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Welcome, Team Avalanche Parents!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome, Team Avalanche Parents!!!

Welcome, Team Avalanche Parents!!!

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Welcome, Team Avalanche Parents!!!

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  1. Welcome, Team Avalanche Parents!!! Ashley Humbyrd(English) Melissa Brightman(math) Bethany Friel (social studies) Maria Portugali (science) JoAnne Leach (resource) Jen Lemoi(educational assistant)

  2. Avalanche Scavenger Hunt • Have fun with this activity tonight! You can start playing during this presentation! • Before you go home, return your scavenger hunt to the Giving Tree table in the Avalanche hallway.

  3. Team Photos: First Day of School!

  4. Team Info… JoAnne Leach:Learning Specialist Team Leader (398-1326) Melissa Brightman:Math (398-1318) Ashley Humbyrd:English (398-1346) Maria Portugali:Science (398-1674) Bethany Friel: Social Studies (398-1632) •

  5. Team Expectations For All… • Be safe • Be respectful • Be responsible Students earn AVALANCHE BUCKS for safe, respectful, and responsible behavior. These are used as raffle tickets every Wednesday for small prizes during a homeroom raffle.

  6. The 6th Grade Transition… ACADEMIC RESPONSIBILITIES • Homework Agenda: • Use the agenda for writing when they have and do not have homework in each class daily • Assignments are posted in each class, and students are given time to write their assignments in each class. • A great tool to use at home to check off your child’s assignments when completed • Team Website: • Check the team website daily to double-check homework and announcements from the team and classroom teachers • Cole Time: • 25 minutes 4 days a week for silent reading time, organizational time, and extra time with Avalanche teachers. See separate flyer regarding organizational skills & how to help your child study

  7. The 6th Grade Transition…(continued) BEHAVIORAL RESPONSIBILTIES • Locker Times—Students have been assigned locker times. Top lockers go to lockers before the even numbered periods + bottom lockers before the odd numbered periods. • When off team, students are allowed to go to their locker during an unscheduled time. • Gotta Go Passes—Fosters preparedness and efficient time management. (see next slide) • Yellow Cards + Red Cards • Yellow cards result in a 5 minute lunch detention and are issued if a student doesn’t correct a behavior after a warning. This results in a behavior reflection with a parent signature due the next day. • Red cards are issued if a student doesn’t correct the same behavior after receiving a yellow card or if they have a major behavior infraction. This results in a full after school or lunch detention, and a parent signature.

  8. Definitions of Lateness & Preparedness • Preparedness: • Books • Binders • Homework Agenda • Completed homework • Writing Utensil • Other materials needed for each class (calculator, etc) • Lateness: • Be on time—seated before the lesson begins Gotta Go Passes: These are given to students to help with lateness and preparedness. Students relinquish a pass to go to locker or bathroom, or if they are late to class without a pass from another teacher

  9. Keeping Track of Assignments: Homework Agendas • Students should bring the following to each class • Agenda • Pencil case • Loose leaf paper • Homework folder • Class binder, notebook, and/or class books • Students keep record of daily homework, tests, quizzes, projects, and papers in agendas. • TEAMAVALANCHE.WEEBLY.COM: Long term assignments, tests & quizzes, nightly homework and extra handouts are posted here. • Visit each teacher’s page on this team website.

  10. After School Days… After school hours are offered until 3 pm according to the following schedule • Tuesday:Science, Social Studies • Wednesday:English • Thursday:Math, Social Studies Mrs Leach is available after school on most days.

  11. Team Avalanche Contact • You can always contact individual teachers by email or phone • Team/Parent meetings • These are scheduled by appointment. They are usually held on Mondays at 9:15 or 9:30.

  12. Guidance Counselor • Mrs. Caroline Bradshaw • Contact: • • 398-1336