preregistration meeting for the school of mechanical engineering n.
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Preregistration Meeting for the School of Mechanical Engineering

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Preregistration Meeting for the School of Mechanical Engineering - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Preregistration Meeting for the School of Mechanical Engineering. Tarri Brickler Director of ME Undergraduate Advising School of Mechanical Engineering Office: ME 2008A Phone: 496-7485 Email: Web: Outline. Introduction

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preregistration meeting for the school of mechanical engineering

Preregistration Meeting for the School of Mechanical Engineering


Director of ME Undergraduate Advising

School of Mechanical Engineering

Office: ME 2008A

Phone: 496-7485



  • Introduction
  • Three Main Points
    • ME Admission & Graduation Requirements
    • ME Policy and Procedures
    • ME Program Overview (ASSIGNMENT)
    • Plan Your Electives
  • Concluding Thoughts
  • Open Question & Answer Period
me admission requirements
ME Admission Requirements
  • Successfully complete all Freshman Engineering Courses with a passing grade.
  • Earn an Engineering Admissions Index of EAI > 3.2. and a 3.2 GPA.

* The EAI is based on all COREFreshmanEngineering courses (except CGT 163 or COM 114). It also does not include remedial courses (e.g., MA 151, PHYS 149) or other extra courses (Band, Gen Eds., ROTC, etc.)

first year engineering requirements
First Year Engineering Requirements
  • MATH 165*, 166* (or 161* &162*) 8-10 hrs
  • CHEM 115* 4 hrs
  • ENGL 106*/108*, COM 114 (Not part of EAI) 6-7 hrs
  • PHYS 172* 4 hrs
  • ENGR 131/ENGR 132* 4 hrs
  • Science Selective* 3-4 hrs
  • CGT 163 (Not Required in FYE) 2 hrs


Total Hours Required 29 hrs


  • * EAI Courses
  • You must complete CGT 163 and COM 114 by the end of your first semester in ME.
graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements
  • Graduation (Cumulative) GPA > 2.0
    • (Includes all courses taken while at Purdue)
  • Core GPA > 2.0 (Note On-Line Core GPA Calculator & your MyPurdue Plan)
    • (Core courses includes all required soph. & greater engr., math and science core courses)
  • Non-Core GPA > 2.0
    • (Includes all other Non-Core required courses)


  • If Core GPA falls below 2.0
    • One semester grace period allowed to bring up Core GPA > 2.0
me policies and procedures
ME Policies and Procedures
  • Scheduling Problems
    • Read Your Purdue E-mail Regularly.
    • Always keep your local and home address information

on MyPurdue current.

    • Start an Academic Program file
    • Register Math (MA) courses first if they are a co-req. for another course taken in the same semester
  • Policy on Schedule Changes
    • See Curriculum Notes, page 3
    • All courses required for the BSME degree must be taken for a grade. However, extra courses may be taken Pass (P)/No Pass (NP).
drop policy
Weeks 1 - 2

Weeks 3 - 4

Weeks 5 - 9

Advisor (Course not Recorded)

Advisor (Course recorded with a grade of “W”)

Dropping permitted with theinstructor’s/advisor’s and Head’s signature. A grade (either a “W” or “WF”) will be assigned.

Drop Policy

Drop DatesRequired Signatures

REMEMBER: Treat the Staff with Respect !!!

