English english language revision christmas 2012 huntington school
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English/English Language Revision Christmas 2012 Huntington School - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English/English Language Revision Christmas 2012 Huntington School. "Success nourishes them; they can because they think they can." Virgil. The English Language exam is on the morning of the 10 th of January Outline of the Exam 2 hours and 15 minutes

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English english language revision christmas 2012 huntington school

English/English Language RevisionChristmas 2012Huntington School

"Success nourishes them; they can because they think they can."Virgil

English english language revision christmas 2012 huntington school

  • The English Language exam is on the morning of the 10th of January

  • Outline of the Exam

  • 2 hours and 15 minutes

  • 15 minutes reading time (you can use this flexibly

  • 1 hour answering the Reading section

  • 1 hour answering the Writing section

  • Section A: Reading

  • This section will need you to exhibit your PEE skills (Point, Evidence, Explain).

  • Get your timing right for each question – and leave enough time for the questions with the highest number of marks

  • Section B: Writing

  • This section will have two questions – the shorter writing task (16 marks, 25 minutes) will be piece of writing where you will have to inform and explain. The longer writing task (24 marks, 35 minutes) will ask that you argue and persuade on a given topic. The questions always ask you to write about a topic that you will know something about – e.g. your school; hobbies; your local area; political & social issues (like education, role models, the medias, technology etc.)

  • You must organise your writing by planning: carefully consider paragraphing and your use of punctuation (these have a crucial impact on your grade). You will have practised and revised key writing techniques, such as rhetorical questions, similes and metaphors – more practise is required!

English english language revision christmas 2012 huntington school

The ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of Revision

The human brain is a wonderfully complex thing (a teenage brain is even more so!). The brain is made up of billions of interconnected brain cells. When you learn something new or try to remember a fact, you create a link between these cells. The more you revise it, the stronger this link becomes. It then becomes faster to recall it.Our students have shown that many struggle with timings in the exam – with repeated practice your child will get quicker and more confident!

By revising they’ll better manage their stress and this comfort will ensure they perform more effectively. The habit of revision also requires comfort and pleasure. To form the revision habit they need to find a consistenttime and place to revise. They should ‘chunk’ the information into manageable sections, in slots of time of about 20 to 30 minutes. They should factor in small comfort breaks, with little rewards to keep them going(if they use technology get the balance right!)

Reading and writing skills are a complex process. They won’t learn by simply reading their revision booklet. They need to write down their notes; use post it notes, record themselves on podcasts, leave post it notes or posters around the room etc.You can help too! In a short car ride you could question your child about what writing techniques they will use, with examples; ask them to argue on given subjects (a teen specialism!); or explain a topic they know well to you.

English english language revision christmas 2012 huntington school

English Exam Revision Strategies and Links

  • Create an advent-style revision programme! Little and often is best

  • They should Read, read and read some more! These include : reading newspaper articles, Sunday supplement magazines, sports journalism, travel writing, quality online blogs and websites e.g. guardian.co.uk, bbc.co.uk, Hadley Freeman, Charlie Brooker, Polly Toynbee, Lonely Planet, TES English, BBC Bytesizeand Geoff Barton. They can identify the purpose, audience, language and tone of the piece they are reading; highlighting and selecting key quotations as their evidence

  • Visit the AQA website for examples of past papers and mark schemes as well as the advice and support materials that are available in the public domain. www.aqa.org.uk/

  • Each student has been given extensive revision booklets. Encourage them to take very opportunity they take to read through them, discuss them with you, make notes or design A3 posters to synthesize the key ideas and tips; have these posters, or post it note points visible in the house

  • Quiz your child on aspects of their exam! A detailed knowledge of the specific question types, timings etc. is very important – it can be tricky, but they have past papers to use and they can create their own questions!

  • Look at the English and Media blog for help and support materials: http://huntemf.wordpress.com/ . Also, we have links to the faculty Twitter feed which will share links and reply to questions - @HuntingtonEMF

  • Use on line applications such as Popplet, Piktograph and Prezi to make revision mind maps/summaries. Visit http://quizlet.com/ to make their own revision quizzes; visit http://getrevising.co.uk/ for a host of resources to create a revision programme etc.