Welcome team avalanche parents
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Welcome, Team Avalanche Parents!!!. Ashley Humbyrd(English) Melissa Brightman(math) Bethany Friel (social studies) Maria Portugali (science) JoAnne Leach (resource) Jen Lemoi(educational assistant). Avalanche Scavenger Hunt.

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Welcome team avalanche parents

Welcome, Team Avalanche Parents!!!

Ashley Humbyrd(English)

Melissa Brightman(math)

Bethany Friel (social studies)

Maria Portugali (science)

JoAnne Leach (resource)

Jen Lemoi(educational assistant)

Avalanche scavenger hunt
Avalanche Scavenger Hunt

  • Have fun with this activity tonight! You can start playing during this presentation!

  • Before you go home, return your scavenger hunt to the Giving Tree table in the Avalanche hallway.

Team info
Team Info…

JoAnne Leach:Learning Specialist

Team Leader

jleach@egsd.net (398-1326)

Melissa Brightman:Math

mbrightman@egsd.net (398-1318)

Ashley Humbyrd:English

ahumbyrd@egsd.net (398-1346)

Maria Portugali:Science

mportugali@egsd.net (398-1674)

Bethany Friel: Social Studies

bfriel@egsd.net (398-1632)

  • www.teamavalanche.weebly.com

Team expectations for all
Team Expectations For All…

  • Be safe

  • Be respectful

  • Be responsible

Students earn AVALANCHE BUCKS for safe, respectful, and responsible behavior. These are used as raffle tickets every Wednesday for small prizes during a homeroom raffle.

The 6 th grade transition
The 6th Grade Transition…


  • Homework Agenda:

    • Use the agenda for writing when they have and do not have homework in each class daily

    • Assignments are posted in each class, and students are given time to write their assignments in each class.

    • A great tool to use at home to check off your child’s assignments when completed

  • Team Website:

    • Check the team website daily to double-check homework and announcements from the team and classroom teachers

  • Cole Time:

    • 25 minutes 4 days a week for silent reading time, organizational time, and extra time with Avalanche teachers.

      See separate flyer regarding organizational skills & how to help your child study

The 6 th grade transition continued
The 6th Grade Transition…(continued)


  • Locker Times—Students have been assigned locker times. Top lockers go to lockers before the even numbered periods + bottom lockers before the odd numbered periods.

    • When off team, students are allowed to go to their locker during an unscheduled time.

  • Gotta Go Passes—Fosters preparedness and efficient time management. (see next slide)

  • Yellow Cards + Red Cards

    • Yellow cards result in a 5 minute lunch detention and are issued if a student doesn’t correct a behavior after a warning. This results in a behavior reflection with a parent signature due the next day.

    • Red cards are issued if a student doesn’t correct the same behavior after receiving a yellow card or if they have a major behavior infraction. This results in a full after school or lunch detention, and a parent signature.

Definitions of lateness preparedness
Definitions of Lateness & Preparedness

  • Preparedness:

  • Books

  • Binders

  • Homework Agenda

  • Completed homework

  • Writing Utensil

  • Other materials needed for each class (calculator, etc)

  • Lateness:

  • Be on time—seated before the lesson begins

Gotta Go Passes:

These are given to students to help with lateness and preparedness. Students relinquish a pass to go to locker or bathroom, or if they are late to class without a pass from another teacher

Keeping track of assignments homework agendas
Keeping Track of Assignments: Homework Agendas

  • Students should bring the following to each class

    • Agenda

    • Pencil case

    • Loose leaf paper

    • Homework folder

    • Class binder, notebook, and/or class books

  • Students keep record of daily homework, tests, quizzes, projects, and papers in agendas.

  • TEAMAVALANCHE.WEEBLY.COM: Long term assignments, tests & quizzes, nightly homework and extra handouts are posted here.

    • Visit each teacher’s page on this team website.

After school days
After School Days…

After school hours are offered until 3 pm according to the following schedule

  • Tuesday:Science, Social Studies

  • Wednesday:English

  • Thursday:Math, Social Studies

    Mrs Leach is available after school on most days.

Team avalanche contact
Team Avalanche Contact

  • You can always contact individual teachers by email or phone

  • Team/Parent meetings

    • These are scheduled by appointment. They are usually held on Mondays at 9:15 or 9:30.

Guidance counselor
Guidance Counselor

  • Mrs. Caroline Bradshaw

  • Contact:

    • cbradshaw@egsd.net

    • 398-1336