challenges of w orking w ithin the events industry n.
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Challenges of W orking W ithin the Events Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Challenges of W orking W ithin the Events Industry

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Challenges of W orking W ithin the Events Industry - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Challenges of W orking W ithin the Events Industry
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  1. Challenges of Working Within the Events Industry

  2. YMEA • MEA is a national, independent non- profit organisation dedicated to showing excellence in all aspects of meetings management. It also promotes the value and effectiveness of meetings as an important high-yield sector of business travel and tourism.

  3. Overview • Event Management means big profits but it also involves discipline and precise planning. • Basically the client comes to the events manager with a brief idea/picture on an event • It then involves the event manager to elaborate on the idea an turn it into reality for the client.

  4. Events could be anything from concerts, jubilee celebrations, business conferences, promotions, press conferences, product launches and farewells to television based events, fashion shows, wedding or parties… it can jut about e any sort of gathering.

  5. Basic Framework • Basic Framework needs to be undertaken: from booking venues, booking artists, selecting menus, hunting sponsors, hiresperformers, arranging transport, contacts vendors, preparing marketing plans, working on the logistics, printing invitations etc.

  6. People Challenges: • Acquiring networks and contacts within the business may take years to establish. • You may face working with colleagues or clients that are inflexible, or have incompetent networking skills, lack co-operation or poor negotiation skills. • This can make it difficult in the event industry as good teamwork is crucial which enhances the workflow, for the event to run smoothly. • One small error can effect the whole event and create havoc disrupting an entire schedule.

  7. Breakdowns in miscommunications between firms or individuals can occur which can lead to conflict which leads to set backs or mishaps in the schedule. • Different ideas, attitudes, and values can also be a issue if others are not welcome to negotiate.

  8. Costs • Costs play a major role and challenge to the event industry. • Budgeting an event is vital • Expenses such as audio/visuals, food and beverage prices, the rent/lease of a destination for the event.

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