Youth and media
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Youth and media. Teachers and media/ict. ”I would rather be dead than on Facebook !” ”I prefer chalk and blackboard – smartboards and pc`s only distract my pupils .” ” Books are more valuable than movies .” ”I don`t think ict skills are fundamental skills .”

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Youth and media

Youth and media

Teachers and media ict
Teachers and media/ict

  • ”I wouldrather be deadthanonFacebook!”

  • ”I preferchalk and blackboard – smartboards and pc`sonlydistract my pupils.”

  • ”Books are more valuablethanmovies.”

  • ”I don`tthinkictskills are fundamental skills.”

  • ”I will never buy a smart-phone and certainly no iPad!”

  • ”I wish I could turn theclock back!”

To discover one self
To discoverone-self

Digital body (Boyd)

MUD – multiuserdomain (Turkle) – simulatedpuberty/adolesence

Youth and media


Identity and understanding roles (Ziehe)



Consumer – Producer – Prosumer (Drotner)

Youth and media

Ritual media use

(Subject) specific media use

What is thedifference?

Youth and media

Major Findings:


…. youthengage in peer-based, self-directedlearningonline…...

….in interest-drivenparticipation, adults have an importantrole to play. Youthusingnew media oftenlearn from their peers, not teachers or adults. ……… the21st century, educationinstitutionsneed to keep pace withthe rapid changesintroduced by digital media.

Youth and media

Herethey hang around… and learn

Interest driven ----- friendshipdriven

…..By itsimmediacy and breadthofinformation,the digital world lowersbarriers to self-directedlearning…. They ”geekout” … receive feedback from ”expert peers”…..

Youth and media

New media allow for a degreeoffreedom and autonomyfor youththat is less apparent in a classroom setting. Youthrespectoneanother’sauthority online, and theyareoften more motivated to learn from peers than from adults. Theireffortsarealsolargelyselfdirected, and theoutcomeemergesthroughexploration, in contrast to classroomlearningthat is oriented by set, predefined goals.

Altså: Nye medier gir de unge

merfrihet og autonomi enn skolen.

De unge respekterer

hverandres autoritet og de er ofte

mer motiverte til å lære fra

venner/kontakter enn fravoksne.

Virksomheten er ofte mer

eksperimenterende enn det de

opplever i klasserommet.