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  2. Presentation objectives Identify and understand the issues and impact of low literacy and dyslexia on the individual and an organisation. Consider and discuss the integration of Read&Write into the organisation to support staff and maximise productivity. Overview of Read&Write literacy support software.

  3. Literacy in the UK “Literacy is a set of tangible skills – particularly the cognitive skills of reading and writing”. Source: 5.2 Million adults in the UK have literacy skills below level 1. Equivalent to GCSE grade D-G “Very few people regard their reading or writing skills as below average, even those with the lowest ability”. “Where literacy standards are in place, there is greater success with regards to promotion and role performance. This highlights how employers can improve the employability of their staff”.

  4. Dyslexia “Specific learning difficulty affecting the development of literacy and language skills”. British Dyslexia Association Dyslexia affects 10% of the population. Dyslexia difficulties: Reading and Writing (speed and comprehension), Writing, Organisation, Sequencing, memory. Dyslexia strengths: Innovation, Problem solving, Lateral thinking, Seeing the bigger picture

  5. The negative effects Slower work rate and poor quality of reporting and communication. Longer to complete and/or comprehend documents. Increased stress levels due to missing targets and deadlines, resulting in low self confidence / higher rates of absenteeism. Inefficiencies and time lost in proofing and correcting colleagues work.

  6. Working Better “Closing the gap between disabled workers and non disabled workers can increase the performance of staff across the board”. “Disabled people do not want to be singled our for special treatment. They are looking for company-wide solutions that support all workers to do their job effectively. “Creating an environment where disability is accepted as just another way in which, as individuals, we differ from each other plays out well with employees” “Many adjustments don’t just help those with impairments, they help everyone”. Raconteur, May 2013

  7. Established in 1996. Based in Antrim, Northern Ireland. Subsidiary office in Boston, USA. Global representation in Australia, China, Europe, India and the Middle East. Developing life-changing software and technology to assist with literacy, dyslexia, document and content accessibility and English Language Learning. Guaranteeing quality products, service, support and training via 105 dedicated staff: ISO accredited, Microsoft GOLD Certified and Investors in People. Growing and developing as a Deloitte Fast 50 technology company for 13 years.

  8. Read&Write Toolbar works discreetly with Windows applications, filled with features to assist with reading, writing and research. Improves accessibility to electronic and paper based documents to create an inclusive workplace.

  9. How does it do this?

  10. Read&Write in the workplace

  11. Read&Write in Kent FRS Chris Caswell – Station Manager. Using Read&Write: “I am passionate about dyslexia, how people react to it and how people work with it. Read&Write addresses many of the issues and difficulties a dyslexic person faces in work." “Who would have thought that a dyslexic person would have responsibility for policy and procedural documentation, assessing them and writing policy for a whole Fire Authority?!”Chris Caswell, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, December2008

  12. Licensing options Read&Write GOLD Site Licence Read&Write GOLD Single user Read&Write GOLD Mobile Read&Write GOLD Work&Home Web Apps and iReadWrite Users can benefit from using familiar features on mobile and tablet devices Speech, Spell checker, Dictionary, Study Skills, Google Docs

  13. Demonstration Reading Writing Research Kim Brown – Transport for London “The main benefit of Read&Write GOLD for a business is that it can enable staff to work to their full potential and so increase job satisfaction”. Emma Thomas, Medical photographer “I use Read&Write’s speech tool a lot as it helps me to listen back to my work and make changes I normally wouldn’t see. I can also read large documents that I wouldn’t have tried to before”. Eddie, Fire Service Trainer “What a fantastic way of working! I use Read&Write for the development of the support documents required to deliver courses. These tools make prioritising information a doddle”. David Edwards, Dyslexia support tutor “Because Read&Write is able to convert text into audio files, this allows me to listen to information being read back to me via my MP3 player when I’m driving or on the train, allowing me to maximise my productivity”.