discrete assembly lakshmi machine works full factory transformation n.
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Full Factory transformation- kaizen PowerPoint Presentation
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Full Factory transformation- kaizen

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Full Factory transformation- kaizen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kaizen work with different organization with quality of well organized assembly and store and cellular flow design for the production, we uses quality tools which reduce spinning and weaving rejection.

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Full Factory transformation- kaizen

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    1. Discrete/ AssemblyLakshmi Machine Works: Full factory transformation Assembly & Stores - Before Kaizen Logistics - After Kaizen Suppliers connected by Milkrun concept Internal logistics by Mizusumashi Cluttered Assembly Multi-storey stores overfull with Inventory Mini Super Market in production Inventory in open space Results Assembly & Stores - After Kaizen Organized Assembly Supermarket – Controlled Inventory Reorder of items through Kanban

    2. Discrete/ AssemblyMilton Plastics: Full factory transformation Assembly & Production - Before Kaizen Production - After Kaizen Improvement of machines Large lot Production Sitting operations in assembly lines SMED – Change over in 90 sec Multiple Operators- Single function Small lot production Results Assembly & Stores - After Kaizen Single Operator Multi-functional Kanban – Inventory reduced from nose level to knee level Standing operations in assembly lines

    3. Discrete/ AssemblyBiocon: Productivity improvement in Manual packing line Unbalanced line- Before Kaizen Balanced line & Rejection analysis for reducting rejects Activities which exceed Takt time (0.84 sec) is managed by material handler effort to maintain balance Results Re-arrangement of manpower by balancing the line

    4. Discrete/ ProductionZydus Cadila: Expansion of Tablet facility (Cellular Flow Design) Plan with Conventional Design (Old facility) Paradigm Shift from Conventional Design to Cellular flow design Cellular flow design (For expansion of tablet facility) Results

    5. Discrete/ ProductionZydus Cadila: Full factory transformation Cycle time reduction (Lyophilization) Increase of machine capacity • Cycle Time • reduction from 48 • Hours to 34 Hours • Processing • Capacity increased • from 0.45 Million • Vials to 0.81 Million • Vials per month Workstation for Vaccine R Packing line Egg Processing Capacity & Recovery Before = 85 doses/ man-hour After = 120 doses/ man-hour Improvement= 30% Old New

    6. Discrete/ ProductionMahindra Conveyors: Early Management for New plant layout Early Management Event Structure – 3 Phases Capacity Planning & Team designing the new Layout Layout Pictures Current State Mapping & Future State Mapping (Bucket Elevator Value Stream) Results FSM CSM

    7. Discrete/ ProductionReliance Industries (Textile): Flow in Mending Value Stream Map for improving the flow in Mending 5S at Maintenance room Unnecessary items. Dirty work area Very poor housekeeping Before Before Space created, racks arranged Proper arrangement - Tools & belts After After 5S & Quality tools (DOE) – Reducing Spinning & Weaving rejections Results Before After 5S in Reed storage area Corrugated sheet not used while setting the scrubber Improper storage of reeds Corrugated sheet leading to poor suction in scrubber Before After

    8. Discrete/ ProductionSandvik: Implementation of TPM Machines – Before Autonomous Maintenance Improvisation of Hard to Clean, Lubricate, Inspect & Tightening areas Feed carriage inside – Hard to Clean Use of special cleaning tool After Before Belt drive – Difficult to inspect Annealing tank with abnormalities Contamination - Splattering Use of transparent door to inspect Cellar area – Untidy, Dirt etc. After Before Machines – After Autonomous Maintenance Results Annealing tank localized from Dirt/ Dust Localization of Contamination Clean cellar area