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Clarksville Admin. 12-20-06. North Lamar Aaron Parker E.S. NTRETN. North Lamar Stone M.S. Detroit H.S. Paris HS. 50 Mb. Blossom E.S. Clarksville ES. Detroit E.S. Clarksville HS. Chisum. Prairiland H.S. Avery School. Hooks JR. High. Deport E.S. Roxton School. DeKalb H.S. & E.S.

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Presentation Transcript

Clarksville Admin


North Lamar Aaron Parker E.S.


North Lamar Stone M.S.

Detroit H.S.

Paris HS

50 Mb

Blossom E.S.

Clarksville ES

Detroit E.S.

Clarksville HS


Prairiland H.S.

Avery School

Hooks JR. High

Deport E.S.

Roxton School

DeKalb H.S. & E.S.

Clarksville AEP

Bowie County Special Ed.

New Boston M.S.

Pleasant Grove E.S.


Red Lick School

Malta School

Hooks E.S.

Pleasant Grove I.M.S.

Bogata Splice

Crestview E.S.

Clarksville MS

Hubbard School

PleasantGrove H.S.

Hooks H.S.

Leary School

New Boston H.S.

Bowie County Transportation

Fannindel H.S.

Fannindel E.S.

50 Mb

Liberty-Eylau M.S.

Cooper E.S.

Rivercrest H.S. & E.S.

Redwater Schools

Simms School

Sulphur Bluff School

Cooper JR. & SR. H.S.

Maud Schools

Harts Bluff School

North Hopkins School

Adcock Tower


Mt. Vernon ISD

Pewitt JR. & H.S.

Mt. Pleasant H.S.

North Hopkins Special Ed Coop

100 Mb

Marietta School

Saltillo ISD

Bloomburg School

Chapel Hill School

Cumby School

Atlanta Admin.

Winfield School

Atlanta H.S.

Sulphur Springs MS

Atlanta M.S.

Daingerfield Jr. High

Hughes Springs School

Linden – Kildare E.S.

West E.S.

Pittsburg Tech Building

Linden – Kildare J.H.S.

Daingerfield H.S.

Como-Pickton ISD

Miller Grove School

Pittsburg E.S.

South ES.

McLeod School

Hughes Springs Admin.

Linden – Kildare H.S.

New Sites


Lone Star E.S.

Sulphur Springs Administration (Roof mount)

Red Lick Middle School (New Campus - Roof)

Queen City ISD (2)

Lone Oak ISD (1)

Honey Grove ISD (1)

Dodd City ISD (1)

Sam Rayburn ISD (1 – have tower on site)

100 Mbps.

Avinger Schools

50 Mbps.



Jefferson Tower


Jefferson H.S.

Mcleod ISD, Bloomburg ISD, Jefferson ISD, Marietta ISD (close ring in these areas if possible – this was promised in the fall)

Jefferson Primary

Jefferson E.S.

Jefferson M.S & J.H.S.