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Peter Sage Future Energy Solutions Hubert Howener PtJ Research Centre Julich

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Peter Sage Future Energy Solutions Hubert Howener PtJ Research Centre Julich - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clean Power Generation Technology for Europe. Peter Sage Future Energy Solutions Hubert Howener PtJ Research Centre Julich UK APGTF Forum London 25 November 2004. The Solution. The Problem. FENCO Overall Objectives.

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Presentation Transcript

Clean Power Generation Technology for Europe

Peter Sage

Future Energy Solutions

Hubert Howener

PtJ Research Centre Julich

UK APGTF Forum London 25 November 2004


The Solution

The Problem

fenco overall objectives
FENCO Overall Objectives
  • Set up of an ERA-NET for the development of a technology path that gives the opportunity to share knowledge and funding options for a step-by-step improvement of fossil energy technologies.
  • This ERA-NET will link the R&D and demonstration needs of EU member states, the EU industry and academia on an extended European level to describe a technology path towards low and near zero emission power plants.
  • Establishment of a critical mass Europe wide initiative that will enable the EU fossil fuel technology industry to be competitive in the world market
elements of a strategy
Elements of a Strategy

Research and Technology


Validation of Technology






Increasing complexity in-tune with market development

CO2 Protocol, Legal, Health, Safety, Perception,..

issues drivers for fenco
Issues – Drivers for FENCO
  • Global energy projections mean that fossil fuels will be required for several decades
  • Renewable energy will only become significant in the energy mix in time – a portfolio approach needed
  • Developing countries (e.g. China) have to be engaged if global climate change is really tackled
  • The acceptability of nuclear power
  • Global climate change (up to and post 2050) targets will need full range of solutions
  • Security of energy supply implications
  • Economics!!
a major transitional issue will be clean use of fossil fuels
A major transitional issue will be clean use of fossil fuels
  • Carbon Abatement Technologies (CAT) strategy (UK)
    • improved efficiency
    • fuel switch/co-firing/retrofit
    • CO2 capture/storage
  • COORETEC Concept (DE)
snap shot of us position
“Snap Shot” of US Position
  • Clean Fossil Fuel Technologies firmly established as key component of carbon reduction strategy
    • 18% reduction in carbon intensity by 2012, backed by RTD and D initiatives
    • Clean Coal Plant Improvement programme : 2b US$ over next decade
    • CO2 Capture and Storage budget for 2004 requested at 60m US$ from a `zero` position less than 5 years ago
    • US regional networks established
    • Futuregen Project launched with 1b US$, 80% from USDOE : electricity and hydrogen plant with CO2 sequestration
strong competition from usa on world markets
Strong competition from USA on world markets
  • US Industry set to take the lead on low-to-zero emission technologies
    • benefit from US DOE and other support
    • to the detriment of Europe in European and world markets
    • Establishment of the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF)
european response
European Response

Vital that Europe responds in an effective way

  • Critical mass initiative to ensure that Europe can compete on world markets
  • Sector wide initiative bringing together industry, academia and governments
  • Combination of national Member State and EC RTDD programmes with industry and research community
  • Thrust towards carbon management strategy for power generation with fossil fuels
what needed to be done
What needed to be done

Mechanism introduced under EC FP6 ERA-NET scheme

  • possible to take a two stage approach
  • Specific Supported Action (SSA) followed by a Co-ordination Action (CA)
  • to be initiated by (quasi) government organisations of Member States
  • link to industry and national aims and objectives e.g. POWER21, Thematic Networks, etc.
many different member states addressing energy policy
Initiative taken by Germany and UK

both countries in a similar position of defining future energy policy

good support from Portugal and Greece

interest expressed by Austria, Denmark and Poland plus other countries

Many different Member States addressing energy policy

German COORETEC Concept

fenco ssa consortium
FENCO SSA Consortium

Ministry of Economics and Labor (BMWA)

Project Management Group Jülich (PTJ)


Department of Trade and Industry (dti)

Future Energy Solution of AEA T (FES)

supporting partners of fenco ssa
Supporting Partners of FENCO SSA

Ministry of Development

Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas (ISFTA)