repeating courses remember the 2 0 core gpa requirement
Repeating Courses(Remember the 2.0 Core GPA Requirement)
  • Core courses 300 level and above (plus ME 290 and ME 263) MUST be taken at the W. L. campus.
  • If you receive a:
    • F, you MUST repeat the course
    • C- or lower, you MAY repeat the course (Strongly Recommended)
    • C or better, you CANNOT repeat the course
  • You CANNOT concurrently repeat a course and take the follow-on course.
  • You CANNOT repeat a course if you have taken the next course in the sequence.
  • You MUST successfully complete each course within three attempts.
key people and places
Key People and Places
  • Rm 2008B – Prof. Jim Jones, Assoc. Head
  • Rm 2008A – Tarri Brickler, Director of Advising
  • Rm 2008D – Kristin Deckard-Dawson, Associate Director of Advising
  • Rm 2008C – John Haller, Academic Advisor
  • Rm 2008 – Helen Kendig, Administrative Assistant
  • Rm 2058 – Jerry Matthews, Dir., Office for Industrial Experience
  • Rm 3061G – Prof. Chuck Krousgrill, Co-op Coordinator
  • Rm 2007A – Dr. Anil Bajaj, Head of Mech. Engr.
  • Rm 2007E – Cynthia Dalton, Admin. Assistant for Co-Op
professionalism treat your class as you would a job
Professionalism(Treat your class as you would a job)
  • Arrive to class on time and ready to participate. Chronic tardiness/absenteeism is unprofessional. If you are ill or need to be absent from class (e.g., for a plant trip), inform you instructor prior to class.
  • Treat faculty and staff with respect. Passively disruptively behavior (e.g., talking during lecture, sleeping, texting, reading a newspaper, working on other coursework, leaving class without permission, etc.) is unprofessional.
  • Be honest and ethical in all assignments.
  • Take care of and pride in your ME facilities.
seven most common errors in pos
Seven Most Common Errors in POS
  • Select Any Unspecified Elective Courses for the UPCOMING SEMESTER (e.g., FREE, ECON, WAC, GE-1, GE-2, GE-3, GE-4, PE-1, PE-2, PE-3, PE-4, RE-1, RE-2).
  • RETAIN LABELS for Elective Courses After a Specific Course is Selected (e.g., ECON 252 (ECON), PSY 120 (GE-2), CSR 342 (Free), etc.)
  • Name, PUID, GPAs, Date, Email missing.
  • Insufficient credit hours (128 crs. req. for grad.).
    • Transfer Credit, AP Credit, Test Out (e.g., Languages)
  • Loads too heavy (see POS worksheet) or unbalanced.
  • Prerequisites not met.
  • ME 463 should be in your final semester

Remember. The POS is your responsibility.

other information
Other Information
  • Use Schedule of Classes to verify a course is offered. You can find your time ticket on MyPurdue.
  • Specify upcoming semester elective courses – You don’t have to specify future electives.
  • ME Ugrad Homepage – Has links to Schedule of Classes and Course Catalog.
  • Foreign Lang.Test – Apr. 9th, 10th, & 11that 6pm in SC 231. Permission form required (avail. in ENE or ME).
    • If you have 2 or more years of Foreign Lang. in High School, you must take the FL Placement Test.
    • If you test into 102 level, you need to take the 102 course to receive credit for 101.
    • If you test into the 201 level or higher you can receive credit for lower level courses w/o taking the next course.
co op student responsibilities
Co-op Student Responsibilities
  • Enter Co-op Program in good faith
  • Maintain satisfactory academic record and co-op job performance.
  • Act in ethical & professional manner
  • Follow required alternating work session/ academic session of Co-op Program
  • Register for each of the three to five required work sessions and pay required fees.
  • Submit required evaluation and work experience reports immediately after each work session
  • Keep current address on file w/ME Co-op Office.
registration process march 31 st april 25 th
Registration Process(March 31st – April 25th)
  • Prepare your POS. Be sure you avoid the “Seven Most Common Mistakes in POSs”.
  • Sign up for a registration time using the link Kristin or Tarri sends you via e-mail. (You will need to put in your username & password, then fill out your first name/last name & select a time that works with your schedule & click register.)
  • Bring a hardcopy of your POS with you to your appointment.
  • If changes to your POS are requested, complete those ASAP to avoid delays in scheduling.
  • Check your courses on MyPurdue.


2 REs

4 PEs

4 GEs

Free El.

5 Year BS/MSME (GPA>3.2)

Honors Certificate (Top 10%)

Ugrad Research (SURF/DURI)

Technical Minors

ME Concentrations

5Yr BSME/MBA (GPA>3.5)

5Yr BSME/MS Econ (On-Line)

Entrepreneurship Certif.

MGMT Minor

Econ Minor

Gen. Ed. Minors

Global Engrng. Minor

Engrng. & Public Policy

Intellectual Property Law

Pre-Health Professions Minor

A Universe of Opportunity

class schedule planning form
Class Schedule Planning Form

For an easy registration tool to organize your classes go to:

concluding thoughts
Concluding Thoughts
  • Recognize the ME Admission and Graduation Requirements
  • Know the ME Policy and Procedures
  • Plan your ME Program (POS ASSIGNMENT)
    • A John Doe POS is not acceptable
  • Some courses are available On-Line
  • Use elective courses to specialize your background.
  • Read your Purdue Email regularly.