Speaker and word choice in poetry
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Speaker and Word Choice in Poetry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Speaker and Word Choice in Poetry. The poet is speaking to you like having a conversation in the kitchen. The poet could be mysterious and you have to analyze who is the poet. Two speakers may talk with each other and we are outsider listening. Vocabulary and Authors.

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Speaker and word choice in poetry

Speaker and Word Choice in Poetry

The poet is speaking to you like having a conversation in the kitchen.

The poet could be mysterious and you have to analyze who is the poet.

Two speakers may talk with each other and we are outsider listening.

Vocabulary and authors
Vocabulary and Authors

Vocabulary -add Speaker & Jargon to your notes. Use your notes for the others if you do not remember them.


Enter information on to the writer’s spreadsheet regarding:

Nikki Giovanni (from TN)

Theodore Roethke

Philip Booth

Robert Francis

  • Speaker p 177 add to notes

  • Jargon p 181 add to notes

  • Preposition

  • Descriptive writing

  • Simile

  • Verbs

  • Adjectives

  • Personification

  • Stanza

  • Mood

  • POV

  • Context clues

  • Facts

  • Venn diagram

  • Compare/contrast

  • Verb tense-present, past, future

Speaker and word choice in poetry


Construct poems

Use Venn diagram

Answer comprehension questions

Defend your answers

Use context clues

Identify figurative language

Identify grammar

Expand your vocabulary

Lay out
Lay out


There will a short quiz over authors, vocabulary, and poems for each unit.

Prepare and study each night.

Must keep all work after I return it to you-poems will be used for a separate project to come.

  • All items labeled

  • All poems will be written on separate sheets of paper

  • Pictures can be used and typed in preferred

  • Must complete ALL exercises/questions to received an “A” for each unit to the BEST of your ability. Remember I know your ability.

Knoxville tn p 177
Knoxville, TN p 177

Write answers to:

Writing Assignment

Pick a season(spring, summer, winter, fall)

Write 7-8 using descriptive writing detailing what occurs during this time, activities, you what enjoy about this season in poem format(stanza set up). You can add pictures/drawing. Must be on separate sheet and labeled.

Breece ex:

Great day! It is warm and the sun is out

I am planning a trip to the beach

I get to run my toes through the sand

Then jump in the water too cool off when hot

The seagulls are plentiful and close in sight

After a day at the beach

We’ll eat ice cream later tonight

  • What are the 5 foods the poets mentions

  • List 3 favorite activities mentioned

  • Analyze how can you confirm the poem was written from a young person’s POV.

  • Generalized the moods given in the poem.

  • List the prepositions (9)

The base stealer p 180
The Base Stealer p 180


Using Venn Diagram

Compare and contrast(what is same/different) using 2 poems from this unit. Noting that the speaker is either going to be speaking as an adult or as a child.

  • Classify the simile

  • Identify the Participle phrase

  • List the verbs

  • The base stealer was compare to what 3 things?

  • What verb tense is used-Present, Past, Future. Confirm.

  • What does delicate mean to the base stealer?

  • How many stanzas?

Child on top of a greenhouse p178
Child on Top of a Greenhouse p178

Writing-on separate sheet

In poem format-6-8 sentences

Select an object(cell phone, Ipod, shoes, chair, car etc)

Describe a typical day-using details-listing good and bad

Breece ex:

Baby Doll

I am sitting on this shelf collecting dusk

I am waiting for someone to buy me

To take me home where I am played with and loved.

OH! What joy, I finally have an owner

My owner hugs and talks to me

I am told I will have a sister soon

My family is growing and I am no longer on the shelf.

  • List the adjectives used (7)

  • Classify the personification(3)

  • Confirm which POV- 1,2,3

  • Analyze for verbs(9)

  • Generalize how the speaker feels.

Ego p 179
Ego p 179

Comprehension questions:

Writing on separate paper w/title..Add pics if you like

Note the ending of L2 & L4=Park, dark

These would be rhyming words.

Identify other lines that rhyme.

Write a poem that rhymes using 6-7 lines.

Breece ex:

Writing poetry is easy

It is simple as 1, 2,3

Just try to intrigue me

Its like writing a song

Words are not gone

Simply take from your head

Before you use up all your lead

Your grade will be your reward

As you continue to soar.

  • Using context clues, what is the job title?

  • How is he ranked?

  • How many stanzas in this poem?

  • Does the speaker stay focus on his job? What facts are stated?

  • What is the jargon listed in this poem?

  • He compared his plane to a ___.

  • What details suggest that the man had an “ego?”