Gabinete de Relações Internationais da Ciência

e do Ensino Superior (GRICES)

Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT)

Denmark Austria

fenco ssa work packages

Workshop 2

Integrating new partners

Workshop 4

Joint R&D activity fields

Workshop 1 Kick-off

Workshop 3

R&D Programmes


Identification of Partners

WP3: Summary of joint R&D activity fields

(Content of ERA-NET)

WP5: Preparation of ERA-NET

WP2: Analyses of national R&D programs and initiatives

WP4: Administrative Preparation of ERA-NET

WP 6: Project Management

FENCO SSA Work Packages
european structure time line carbon management strategy for ff power generation
European Structure/Time-LineCarbon Management Strategy for FF Power Generation






UK CAT Strategy







EC CA Co-ordination Action on CMS FFPG



EC FP7 RTD Energy

FP6 MidTerm Review

Competitive critical mass

EU activity : POWER21

EC FP6 RTD Energy

Member States Clean FF RTD (UK, DE, …….)

fenco ssa progress 1
FENCO SSA Progress (1)
  • 1st Workshop 18th / 19th December 2003 at LisbonHosted by GRICES
  • Integration of first new partners
  • Presentation of some first Member States Programmes
  • POWER 21 presentation
  • Preliminary questionnaire on national fossil fuel R&D programmes
fenco ssa progress 2
FENCO SSA Progress (2)
  • Country visits to engage new partners
  • 2nd Workshop, London 25/26 March 2004
  • 12 countries and 4 stakeholder groups participate
  • DG RTD presentation – extremely supportive of FENCO initiative
  • PowerClean presentation – FENCO is complementary
  • Requirements for programme database discussed
  • Priorities for fossil fuels ERA-NET were debated with the importance of strategic issues and development of joint programmes being recognised
fenco ssa progress 3
FENCO SSA Progress (3)
  • Further country visits (Denmark, Spain and Greece)
  • 3rd Workshop, Berlin 28/29 June 2004
  • 12 countries participate: this implies their intent to join the FENCO CA
  • Individual country interest, experience and aspirations assessed
  • Agreement on FENCO CA outline and scope
  • Actions for proposal preparation
fenco ssa progress 4
FENCO SSA Progress (4)
  • Working groups convene July/August 2004 to progress proposal – meetings at Jülich, London and Lisbon
  • 4th Workshop, Brussels 20/21 September 2004 to finalise technical and financial detail of FENCO CA proposal
  • Small group finalise proposal in Berlin end September 2004
  • FENCO CA proposal submitted October 2004
  • EC’s response awaited………
additional collaborators for fenco ca
...Additional Collaborators for FENCO CA

Spain Poland

Netherlands Estonia

Norway Latvia

fenco ca collaborators
  • Coordinator – Germany
  • Partners – Austria, Denmark, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, UK
  • Associate Partners – Estonia, Latvia
  • Subcontractor – Poland

If FENCO CA proceeds then will explore others joining later on

fenco ca work packages
  • Coordination and Management – PtJ, Germany
  • Information Exchange on National R&D Fossil Fuel Programmes – FES, UK
  • Strategic Activities – FCT, Portugal
  • Joint Actions – CERTH, Greece
  • Trans-national R&D Activities – SenterNovem, Netherlands
  • Dissemination and Communication – PtJ and FES

TOP DOWN APPROACHCarbon Management Strategy for Fossil Fuels

  • Opportunity to create a critical mass activity in Europe
  • Needs to be part of an overall strategic framework addressing clean fossil fuels as a key element of the energy portfolio

Improve Efficiency

Fuels Cells

Co-ordination Action

from FENCO

Possible Technology

Platform for Clean Fossil Fuels

Technology Platform

for Hydrogen

Co-ordination Action

Zero Emission including Capture


CO2 Protocol and related issues

Transport and storage

Use and


intended outcomes of fenco
Intended Outcomes of FENCO
  • Establish the basis for a serious European wide fossil fuel initiative
  • Help meet future energy needs and environment targets whilst maintaining security of supply
  • Enable Europe to compete effectively with the USA and others in world markets; link to and consistent with industry and research aims