benvenuto al vostro tour italian herzlich willkommen auf ihrer tour g bienvenue votre tour freanch n.
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Benvenuto al vostro tour (Italian) Herzlich Willkommen auf Ihrer tour (G) Bienvenue à votre tour (Freanch) PowerPoint Presentation
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Benvenuto al vostro tour (Italian) Herzlich Willkommen auf Ihrer tour (G) Bienvenue à votre tour (Freanch)

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Benvenuto al vostro tour (Italian) Herzlich Willkommen auf Ihrer tour (G) Bienvenue à votre tour (Freanch) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benvenuto al vostro tour (Italian) Herzlich Willkommen auf Ihrer tour (G) Bienvenue à votre tour (Freanch)
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Benvenuto al vostro tour (Italian)Herzlich Willkommen auf Ihrer tour (G)Bienvenue à votre tour (Freanch) Welcome to Your Tour By: Sydney Schuerman

  2. Bienvenue à Paris France ! • Welcome to Paris France! Home of the famous Eiffel Tower. When you here of Paris, I bet you only think about the Eiffel Tower. After this tour, when you here the word Paris, you will think a lot more. Maybe your friend Is going on a vacation soon. Tell them to visit here to Paris France! Why you ask? You'll find out! Next stop, the Eiffel tower!

  3. The Eiffel Tower • Everyone Ready for the climb of your life? There are 1,665 steps to climb! Well, we could take the Elevator but, those are for losers! Ready!? The Eiffel Tower is the tallest Structure in France. It is the most visited landmark in the world!!!!! It was built in 1889. It was built for the world exhibition. It still stands today and represents that the French have power. Many people enjoy visiting the very top of the tower which we are in the process of. ( but only the smart people use the elevators.) People OFTEN propose to their loved one here since this is the city of love. Most people pack lunches and have picnics right under it. Look! Were here! We made it to the top of the tower! That took a while. And wasn’t that worth it? Look! Theirs a couple below us now. Lets hurry to the bottom to see what happens! Next stop 1,665 steps! Nooooo! Next stop, the streets of Paris.

  4. The Streets of Paris • Everyone off the bus? Ok! See that cafe over their? Well have you ever tried French food? Then lets try it. Its AMAZING! We just so happen to be at my favorite place! Café De Flore. Lets take a look at the menu. Yummm Pasta Alivatick! My favorite! Now that we have had our lunch break, lets visit La Vie Est Rose Au Bazar. This store is a couples store. In America, they don’t have many of these. Its usually a girl store and then theirs a boy store. Well nope! Not here! Mostly all stores are both. Any one got any money? Awhh thanks for buying me something! Not! Next stop, hotel de la france!

  5. Hotel Time • Well, What a Day! Were FINALLY done! We visited many places and enjoyed all of them. Now its time to sleep and think about what you saw. Tomorrow we will be on the road to Rome Italy! Goodnight! Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

  6. Benvenuto a Roma! • Welcome to Rome Italy! After an exciting trip in Paris, we gather here in Rome. Rome is full of Greek metholighy and most people are Romans. There are many stone statues just scatted around that were built in the early 1800s. If you see one, don’t be scared. Its not like it’s a human turned to stone by medusa or anything! Or is it? Here in Rome, is the Roman coliseum. Lets go and check it out!

  7. The Roman Coliseum • Everyone! Look! It’s the Roman Coliseum! Its still here and it was built in 70 AD – 80 AD. That’s a LONG time to still be standing. As you can see, some parts of it are falling off because of its age. This famous landmark was built because of the Galadriel games. Back then, this is sort of a “stadium” to them for their sports. Who wants to move on to the culture of roam? Ok lets go!

  8. Rome’s Culture • Rome has a LOT of culture. It all started with the Greeks and Romans. Their religion is Roman Catholic. Roman Catholics believe that saints should be worshiped. Most of the food they eat is small. They never have huge meals. Usually a meal to them is pottage and corn. Their fashion is just like the clothes Americans wear. Oh! look! Our bus is leaving! Hurry!

  9. Arrivederci!!!!! • Well that was a long day! Tomorrow we will start our Journey to Berlin Germany. Arrivederci from Roam! In other words, Bye Bye!

  10. Willkommen in Berlin, Deutschland! • Welcome to Berlin! Its sad, but this is the last place we are going to visit. We will explore the food, fashion, stores, and of course the Berlin Wall. Who can come to Germany and not visit the Berlin Wall?! Germany has a LOT of history. Some includes when the Germans tried to capture the Jewish. Hitler was the man in charge. We will start our journey at the Berlin Wall. Well, what are we waiting for?! We better get going! Next stop, the Berlin Wall!

  11. Berliner Mauer • Welcome to the Berlin Wall right here in Berlin Germany. This wall has been around for along time. It was built in 1961. It was built so that the east Germans could not escape. Since the wall was built back then, their were no security systems. This wall was a failure. Their were many escapes. Over 5,000 people escaped. Today sadly, this piece of history is coved in graffiti. See over their? Theirs so people spraying it now! Come on lets go get them!

  12. Sehenswertes in Berlin zu sehen!! • Do you see that?! Look how many people are their! This is a normal day in Berlin. In America, its not that crowded at a café! Lets go and visit the museum! This museum is over 100 years old. It was built to display everything found in the making of the berlin wall. Anything up to gold, Jewelry, or anything else dug up to make the wall. Well, the museum is about to close! Lets go visit something else. Whoa! Its REALLY loud! Why is this!? Ohhhhhh! Were in a club! Were in the club Terror. This is the biggest club in Berlin. Most of the clubs are underground here. It costs 6 euros to get in. We don’t have any money  o well! Lets go back to our hotel.

  13. What a tour! • Well, that concludes our tour! I hope you enjoyed your stay in Berlin, Paris, and Rome! We started off in Paris. We visited the Eiffel Tower and explored the streets of Paris. Next, we went to Rome! There, we visited the Roman Coliseum and took a look into roman culture. Our last stop was Berlin. We took a look at the Berlin wall and went on some sight seeing. Did you have fun? I did!

  14. Why????? • Now that were on our way back to America, I'm going to ask you some questions. • Why would you visit these cities? • Which one was your favorite? And why? • Would you come here again? • Did you enjoy your tour? • Well, its time to go get off the flight! I hope you choose to visit these cities again and go more deep into their ways of living. Everything you saw is what makes that city unique. The Eiffel Tower makes Paris unique. The Berlin Wall makes Berlin unique. And lastly, the Roman Coliseum makes Rome unique. Thank you for your time and I hope you had a great time! Bye bye! au revoir! Ciao!

  15. Citations • Rosenberg, Jennifer. Berlin Wall. New York City: The New York Times, 2012. • Brown, Lorri. Eiffel Tower. New York City: Togonpop, 2006. • Shaun, Sheena. Roman Coliseum. New York City: Roman History, 2012.