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College of Health Sciences PowerPoint Presentation
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College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

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College of Health Sciences

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  1. College of Health Sciences “Educating tomorrow’s leaders for a healthier world.” SHE Mission: Promote human health and development that enables people to live in safe and productive communities and environmentally sustainable economies. Objective: Overview of proposed strategic planning process for 2013-14 in alignment with UMass Lowell’s Pillars of Excellence. Strategic Planning Goals: • Assess and revise Mission to align with current and near future college elements. • Develop Strategic Plan 2020 for College that aligns with University plan. • Develop department and School strategic plans that align with University and College plans. • Develop 3-5 year action steps to move strategic plans forward.

  2. College of Health Sciences Proposed Strategic Planning Process 2013-14 • Leadership Team will discuss and finalize strategic planning process at day-long retreat in July. • Dean and Associate Dean will use Leadership Team input to develop initial draft Strategic Plan for College. • College-wide strategic planning retreat for all faculty and staff in early fall to review and provide input to draft Strategic Plan. • Post-retreat the Leadership Team will review input and develop comprehensive strategic plan for College of Health Sciences. • Leadership Team will develop timeline for strategic plan process in Departments and School of Nursing to be consistent with University and College plan. • College of Health Sciences strategic planning retreat in Spring semester 2014 so that each Department and School of Nursing can share their strategic plans. • College, Department and School 2020 plans will be shared with College and University community.

  3. College of Health Sciences Transformational Education • Increase experiential learning beyond class activities such as clinical experiences. • Increase MS enrollments where capacity exists. • Evaluate potential for new degree programs. • Promote interactive classroom activities. • Pharm D proposal development and shepherding through the approval process during 2013-2014. • Begin recruitment of Chair, faculty & students for Pharmaceutical Science MS /PhD - fall 2014 start • Complete Public Health BS/MPH process fall 2013 review by BOT and BHE to start fall 2014 • To develop minor in public health.

  4. College of Health Sciences Global Engagement & Inclusive Culture • Evaluate adequacy of academic support for diverse students. • Increase access globally to educational programs by increasing the number of online and summer course offerings. • Increase the number of international experiences for students. • Increase administrative support for international student learning experiences. • Increase international students studying within the College of Health Sciences.

  5. College of Health Sciences Innovative Research & Entrepreneurship • Increase federal funding in all units. • Increase productivity of research centers. • Increase collaborative research opportunities and funding. • Increase faculty involvement with medical school and M2D2. • Evaluate potential for additional research centers to support greater involvement by faculty.

  6. College of Health Sciences Leverage Our Legacy and Our Place • Broaden participation in college and university activities. • Strengthen community partnerships and collaborations. • Expand partnerships with community colleges. • Optimize courses and programs offered at external campuses and online.

  7. College of Health Sciences Entrepreneurial Stewardship in Higher Education • Increase advancement activities within the college: • Major fundraising campaign in alignment with University capital campaign. • Celebration event for the renaming of the College and School of Nursing Fall 2013. • September 3, 3:30 to 5:30, Health and Social Sciences Bldg. • Provide leadership training opportunities. • Increase active engagement of alumni within the College.