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Finding a topic for your paper

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Finding a topic for your paper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Finding a topic for your paper. Remember Writing Territories?. STRONG!. Topic = thesis statement core. That thesis is what will motivate and influence all research The thesis is also what your writing will develop from.

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finding a topic for your paper

Finding a topic for your paper

Remember Writing Territories?

  • Topic = thesis statement core.
  • That thesis is what will motivate and influence all research
  • The thesis is also what your writing will develop from.
  • Weak topic selection can lead to a weak thesis which can doom you into mediocrity.
risk originality
  • Overdone topics = annoying to those who listen to year in and year out. 
  • Unless you can add a PERSONAL SPIN…
  • Making a topic personal and adding yourself can turn even the most done topic into something fresh.
  • New research to cite helps!
  • Best = new, risky topic.  Boundaries exist, but choosing a controversial/taboo topic can instantly draw in your audience.  
  • Topic can captivate the interest of a majority of the audience. 
  • Never select a topic to humor audiences
  • But try to chose a subject that others can find interesting. 
  • Holding an audience captive and raising their curiosity is AWESOME!
can it be researched
Can it be researched?
  • It is difficult to cite anything when sources are near non-existence. 
  • This can either come from the selected topic not having much resources written on the topic OR because the information is not accessible. 
  • Either way, this leaves you in a limited position of what you can learn and cite regarding the issue.
be concise
Be Concise!
  • Select a topic that can be turned into a concise thesis. 
  • Hard to write a paper when the thesis is so broad that it seems as if the topic changes mid-research. 
  • Be narrow. 
  • The larger a thesis/topic is, the easier it is for the paper to enter inflation as you try to touch upon every idea or tangent you can find.  Find the main idea of a subject and write about that.
love it
Love it!
  • If you do not love your topic then that will be reflected in your paper. 
  • Your analysis will be rushed and your research thin. 
  • Love what you do!
some i could think of or stole from debate
Some I could think of…(or stole from debate)
  • Is the Confederate Flag Racist?
  • Americans are stupid.
  • Is it necessary to cheat your way through school?
  • 16 and NOT pregnant!
  • I’m a teen, not a criminal: Changing perceptions of teens.
  • Think of you.. What you like, what you’re into…
here s some goodies
Here’s some goodies…
  • Racial profiling is a legitimate law-enforcement policy.
  • The “White”-centric world we live in.
  • Pay me what I’m worth – equally the “gender gap” in pay.
  • Are homosexual characters appropriate in daytime TV?
  • High school classes should be separated by gender.
more goodies
More goodies…
  • Get Your Business Out of My Sports!
  • Let the rich eat my taxes!
  • Literature today is still same-old, same-old (gender issues)
  • Martha Stewart was persecuted
  • Or.. Increased punishment for “white-collar” crimes.
  • European systems (pick education, health care, etc) are better.
  • TV is NOT me.
  • Female stereotypes are well-deserved.
  • Becoming Amish and other ways to get around taxes
  • Abortion
  • Gay marriage/adoption
  • Media stereotypes
  • Eating disorders
  • Steroids
  • Death penalty.
  • Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.. I’m sorry I fell asleep!