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Love your 2070

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Love your 2070
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Love your 2070

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  1. Love your 2070 Readers digest version Condensing City of Portland, Northwest Signal material and a couple other notes.

  2. Current 2070 Status • Over a hundred in Portland now, over a hundred coming to Region 1 and the City. • Some 2070s in each Region more on the way. • Four suppliers in alphabetical order, Econolite, McCain, Peek, Siemens. • TSSU has Store Stock or order direct.

  3. Current 2070 Status cont. • Warranty period 1 year, vendors have been flexible. • About 1 in 25 controllers needs some extra love prior to heading to the Intersection. • Labeling of controllers going for and coming back from Warranty • Vendors currently don’t load Voyage on returns.

  4. Current 2070 Status cont. • First Voyage 2070 at the City of Portland 2008. Now on version 3.02.2 of the Voyage code. • SCATS 2070 installations Gresham 2009 but has been around in other locations.

  5. 170 compared to 2070 • 170 instant booting, 2070 up to 10 seconds booting time. • Will end up taking the door off at least one 2070 before you get used to opening from the other side. • Modules load from the back on the 2070. • 170 Wapiti no Ethernet, 2070 Ethernet .

  6. 170 compared to 2070 cont. • Same C1 connector • 170 the Controller code is on a chip or Prom board vs. the 2070 you load the controller code from a laptop and is stored on directories. • Both can enter operating parameters or database from the front panel keyboard or download from a laptop. • 2070 can quickly load everything from Datakey • Automatic Datakey Database saves available-Ryan

  7. 170 compared to 2070 cont. • Stop time switch on both but a Voyage 2070 will beep at you when stop time switch is left on. Also labeled as “AUX” • Power switch behind the left opening door on the 2070 controller vs. the right front on 170. You will switch it to stop time at least once before you remember. • Both can view operation from front panel.

  8. 2070 things to Remember • Never be miserable alone. Tech support is available. Basic operation help and help for enhancements. • Some “Only tell me what I have to know” information slides follow.

  9. Tech Support Basic • Print out Cheat sheets for Datakey reload and keep with your spare 2070. Make notes on it for esc, next key commands and normal status lights. • Dark tinting for the windows on your service truck. • If all else fails and your fellow crew mates are hiding, Stall in your truck until 6:00 AM then call 503-378-2645 one of the Traffic techs will answer. • No Answer, Leave until 8:00 AM, note any messages on screen and call Northwest Signal to ask for Mark or Ryan. 503-635-4351 • If you can’t get away call Dispatch Center and ask for home phone numbers for crew 7641.

  10. 2070 Enhancement Help • Northwest Signal Web Forum site for ideas and who may have done it before. • Input to Voyage Users Group for including on agenda. • Region and City Traffic Staff. • Traffic Signal Working group • SCATS contacts for enhancements such as Menu labels.

  11. Only tell me what I have to know • Local controller software • Wapiti/BiTrans – 170 • Voyage/SCATS -2070 • Laptop or Central System software Translink – 170 NWCentral/Transuite - 2070

  12. Only tell me what I have to know • Blinking light in the front is good on the Voyage 2070. Solid Red light on the SCATS 2070 front. Voyage Red light doesn’t start blinking until boot up completes. • Star Key brings you to the main operating display on the Voyage software. • Use label on the SCATS controller for menu prompts until memory kicks in.

  13. Only tell me what I have to know • For Voyage , If hit “Next” then “escape” key the version number will display. If it’s not 3.02.2 then call BR 549! • Below the Ethernet connection is a Status light. Should be on when connected. If not then 90 percent chance the connection is not 10 megabit and half duplex or that the cable should be crossed.

  14. Only tell me what I have to know • McCain controllers should have a green dot located on chassis to show they are current. • Siemens controllers will get a bouncing curser after operating for some time. • Econolite controllers have a new boot code out version D. • Modules are slot specific, take note where they came from.

  15. Only tell me what I have to know • Ethernet in back and serial in front come standard on the 2070. • Simulated Watch dog allows 2070 boot time, signal will go dark in the event of a controller reboot while operating the intersection. • Conflict Monitor testing on live Intersection should be timed to allow main line to best facilitate 4 second all red startup.

  16. Only tell me what I have to know • “F” key on Voyage 2070 will provide Help information on many selections. Hit “F” key again to exit. • Label on SCATS 2070 controller front panel gets you started. • Other suggestions from around group?

  17. Interconnect cable • Silverton installation we left 170 interconnect in place and used another pair of wires to connect Ethernet conversion boxes. Leaves interconnect operation in place as long as possible. • Is there a best pair to use? John/Jason? • Center pair of wires was the pair used on the RJ11 connector going to the conversion box. • Sources for pre-made connectors?