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CTE Special Populations Coordinators

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CTE Special Populations Coordinators. Access Progress Success. David Wehbie , Director Career and Technical Education. Special Populations Coordinator. Goal: To develop a consistent understanding of the SPCs’ function and delivery of services. The Law:

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cte special populations coordinators

CTE Special Populations Coordinators

Access Progress Success

David Wehbie, Director

Career and Technical Education

special populations coordinator
Special Populations Coordinator


To develop a consistent understanding of the SPCs’ function and delivery of services.

The Law:

Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006


Special Populations Coordinator

“Don’t get confused”

1.“Special Populations” is unique to CTE, and specifically defined by Perkins IV. Students must be, or have been, enrolled in Career and Technical Education coursesto be included in Special Populations.

2. “Special Education”, Exceptional Children, or IDEA, provides for free appropriate publiceducation with an IEP designed to meet the needs of a student with a disability that adversely affects their educational performance.

3. “Special Needs” gets used often, but it does not have any legal significance.

special populations coordinator1
Special Populations Coordinator

‘‘… career and technical education programs prepare students, including

special populations, for subsequent employment in high skill, high wage occupations (including those in which mathematics and science skills are critical), or for participation in postsecondary education;”

‘‘Access, Progress, Success”

special populations,

special populations coordinator2
Special Populations Coordinator

‘‘…prepare career and technical education students, including special populations, academically and technically for opportunities in postsecondary education or entry into high skill, high wage, or high demand occupations in current or emerging occupations, and how participating students will be made aware

of such opportunities;…” Transition


special populations coordinator3
Special Populations Coordinator
  • The term ‘special populations’ includes individuals:
  • with disabilities; WCPSS 11.5%
  • from economically disadvantaged families,
  • Including foster children; WCPSS 32.4%
  • preparing for non-traditional fields; WCPSS 6.8%
  • parenting or pregnant teens;
  • with limited English proficiency. WCPSS 3.6%
  • Specific to NC–Academically Disadvantaged.
  • WCPSS 21.7%


    • Accountability and Planning
    • Assessment and Prescription
    • Coordination with other Service Providers
    • Monitoring Access, Progress and Success
    • Outreach and Recruitment
    • Professional Development
  • The complete SPC Job Description and Appraisal System are located in the WCPSS HR Evaluation Forms section.
  • http://www2.wcpss.net/forms/forms/spc-appraisal.pdf

Monitoring Access, Progress, & Success

Do you know where to find your Local Plan & Performance Indicators?

See Local Planning Systems site at


Login as “guest” and use password of “guest”


Part II

  • Academic Attainment - Reading/ Language Arts
  • Academic Attainment - Mathematics
  • Technical Skill Attainment
  • Secondary School Completion
  • Student Graduation Rates
  • Secondary Placement
  • Nontraditional Participation
  • Nontraditional Completion

Local Plan continued…Performance Indictors found under “Reports”. Example of Performance Indicator Three – Technical Skill Attainment by Special Populations Categories.

8 CORE Indicators listed on pg. 22 of Handbook

special populations management system

Special PopulationsManagement System

Is a Microsoft Access database

Identifies all students with SPC eligibilities

Identifies eligible students taking CTE courses (CDP+)

Identifies CDP+ students with an IEP, LEP or 504 Plan

Provides data in a usable format to enhance the

planning and delivery of student and teacher services

Deborah Westbrook, SPC Services

special populations coordinator management system
Special Populations CoordinatorManagement System

The SPC Management System was originally developed to assist the Special Population Coordinators in completing the electronic Career Development Plan-Plus (CDP+). Completion of the CDP+ fulfills local, state, and federal accountability requirements for students identified as Special Populations.

special populations coordinator management system1
Special Populations Coordinator Management System

In addition to meeting the need for documentation for required reports the program is now used to assure more readily available information for teachers and SPCs. The available information allows teachers and SPCs to work together for targeted, individualized services for students.

cte special populations services

CTE Special Populations Services

Providing support for both

teachers and students

Nan Daughety, SPC, Broughton High School

Velma Jordan, SPC, Wakefield High School

resources to plan and carry out services
Resources to Plan and Carry Out Services
  • Dependent on the Diverse Eligibilities
  • Testing Results (technical attainment)
    • LPS data (benchmarks and actual results)
    • Elements Post Assessment Data
    • CTE Instructional Specialist
  • WCPSS Resources
    • NCWISE/PowerSchools, EasiIEP, NCDPI Moodle, Performance Matters and EVAAS
resources to plan and carry out services1
Resources to Plan and Carry Out Services

School Resources

  • Career Development Coordinator
  • SPED, LEP & 504 Case Managers
  • Guidance Counselors
  • Student Assistance Counselor
  • Transition Coordinator
student services
Student Services
  • Counseling
  • Remediation
  • Transition
  • Graduation
  • Test assistance
  • Test taking skills
  • Management &

Coping skills

teacher services
Teacher Services
  • Provide Tracking Data
  • Coordinate with Teachers and OCS to develop appropriate modified Blueprints
  • Strategies for teaching students with special needs
  • Classroom management strategies
  • Class assistance with special projects/ field trips
cte special populations coordinators1

CTE Special Populations Coordinators

Access Progress Success