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Why Is Education So Important? PowerPoint Presentation
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Why Is Education So Important?

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Why Is Education So Important? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Danyah Al-Jadaani Senior Year Project: Nicaragua Club Topic: Positive Effect of Education in Poverty Stricken Countries. Why Is Education So Important?. Education is important because it allows a person to think for themselves, and develop.

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Why Is Education So Important?

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    1. Danyah Al-JadaaniSenior Year Project: Nicaragua ClubTopic: Positive Effect of Education in Poverty Stricken Countries.

    2. Why Is Education So Important? Education is important because it allows a person to think for themselves, and develop. It is a Human Right because with even a basic education your quality of life is better then having none.

    3. In 1999, 98 Million children (primary school age) were denied this right . . • By 2004 the number dropped to 77 Million

    4. What Children Are Affected? •  “The children most likely to be out of school and to drop out live in rural areas and come from the poorest households. On average, a child whose mother has no education is twice as likely to be out of school as one whose mother has some education.” (EFA Report)

    5. What Needs to Be Changed • Education in developing countries needs to be more accessible. • Education in developing countries needs to be free • The quality of education needs to improve.

    6. One of the Largest countries in Latin America, Also one of the poorest. 48% of the population lives below the poverty line (just over 5 million people)

    7. What the children of Nicaragua have to pay for their “Free” Education Monthly fee per child to attend school. 10 Cordobas. Mandatory School Uniform. 300 Cordobas Shoes Additional Teachers Salaries Buy their own desks/books/materials Cleaning supplies/Electric Bill

    8. “Most of these families’ incomes come from working as street sellers or laborers. Access to early childhood development interventions is limited. Additionally, the quality and relevance of education are significant problems. It takes an average of 10.3 years to complete the mandatory six years of schooling. Poverty affects school participation and many families are unable to afford the direct or hidden costs.” (Nicaragua Facts)

    9. Quality of Education

    10. With the amount we are spending on one school, we could build over 660 new schools in Nicaragua.

    11. What the inside of a school looks like. the seating arraignment represents the different ages

    12. The majority of students are only fortunate enough to get through primary school, in 2003, 823,000 children out of 1.55 million failed the school year. (FSD)

    13. Break The Cycle: • “While rich countries nurture their economic recovery, many poor countries face the imminent prospect of education reversals. We cannot afford to create a lost generation of children deprived of their chance for an education that might lift them out of poverty,” said UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova. (UNESCO)

    14. How NNHS can help

    15. Be aware, get involved. Even the simplest acts of Kindness really goes a long way. There is no other feeling like Being able to help someone. With all of our resources we have more then enough to offer.

    16. Got any clothes you don’t wear? • Just by going through your closet and donating the clothes you no longer wear you are helping a family save money.

    17. How far can your dollar go? $1.00 US- $21.00 CD, With just one dollar, two months of Brittany’s school tuition would be covered.

    18. With just one more dollar you could.. • Help sponsor a student go to Medical school

    19. What about all those notebooks you have lying around..

    20. All the little things add up • I want my Senior Year Project to show people, especially students, exactly how fortunate they are. I want people to know how easy and important it is to help others.

    21. I believe that improving education in third world countries will in turn reduce world poverty, and that with awareness and help it will be attainable.