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Information for Test Administrators and Teachers PowerPoint Presentation
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Information for Test Administrators and Teachers

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Information for Test Administrators and Teachers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information for Test Administrators and Teachers. This is a sample presentation that can be adapted for use by a school. Today’s Agenda. Roles and responsibilities Resources What’s new for 2011-12. Overview of Online HSA P rocess for TAs and Teachers. Get Your Password.

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Information for Test Administrators and Teachers

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information for test administrators and teachers

Information for Test Administrators and Teachers

This is a sample presentation that can be adapted for use by a school.

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Resources
  • What’s new for 2011-12
overview of online hsa p rocess for tas and teachers
Overview of Online HSA Process for TAs and Teachers

Get Your Password

  • Test Coordinators register Test Administrators (TAs) and Teachers (TEs) in TIDE
    • Newly added TA or TE users will receive an automated e-mail from TIDE with a temporary password. No automated e-mail will be sent to returning users. Returning users should go to the TIDE Website and request a new password by clicking the [Request Password] link on the homepage. 
    • The username for any existing user is the person’s email address.

Complete Training

  • Complete online TA Certification Course
  • Take a Training Test
  • Practice using TA Training Site to administer assessments
  • Have your students use a Training Test to become familiar with online assessment system and tools

Conduct Online Assessment

  • Know your assessment schedule/plan
  • Communicate with parents about assessments
  • Help determine appropriate accommodations for students
  • Administer assessments through TA Site

Review Reports

  • Access the Online Reporting system to:
    • Plan and manage testing
    • Review student results
online hsa s ystems
Online HSA Systems


Register users and update student info

Online TA Certification Course

Get certified

Interactive Item Tutorial

Training Tests

Training Sites

Prepare for assessments

Test Administrator Training Site

Test Administrator Site

Online HSA

Student Testing Site

Plan and Manage Testing


Score Reports

test administrator and teacher roles
Test Administrator and Teacher Roles
  • Users may have multiple roles (e.g. TA and TE). Multiple roles with different types of access help protect student privacy.
test administrator and teacher roles and responsibilities
Test Administrator and Teacher Roles and Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities of Test Administrators:

  • Complete updated Online TA Certification course and review necessary manuals and user guides (you must take the updated TA Certification course even if you took it last year),
  • Prepare the assessment environment, ensuring that students have the necessary, equipment and materials, including scratch paper, Mathematics Reference Sheets, keyboard shortcut handouts, calculators, and pencils as appropriate,
  • Administer assessments following the Directions for Administration,
  • Report testing incidents,
  • Shred scratch paper and other handouts in a secure manner if written on by students, and
  • Access the Test Management Center to ensure all students complete testing as needed.
  • Key Responsibilities of Teachers:
  • Prepare students for testing in collaboration with TC and TAs, and
  • Access the Online Reporting System to examine student results and determine which students may need additional support or to take an assessment more than once.
key r esources
Key Resources

A user guide for the TIDE system and an overview of technology requirements are also available via

assessment s cheduling
Assessment Scheduling
  • Schools may test students at any time during school hours within the testing window.
  • HSA assessments started must be completed within 45 calendar days or they will expire. Each content area assessment may be administered one to three times.
  • Students must wait 14 calendar days before starting next opportunity within any given content area.
  • Assessments are not timed. A typical student will need 2 class periods of approximately 45 minutes to complete an assessment in one content area (including time for directions, logging in, etc).
assessment scheduling
Assessment Scheduling
  • Work with your Technology Coordinator to have no more than 20 students for each remote wireless access point when testing.
  • Ask the student to start their tests in staggered groups so that not every student in the same test session clicks on the “Begin My Test” button at the same time.
content areas and grades to be assessed
Content Areas and Grades to Be Assessed

Students must take each Online HSA content area assessment within 45 calendar days and may take each assessment up to three times.

