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NeSSI*: Full Speed Ahead “Into the Project Stage” PowerPoint Presentation
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NeSSI*: Full Speed Ahead “Into the Project Stage”

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NeSSI*: Full Speed Ahead “Into the Project Stage” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NeSSI*: Full Speed Ahead “Into the Project Stage”
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  1. NeSSI*: Full Speed Ahead“Into the Project Stage” *New Sampling/Sensor Initiative CPAC - Seattle, WA - Nov. 4, 2002 NeSSI End Users Group . “the best way to predict the future is to create it”

  2. “And let it be noted that there is no more delicate matter to take in hand, nor more dangerous to conduct, nor more doubtful in its success, than to set up as the leader in the introduction of changes. For he who innovates will have for his enemies all those who are well off under the existing order of things, and only lukewarm supporters in those who might be better off under the new.'’ Niccolò Machiavelli (from The Prince pub. 1515)

  3. Presentation Outline • Recap of NeSSI Structure and Objectives • NeSSI Gen I, II, III Overview • Activity Update • Gen II Delivery - POCA/DoE Projects • Acknowledgements • Summary

  4. NeSSI Structure • An ad hoc global industry initiative, formed in June, 2000 to drive permanent change in the way we do Process Analytical. • NeSSI mail-out has now grown to 330+ subscribers • Represents over 31 End Users from Oil and Petrochemical as wells as Manufacturing Companies, Academia, National Labs, etc. • An “Open” Initiative sponsored by CPAC (Center for Process Analytical Chemistry) • provides a legal umbrella

  5. NeSSI Objectives • Facilitate the acceptance/implementation of... • modular, miniature & smartprocess analytical technology • Promote the concept of... • at the pipe/field-mounted (“by-line”) analytical • Lay the groundwork for... • open connectivity communication architecture • Provide a technology bridge to the process for... • “sensor/lab-on-a-chip” microanalytical devices

  6. NeSSI Vision of Success • Reduce Engineering Time • “configurator tool” • self-documenting • Reduce Assembly Time • Lego Like Assembly • Lower Maintenance Costs • diagnostics Courtesy of J. Warnowski/D. Mitchell. Swagelok/Panametrics Courtesy of U. Bonne. Honeywell. Vision Element: To design, assemble and configure an analytical system on one’s kitchen table.

  7. NeSSI Generation Segmentation Wireless, Advanced Gas & Liq. Sensors & Platform for microAnalytical Value Gen III Electrical Transducers/IS Network Gen II Mechanical Components (mostly) Gen I

  8. NeSSI Generation IMechanical: Miniature and Modular • Adapted from SEMI • ANSI/ISA SP76 “Standard” Form Factor • Allows Lego®-like construction • SP76 compliant vendors • Autoflow, Celerity, CIRCOR, Parker-Hannifin, Swagelok Courtesy of Swagelok

  9. Field Installation NeSSI Gen. I Courtesy of a Gulf Coast Chemical Facility

  10. Ethernet LAN CANbus Analyzer Controller or PC V P A F SAM Substrate PDA Auxiliary Heating/Cooling Programmable Substrate Heater T T NeSSI Gen. IINetworked/I.S./ Transducers/Wireless PDA

  11. V T P A NeSSI Gen IIIPlug & Play Wireless Signal Ethernet LAN • Bluetooth , Wi-Fi, ZigBee, other? • Power Supplied by... • X-proof MINI bus • ...or IS miniature power bus SAM PDA P.S.

  12. V T A A NeSSI Gen III - a platform for Analytical Enabling Technology for Analytical Ethernet LAN One sensor measures one component uanlaytical Fiber Optic AT SAM One sensor measures multiple components

  13. Activity Update • Since Spring CPAC, 2002 • May, 2002. DoE supplier/user team formed & White Paper developed by U. Bonne/Honeywell Labs • June, 2002. White Paper Submitted to DoE • July, 2002. POCA* Project conceived • August, 2002. ISA SP76 footprint approved by ANSI • October, 2002. ISA NeSSI Presentation. Jim Tatera. • November, 2002. POCA prototypes ordered. *POCA = NeSSI Gen II Proof of Concept Apparatus Project

  14. Introducing POCA Project • Purpose: Accelerate NeSSI Gen II dev. • Seeded by Dow Chemical, ExxonMobil Chemical, Air Products (TBA) • Honeywell major supplier/integrator • B. Nickels (commercialization & networking) • U. Bonne (sensor R&D) • Impact - introduction of…. • first SP76 minisensor (p, T, F) • first SP76 miniactuators (Vo, Vm) • first intrinsically safe, low cost, compact bus IN PROGRESS

  15. Smart T-Comp. TC Sensor Smart T-Comp Flow Sensor 17 mm Smart T-Comp Flow Sensor Courtesy of U. Bonne, Honeywell Labs

  16. Introducing Potential DoE Project • Purpose • Field test NeSSI Gen II • Develop/source missing components • Certification of electrical products • ~ $2MM funding (50% “work in kind”) • 2 year duration (1 year lab/1 year field test)

  17. User Team Peter van Vuuren (ExxonMobil) Rob Dubois (Dow Chemical) Joe Andrisani (DuPont) Steve Wright (Eastman) Bob Reed (Merck) Paul Vahey (Honeywell-SM) D. Young/D. Nettles (ChevronTexaco) Frank Scweighardt (Air Products) George Vickers (BP) Paul Barnard (EquistarChemicals) Steve Doherty (Pharmacia) Alan Eastman (ConocoPhillips)b Supplier Team Ulrich Bonne (Honeywell Labs)* Bob Nickels (Honeywell ACS) Dave Simko (Swagelok) Steve Doe (Parker-Hannifin) CPAC Mel Koch The DoE User/Supplier Team(More folks welcome!!) * Supplier Team Lead PI

  18. 1. Heated/Temperature Programmed Substrate 2. mini-Sensor Transducers (p, T, F) 3. “Combi” Actuator Transducers (Vo, Vm) (on/off & modulating transducers) 4. SAM - Sensor/Actuator Manager  5. PC/PDA with HMI* [Wireless] 6. Multi-Drop Digital Intrinsically Safe Bus 7. Micro Climate Enclosure DoE Project Deliverables Certified CSA, FM, CENELEC * HMI = Human Machine Interface

  19. We Need to Better Understand the Process Analytical Market • Q1. What is the total number of US (and worldwide) sampling points across process industries (Chemical, Petrochem, Pharma, Food & Beverage, Glass, Metals, etc.)? • Q2. What would be the minimum common denominator of a NeSSI design? • Q3. Cross-industry, what % is liquid/gas what % of instrumentation is intrinsically safe?

  20. Dow R. Hartwig/D. Quevillon Craig Snook B. Vu/P. Williams/J.Leach R. O’Reilly F. Brown Air Products Frank Schweighardt Eastman Chemical Steve Jacobs Tatera & Associates Jim Tatera ExxonMobil Chemical Dan Podkulski (SP76) Jeff Gunnell John Cumbus Rajko Puzic Kelley Bell Honeywell John Mosher Bob Nickels CPAC Mel Koch Dave Veltkamp Acknowledgements

  21. Summary... • Gen I products moving into the field • Gen II Proof of Concept (POCA) in progress • Gen II White Paper submitted DoE • Supplier/User Team formed • Looking for more folks • Purpose: Demonstrate & certify full Gen II