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Union Learning Representative

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Union Learning Representative. ULR Coordinators: Tia Coutroupis Monique debi Dawn Edwards ulr@bcps.k12.md.us. A Vision for ULRs. Guiding Principles.

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Union Learning Representative

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union learning representative

Union Learning Representative

ULR Coordinators:

Tia Coutroupis

Monique debi

Dawn Edwards


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guiding principles
Guiding Principles

City Schools innovative teacher level contract is attracting international attention and both the district and the union are committed to its success

It is important that our teacher level staff know how to engage the components of this self-paced earnings and professional growth contract

This work has the potential of raising teacher quality and satisfaction, which will directly impact teacher retention and student achievement

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history of ulrs
History of ULRs

During a trip to London, the AFT-BTU leadership were introduced to Union Learning Representatives and were immediately struck with the value of such a position as it relates to the field of education. They brought the concept back to the AFT and later the BTU became the first local to negotiate this position into their teacher level contract.

As a part of the monumental new teacher contract, a ULR will be selected for each school to help teachers navigate the promotion process and accumulate Aus.

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what is a union learning representative
What is a Union Learning Representative?

A BTU Teacher Level Member who advocates for the professional growth of colleagues by …

  • helping colleagues navigate career pathways
  • pairing colleagues with opportunities to improve practice
  • assisting colleagues to formulate new AU-worthy proposals
  • supporting colleagues to align their practice to professional goals


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what are the differences
What are the differences …

Building Rep

(Contract pages 9-10)

Union Learning Rep

(Contract page 19)

Provide on-site union support …

Promote career advancement …


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ulr roles responsibilities
ULR Roles & Responsibilities
  • Provide School-level Support
    • Survey the learning needs of BTU teacher level members in their building
    • Share professional development opportunities offered by the union, district, and supporting communities
    • Provide peer support to help colleagues align practice and professional goals
    • Analyze school data with colleagues to identify areas that can be supported by AU proposals for contributions to colleagues or students
  • Attend Monthly ULR Training & Accountability Meetings
    • Receive training from BTU and/or Central office staff around specific spheres of work
    • Share surveyed learning needs with administrators and ULR Coordinators to further inform the types of support needed

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ulr criteria

BTU Teacher Level Member

  • Technologically Proficient
  • Excellent Time Manager
  • Efficient Communicator
  • Collaborative Worker

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ulr selection process

Interested BTU Teacher Level Members will submit their resume’ to ULR@bcps.k12.md.us by October 31, 2013

  • Resume’s will be screened by the ULR coordinators for required skill set
  • Candidates with the required skill set will proceed to the technology assessment round of the selection process
  • The top three (3) candidate names will be given to the BR to hold an anonymous school-wide election
  • The candidate with the most votes from the teacher level staff in their school, will be the SY2013-14 ULR
    • The ULR selection process will occur at the beginning of each school year.

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submit your resume today ulr@bcps k12 md us








Submit your resume’ today!ULR@bcps.k12.md.us

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