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are you passionate about the consulting profession n.
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Are you passionate about the consulting profession? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are you passionate about the consulting profession?

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Are you passionate about the consulting profession?
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Are you passionate about the consulting profession?

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  1. Are you passionate about the consulting profession?

  2. About the management consulting profession.* • Canada’s management consulting market regained momentum in 2010. • Management consulting is a $9.2 billion industry in Canada. • Distribution of demand: • Ontario remains the largest market (44%). • Eastern Canada accounts for 23%: Quebec (19%) and Atlantic Canada (4%). • Collectively, the western provinces generate approximately one-third of industry revenues: British Columbia (12%), Alberta (14%), Saskatchewan (2%), Manitoba (3%), and the Territories (1%). • Among the major services lines, information technology continues to be the largest source of consulting revenues, almost equaling all others combined.

  3. I’m professional.

  4. Professional reputation. • Reputation is everything. It is the hardest thing to earn, yet it can be destroyed in an instant. • Professional consultants are committed to consulting as a career. • The ease of entry into the consulting profession calls for standards so clients can differentiate between those who regard it as a profession and those who print up business cards and call themselves consultants. • The Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation is ensconced in Provincial legislation across Canada. CMCs hold strong values concerning professional conduct.

  5. Professional reputation. • CMC-Canada requires all members to abide by aUniversal Code of Professional Conduct. This Code protects the client, the profession, other members, and the public. • Becoming a CMC-Canada member shows a commitment to the management consulting profession as the consultant’s own personal branding. • CMC-Canada membership opens up a world of networking, professional development and education, and industry trend analysis, but mainly it’s made up by over 3,000 fellow Canadian management consultants with a shared identity, a commitment to their profession and their clients, and a desire for their mutual success.

  6. I’m passionate.

  7. Why join CMC-Canada? • Membership in CMC-Canada helps you to be more: • Knowledgeable. • Professional. • Connected. • In Demand. • Cost-Effective. • Provide increased value to client(s): • CMCs are driven by their personal desire to overcome their clients’ challenges. CMCs expect to be evaluated on, and held accountable for, the impact and results of their work. • The federal, Ontario and some municipal governments recognize the CMC designation as a desirable criterion in Requests for Proposal used for selecting management consultants. • A CMC can be less costly to engage than a full-time employee and more focused than in-house people can be, without diverting in-house staff from their main responsibilities. • Our members will only accept engagements that bring value to the client; and will not take on projects that compromise the client's best interests.

  8. About the CMC designation. • CMCs are able to see the whole business and understand the cross-functional and stakeholder implications of challenges and solutions. CMCs strive to address the root issues of a problem, not just the symptoms. • CMCs may have specific areas of deep expertise, but they are also required to demonstrate and maintain competence across a broad set of functional disciplines. • Most CMCs have at least one additional designation, demonstrating their knowledge and experience.

  9. The CMC complements other designations, such as:

  10. Earn the CMC designation. • The CMC designation is one way that consulting professionals can differentiate themselves from those who simply hang out their consulting shingle. Earning the designation can be done through three streams, based on experience. The graphic below summarizes the ‘entry’ stream. Details on the ‘experienced’ and ‘executive’ streams can be found at

  11. Global recognition. • The CMC is the only worldwide professional management consulting designation with recognition in over 50 countries.. • With increased access to global markets, international certifications are more important than ever to a professional career. • The CMC designation equals a global standard of practice.

  12. About CMC-Canada. • The Canadian Association of Management Consultants (CMC-Canada) provides leadership for the profession by shaping the profession’s vision, fostering excellence and integrity, and speaking for the profession with a single voice. • CMC-Canada administers, and its Institutes confer, the Certified Management Consultant (CMC) designation in Canada. • The Association and its members advocate for the CMC designation, and are dedicated to advancing the profession and delivering the benefits of those efforts to the client community.

  13. I’m ready. • To learn more about how to become a CMC-Canada member and Certified Management Consultant, visit or call 416.860.1515.

  14. Frequently asked questions. 1. Why should I join CMC-Canada? If you're in the business of management consulting, membership in the association is an investment in your career. Your membership provides exceptional value in terms of personal development, professional practice, and financial security. Through a variety of professional development and networking opportunities, you have ample opportunity to share best business practices with colleagues. Through an online database, you have access to potential clients, plus an unique range of products and services, typically at discounted rates. 2. Must I have the CMC designation to be a member? No, whether you have the designation or are pursuing or interested in pursuing the designation, you are welcome to join. Note that you must maintain membership in order to maintain the designation, once achieved. 3. What types of companies or firms currently belong to CMC-Canada? Members of CMC-Canada currently come from a wide range of companies: sole proprietors, consultants from small-medium firms, as well as consultants from large firms. And from all disciplines: HR, IT, marketing, finance, strategy, etc.

  15. Frequently asked questions. 4. In what business are typical members involved? Again, our membership base covers a wide range of expertise in several areas, in many different industries. The most common service areas are: strategic and business planning; organizational development; project management; feasibility studies; and general management and information technology/e-business management. Our members consult to almost every industry imaginable including government, banking and financial services, health care, manufacturing, professional services, small/family business and technology. Our online searchable database includes 50 service area categories and 75 industry categories used by clients interested in finding a consultant. Can you afford not to be included? 5. How can I be a member when I don't have three years consulting experience? There is no minimum experience requirement for CMC-Canada membership. Three years management consultancy experience is needed to complete the CMC designation, this experience can be gained while pursuing other components of the CMC designation program. 6. How much are the membership fees? Membership Fees are $433 per year for non-CMCs and $542 per year for CMCs based on a calendar year. Fees are prorated so check the fee schedule to determine fees required with your application.