jean paul marat
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Jean Paul Marat

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Jean Paul Marat. By Glenn Stanners and Big Red. Life Information . Birthdate : May 24 th 1743- July 13 th 1793 Birthplace: Boudry , Neuhatel , Switzerland Location of Death: Paris, France Cause of Death: Assassination Gender: Male Relgion : Protestant

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jean paul marat

Jean Paul Marat

By Glenn Stanners and Big Red

life information
Life Information
  • Birthdate: May 24th 1743- July 13th 1793
  • Birthplace: Boudry, Neuhatel, Switzerland
  • Location of Death: Paris, France
  • Cause of Death: Assassination
  • Gender: Male
  • Relgion: Protestant
  • Occupation: Acitvist, Government, Doctor
family information
Family Information
  • Father: M. Jean-Paul Marat
  • Mother: Louis Cabrol
  • Brother: Henri Marat
  • hSister: Albertine Marat
  • Son: David Marat
  • Wife: Simone Evrard
  • Girlfriend: Marquise de l’Aubepine
how your person relates to the french revolution
How your person relates to the French revolution
  • He was a French revolutionary leader.
  • He was also a French physician and philosopher, a political theorist and a politician from the French Revolution.
skin disease
Skin Disease
  • Jean Paul Marat has a very bad skin disease. It was intensely prunitic and blistering and start in his perianal region. It resulted in weight loss and he spent most of the last three years of his life in a bath tub
  • Jean Marat was assassinated in his bathtub on July 13th 1793 by Charlotte Corday.
  • His death cause a great commotion in France and the convention attended his funeral
letter to the convention
Letter to the Convention
  • “July 2,1793Citizen Colleagues:
  • What is your Committee of Public Safety thinking about? Is it sleeping, or does it refuse to act? Ten days ago I demanded that the measures you took against the established authorities in Evreux be taken against those of Lyons. You referred my demand to the Committee, and it has remained silent. These measures would return to order the aristocrats of the department of the Rhone-et-Loire, as they did with those of the Eure. Today, when these traitors no longer recognize the authority of the National Assembly there only remains the deploying of the national forces to return them to their obligations. I thus propose that after outlawing the administrative bodies of this department you call against them the brave sans-culottes of the Cantal, Puy-de-Dome, the Ain, and the Haute-Loire if they refuse to submit within a week.
  • The enclosed letter, whose author I know, will prove that you don’t have a moment to lose if you want to prevent the assassination of a hundred unfortunate patriots.
  • Marat”
marat s bath
Marat’s Bath
  • The royalist M. De Sainte-Hilaire bought the tube, he latter died and his daughter inherited, she passed in on to Sarzeau cure when she died in 1862.
  • Latter on the Tussauds agreed purchase the tub for $100,000 francs, but his offer was lost in the mail.
  • She finally sold the tub for $5,000 francs to the MuseeGrevin where it remains today