential
      • Anatomy/Physiology
      • Bioinformatics
      • Seminar
  • Research
    • Many do research
    • Few doing research thesis
  • Subtracks
  • Core
    • In favor of still requiring 2nd year of Math/Physics
    • Similar proposal passed by biology faculty