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APPLYING FOR STUDENT AID - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. 7 Simple Steps: Step 1 Apply Online or By Paper Step 2 Submit Your Necessary Documentation Step 3 Your Loan Document is Printed Step 4 Your Loan is at School on the 1st Day Step 5 Submit Your Income Confirmation Form Step 6 Negotiate your loan at the post office Step 7 Your Funds are deposited into your Bank Account

  3. Completing the Application Step 1:

  4. Online vs Paper If at all possible, complete the application online. • Guarantees application is completed correctly • Faster • Guaranteed it is received right away • Process starts automatically • Easy • DOWNLOAD AND PRINT A PAPER COPY TO FILL OUT BEFORE SO YOU ENSURE YOU HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION

  5. Submitting the necessary documentation Step 2:

  6. FORMS The application for student loans is not difficult, but completing the different required forms can be confusing. Be careful you do not miss any forms. ALL STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE • Canada Revenue Agency Signature Form • Student’s Declaration, Consent and Signature Form • Income Confirmation Form


  8. Loan Document When you submit your application and the necessary documentation is received, Student Financial Services will determine how much money you are eligible to receive and they will print your loan document and mail this to the school you are attending.

  9. Your Loan is at School the first day of classes Step 4:

  10. Certificate of Eligibility While the money you will receive from student loans will not be deposited into your bank until after the 1st day of class, the school you are attending will have confirmation that you are receiving a certain sum in student assistance. This is your Certificate of Eligibility.

  11. Completing the Process • You must pick up you Certificate of Eligibility at your school by presenting identification. • Photo ID • Proof of SIN • Ensure your educational Institution completes Section 3 (done automatically at MUN and Marine Institute) • Complete Section 4 or attach a void cheque • Proof Read, sign and date • Print to a Canada Post

  12. Submit your Income confirmation form Step 5:

  13. Income Confirmation Form • The Income Confirmation Form is a very simple form which indicates the money you made before beginning school. • This Form cannot be completed before the first day of class. • This Form must be received before the 8th week of class.

  14. Negotiate your loan at Canada Post Office Step 6:

  15. ALMOST DONE!!! The final certificate of eligibility and income confirmation must be submitted either by mail (Canada Post) or at a NSLSC (National Student Loan Service) Kiosk at your school. This will begin the process of distributing loan and grant funding to your school for tuition and fees. The distribution may not occur automatically because of a difference between the federal and provincial deposit dates.

  16. Your Funds are deposited into you Bank Account Step 7:

  17. FINALLY FINISHED!!! When loan and grant funding is being disbursed to you educational institution, if there is a federal or provincial portion still owing to you, it will be deposited directly into your bank account.