Articles of confederation
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Articles of Confederation. Miss Springborn Team 6- Social Studies. Major Problem: Who should have more power?. State Government or National Government?. verses. Why Would Americans Fear having a strong national government????. King George and the way he trampled their rights…. 1777:.

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Articles of confederation

Articles of Confederation

Miss Springborn

Team 6- Social Studies

Major problem who should have more power
Major Problem: Who should have more power?

  • State Government or National Government?


Why would americans fear having a strong national government
Why Would Americans Fear having a strong national government????

  • King George and the way he trampled their rights…

Articles of confederation
1777: government????

  • Articles of Confederation are drafted

  • Fully ratified (approved) in 1781

  • Confederation-loose grouping of states joined together under one government

Think about this
Think about this… government????

  • Why must a government be able to collect taxes???

pay debt



It said
It said… government????

  • States free and independent from each other

  • 9 of 13 states needed to agree to make decisions

  • Needed all states to make amendments to constitution

  • Created a weak central government

More issues to deal with
More issues to deal with… government????

  • Most power went to states

  • States had power over money, treaties, army, and declaring war

  • Congress could not tax or control trade

  • There was no Supreme Court and no President

What problems would the united states face as it started out as a new country think about that
What problems would the United States face as it started out as a new country???Think about that…

1785 land ordinance
1785: as a new country???LAND ORDINANCE

  • Set up a process to settle the new territories and create new states

  • When the population in an area reached 60,000 then the territory could apply for admissionto the union as a state

  • New states would be equal in power to the 13 original states.

More problems with the articles
More Problems with the Articles… as a new country???

  • Debt (owing money to others)

    • America was heavily in debt from the war costs

    • It had no power to tax the people

    • Therefore…no power to collect money

    • States ignored request for money or taxes…didn’t want to help

Problem 2 economy way you make trade and buy goods
Problem 2- Economy as a new country???(way you make, trade, and buy goods)

  • There was a depression after the war with inflation (increase in prices of goods and services combined with reduced value of money)

  • Early attempts at the moneysystem were a disaster

Problem 3 states fighting
Problem 3- States fighting… Articles???

  • Some states disagree about taxes and trade

Problem 4 foreign problems
Problem 4- Articles???Foreign Problems

  • The British still held forts in the Northwest Territory

  • The British and French supported the Natives to stop the US from expanding into the Northwest

Shay s rebellion january 1787
Shay’s Rebellion: January 1787 Articles???

  • The Government rejected debtor relief and seized property (farms) for non-payment of taxes

  • Angry, backcountry farmers under the leadership of Daniel Shay tried to seize the arsenal in Springfield, Massachusetts

What shay s rebellion proves
What Shay’s Rebellion proves… Articles???

  • Despite the rebellion’s defeat, national political leaders were very concerned

    “I am mortified beyond expression” said by George Washington

    about the rebellion

A call for a national government
A call for a National Government have???

  • A group of national leaders emerge, advocating a stronger central government.

  • Congress reluctantly called for a second convention…

For the sole purpose of revising the articles of confederation

“For the Sole purpose of have???revising the Articles of Confederation…”

Not exactly what happened though…stay tuned

Coming attractions
Coming Attractions… make the government stronger??

Constitutional Convention