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Mario casas sierra

Mario Casas Sierra born in A Coruña (Galicia). He currently lives in Madrid. He was born on June 12, 1986. Mario has four brothers: Sheila, Christian and Óscar. Christian and Óscar are also actors, while Sheila is a student. He has relationshipis María Valverde.

Mario is very sportsman. He is charmed with the football and is crazy about sports one of the Coruña. Of small his wanted to be a policeman. Mario Casas takes tattooed the initials of his parents and his three brothers. The favorite food of Mario is the potatoes omelets and his favorite drink is the coffee. He has a defect and is that it is very impatient, his hobby is the ping pong. His dream is to follow more time on your profession. Of all the personage, that has interpreted, that likes the H ( Hugo Olivera).

Mario casas sierra

His first essays were in the world of advertising. He studied at the school of interpretation Cristina Rota. Obsession, a soap opera was his first television experience. He then made series such as personal reasons( motivos personales) o SMS. His first film with the help of Antonio Bandera's gave him the opportunity to participate was the way of the English( El camino de los Ingleses). But until then had not been well known, until made in 2007 series the Paco men( Los hombres de Paco), that had interpreted a rookie police officer name Aitor.

In 2009 he returned to the big screen with fire of brains ( Fuga de cerebros) and fat and lies (Mentiras y gordas). In 2010 he premiered the film adaptation of three meters above the sky ( A 3 metros sobre el cielo), Spanish film highest grossed in its first weekend and which became the film highest grossing of the year. Then he starred in its sequel, I have wanted you ( Tengo ganas de ti) together María Valverde and Clara Lago. From January 2011 pending 2013 starred opposite Blanca Suarez, the ship ( El barco) until the end of the series.

Mario casas sierra

Mario He studied at the school of interpretation Cristina Rota. Obsession, a soap opera was his first television experience. He then made series such as personal reasons( Casas recorded the film “Ismael” in Barcelona together with other celebrities that will realized on December 25 and on September 27, 2013 premiere the witched of Zugarramurdi ( Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi). In which was accompanied by Hugo Silva or Pepón Nieto. In 2013 he shot his first in English entitled “ Edén” with American actors in Malaysia in which Mario Casas interpreted a goalkeeper. His next series will thieves of times ( Ladrones del tiempo) which coincide with Jon Gonzalez, Blanca Suarez, Andrea Duro or Luis Fernandez among others. This series will premiere in 2014.

He has received the award prize talent revelation of the Spanish cinema movies: fat lies (mentiras y gordas) and the fire of brains ( fuga de cerebros). Also the prize got golden microphone for the series: the Paco men ( Los hombres de Paco) and the ship ( El barco).