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Lab Equipment

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Lab Equipment
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Lab Equipment

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  1. Lab Equipment

  2. Beaker Beakers are containers that hold solids or liquids. They are not measuring tools. Many can be heated.

  3. Graduated Cylinder A graduated cylinder is used to measure volumes (the space a liquid uses) of liquids. Unit of measure is mL. Measure at the bottom of the meniscus.

  4. Test Tubes Hold small quantities of substances, sometimes over a heat source.

  5. Test Tube Holder A test tube holder is used to pick up or hold a hot test tube.

  6. Test Tube Brushes Test tube brushes are used to clean test tubes and graduated cylinders. Forcing a large brush into a small test tube will often break the tube.

  7. Test Tube Racks Test tube racks are for holding and organizing test tubes.

  8. Rubber Stoppers Rubber stoppers are used to close test tubes and flasks.

  9. Medicine Dropper/ Pipet A pipet is used to transfer a small volume of liquid. On top of each pipet is a “rubber bulb”

  10. Forceps Forceps (or tweezers) are used to pick up small objects.

  11. Funnel A funnel is used to transfer liquid from one vessel to another. Also to filter liquids from solids.

  12. Beaker Tongs Beaker tongs are used to move hot beakers.

  13. Hot Plate Hot plates provide a heat source.

  14. Crucible Tongs For handling hot crucibles; also used to pick up other hot objects. NOT to be used for picking up beakers!

  15. Ringstand Used to support clamps that hold other equipment during an experiment.

  16. Test Tube Clamp Attaches to a ring stand to hold test tubes over a heat source.

  17. Wire Gauze Protects the bottom of glassware that is being heated.

  18. Thermometer Measures temperature. (We use Celsius)

  19. Ruler Used to measure length. (We use the metric system.)

  20. Triple Beam Balance Used to measure mass. (grams)

  21. Spring Scale Measures weight using the pull of gravity.

  22. Goggles Eye protection.

  23. Petri Dish Glass or plastic container with two parts. Has a bottom and a lid. Useful for holding items for an experiment.

  24. Mortar and Pestle Used to grind substances.

  25. Microscope Used to obtain an enlarged image of a small object by the use of lenses.

  26. Dissecting Pan A tray used during the dissection of an organism to secure and retain the dissected material.

  27. T-Pin Used to secure your organism in the dissecting pan. Looks like the letter T.

  28. Scalpel A straight knife with a thin, very sharp blade used in dissection.

  29. Scissors Has sharp blades and it is used to cut objects in the lab. Please note: we have separate scissors for lab work and dissections.