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E LK A T Security Engineering Ltd. Poland Activity Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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E LK A T Security Engineering Ltd. Poland Activity Plan

E LK A T Security Engineering Ltd. Poland Activity Plan

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E LK A T Security Engineering Ltd. Poland Activity Plan

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  1. ELKAT Security Engineering Ltd. Poland Activity Plan Avi Arbili Regional Sales Director – Europe Cell:+972-(0) 52 – 3910006 Tel: +972-(0)3-5604744 Fax: +972-(0)3-5604745

  2. Elkat’s Strategic & Tactics Jammer Systems

  3. The world of Jamming an introduction

  4. Military Forces Military forces around the world face the threat of Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) used by terrorist to harm convoys and ground troops. The RCIEDs are widely used by terrorists worldwide, and have been causing a large number of casualties

  5. Prisons The use of Mobile phones by prisoners to organize a successful escapes from security prisons and criminal activity within prison cells.

  6. Spy Phone The use of cell phones to eavesdrop, spy in secure places, like: military, police, governmental and privet industries.

  7. Cell Phones Invade privacy at public places, such as: restaurants, concerts, meeting rooms

  8. ELKAT offers a complete line of jamming technology systems which are suitable for different kinds of purposes.

  9. Cellular Blocking Low Power Medium Power High Power

  10. RF Jammers Medium Power High Power

  11. Cellular Blocking, How? The cellular phone keeps communicate with cellular base Stations every several minutes by transmitting "alive" signal with ID code. Now imagine that this communication interfere by white noise signal which provide by the cellular jammer. The communication between base station and cellular phone cuts-off and the cellular phone will be totally blocked. Jamming radius of depends on several conditions such as transmitter frequency and output power, distance to receiver and obstacles between. System modularity allows flexible usage in different applications. The system use Broadband Omni Directional antennas for 360º protection.

  12. Cellular Blocking, How?

  13. Low Power Low power jammers are portable and can be used in a discrete manner to provide against eavesdropping via cellular phones. Because cellular phones are ubiquitous and seems harmless, they often unnoticed as espionage devices. The use of Elkat low power jammer allows you to rest assure that sensitive meetings are not being compromised. They are suitable for small areas, such as meeting rooms and government offices.

  14. Medium Power Medium power jammer is designed specifically for the purpose of paralyzing and immobilizing the 2 way full duplex RF links between mobile cellular telephones and the local cellular cells with which they are communicating when in use. As a result, all cellular telephones within the protected area of the activated MEDIUM POWER JAMMER jammer will not be able to receive or transmit calls. Cellular telephones outside the protected area will not be affected. Suitable for open places, prisons.

  15. High Power The most powerful and accurate jammer available anywhere. The jammer blanket areas with radio interference, neutralizing radio controlled improvised explosive devices or RCIEDs. The jammer deafened the users from criminal acts such as car bombing, assassinations, border control and check points bombing, roadside bombs and other forms of terrorism. The jammer covers frequencies beyond cell phone jammers and cell phones jammer technology in order to combat all RF threats, not just cellular activated weapon.

  16. Jamming remotely activate explosive devices and bombs, How? By accurately jamming the remote control frequencies, it cuts off radio communications from the triggering transmitter to the receiver on the bomb, thus immediately preventing bomb detonation and securing nearby civilians, bomb squads team members or military convoys. Delivering powerful jamming signals through a matching array of broadband antennas, the jammer installed in a vehicle creates a "secure bubble" area around the jamming carrier vehicle, thereby preventing bomb detonation in the convoy's route and saving passenger's life.

  17. Medium Power 60w-1000w20MHz – 1000/2000MHz Radio-electronic complex EKJ-VIP 1600 was designed to protect from regular radio-controlled explosive devices. The EKJ-VIP 1600 provides operating frequencies band from 20MHz up to 1000MHz. Capabilities Output Power 60 WWeight 15KgOperating Temperatures -40 to +65 C

  18. VIP Car Protection1000w-up20MHz – 2000MHz A vehicle mounted very high power jammer designed for blocking remote controlled improvised explosive devices Used by terrorist. Using state-of-art technology for maximum performance and jamming the signals transmits to activate bombs. The unit controlled by Microprocessor for PLL programming and use unique modulation technique based on mixed signal for maximum jamming efficiency. Each module transmits unique noise signal which create "firewall” between the transmitter and its receiver. The jamming signal is being generated by Multi-VCO chain which results very high sweeping time along the bands hence create high RF density in each part of protected frequency band. High Power