assessment features for all students
Assessment Features for All Students
  • Zoom in —students can make test questions, text, or graphics larger by clicking on the Zoom icon
  • Highlight passages (or sections of passages) and test questions in the Reading, Mathematics, and Science Assessments
  • Pause the test and return to the test item they were on (however, if a test is paused for more than 20 minutes, students will not be allowed to return to previous test items unless the test items are in the same item group)
  • Cross out response options—students can eliminate response options by using the strikethrough function
  • Mark a test item for review—students can mark a test item to return to it later (however, if a test is paused for more than 20 minutes, students will not be allowed to return to marked test items unless the test items are in the same item group)
  • Take as much time as needed to complete an assessment—testing may be split across multiple sessions so that the testing does not interfere with class schedules. Each assessment must be completed within 45 calendar days of starting it.
  • Listen to Mathematics and Science test items in English through a text-to-speech feature (requires headphones):
    • Text-to-speech is not available for students taking assessments in the Hawaiian language. For students who want to have questions or answer options read aloud in Hawaiian for the Mathematics or Science Assessment, a read-aloud guide is provided.
    • The use of text-to-speech in English or read-aloud in Hawaiian for the Reading Assessment is an accommodation that requires state approval.
other assessment s ettings
Other Assessment Settings
  • Language

Online Hawai‘i State Reading, Mathematics, and Science Assessments are available in English and Hawaiian. Assessments in the Hawaiian language are to be used only for grade 3 and 4 students in the Hawaiian Language Immersion Program (HLIP). HLIP students will be pre-set as taking the assessments in the Hawaiian language based on their enrollment status Only the AIR HelpDesk can edit the Language field. TCs cannot set their language status in TIDE, and TAs cannot select an alternate language during testing.

  • Restrictions 

TCs can also block students from testing in a particular content area in TIDE (for example, if a student was found to be cheating, he or she may be blocked from additional testing opportunities in that content area).

allowable resources
Allowable Resources

All Online HSA Assessments

  • Pen or pencil
  • Blank scratch paper (must be securely shredded immediately following a testing event if written on by students)
  • Masks or barriers to prevent students from looking at others’ computers
  • Headphones for listening to audio Mathematics and Science Assessments
  • Response aids (e.g., adaptive pencils, key guards, and skins)
  • Posters offering students encouragement or inspiration without any specific content related to the Reading , Mathematics, and Science content standards, for example:
    • “Believe in Yourself”
    • “Set Your Dreams High”
  • Handout of keyboard shortcuts (Online HSA navigation symbols). These may also be posted in larger sizes on a wall if desired.

Online HSA Mathematics

  • Four-function calculators:
    • A pop-up calculator is available in the online system; however, students may use a handheld calculator if they prefer. Only four-function calculators which include a percent key and a square root key may be used. Calculators with keyboards, communication functionality, and/or symbolic algebra functionality are NOT allowed.
  • Mathematics Reference Sheets:
    • A pop-up Mathematics Reference Sheet is available in the online system; however, this sheet may be copied and handed out to students. The Mathematics Reference Sheets are available at
grace period extension and test opportunity resets
Grace Period Extension and Test Opportunity Resets
  • If a test has been paused by the TA or by the students for more than 20 minutes, the test session will expire, and the student will not be able to review any of his/her previous answers. Extending the grace period after the session expires is granted only in rare instances such as system wide network connection outage. Please contact the HSA Help Desk for such requests.
  • If a student starts a wrong test opportunity by mistake, the student will have 45 calendar days to complete the test opportunity. HIDOE will not approve re-setting the opportunity for the student in this circumstance.
new support of mobile devices
New: Support of Mobile Devices
  • The system now supports mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones, Thunderbolt (Android phone), and Xoom (Android Tablet) for the TA interface but NOT for the student interface.
new in the student interface
New in the Student Interface
  • Most tools can now be moved around the screen so that they do not block the view of an item
  • Print Size and Color Choice has been added to the login to allow for greater accessibility
for help or more information
For help or more information
  • Visit
  • Call, fax, or email the American Institutes for Research HSA Help Desk
    • Hours: 7:30 am to 4:00 p.m. HST (except holidays) Monday-Friday
    • Phone: 1-866-648-3712
    • Fax: 1-877-231-7813
    • E-mail: