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Making Your Dreams a Reality Through Fundraising. John Campbell Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships Safe Kids Worldwide. Defining Safe Kids Worldwide’s Goals. Child safety is our universal priority.

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Making your dreams a reality through fundraising

Making Your Dreams a Reality Through Fundraising

John Campbell

Director of Development & Strategic Partnerships

Safe Kids Worldwide

Defining safe kids worldwide s goals
Defining Safe Kids Worldwide’s Goals

  • Child safety is our universal priority.

  • Even with a 55% reduction in child deaths from preventable injury over the past 25 years, over 9,000 children in the U.S. die every year from such injuries, and over 1 million kids are lost worldwide.

  • But we can change this. And our goal is to do just that.

Creating strategies to reach our goals
Creating Strategies to Reach Our Goals

  • In order to dramatically reduce the number of childhood deaths from unintentional injuries, Safe Kids developed a Strategic Plan (2012-2015) to:

    • Reach more children

    • Strengthen US programs

    • Become the go-to safety partner for parents and caregivers

Skw helping you reach your goals
SKW Helping You Reach Your Goals

  • We merged Safe Kids USA and Safe Kids Worldwide into one organization – and one unified voice.

  • We rebranded and created a new website.

  • We created Safe Kids Day as a vehicle for coalitions to raise funds and build capacity.

Defining your goals
Defining YOUR Goals

  • If money were no object, what would you like to do to help reduce the number of children dying from preventable injuries?

  • Don’t think about the “how” – think about the dream you have, and then put one foot in front of the other, staying focused on that goal.

Developing a funding strategy for changing times

Developing a Funding Strategyfor Changing Times

Pamela Fair

BA, Communications

Safe Kids Columbus Program Supervisor

Public Information Officer/Media Specialist

Risk Communicator

West Central Health District

Columbus, GA

Spotlight on 3 key funding partners
Spotlight on 3 Key Funding Partners

The Medical Center Hospital

  • Initial Partner

  • Indigent Care Funds

  • Power of Data

  • New CEO/Starting Over

  • Trauma Center

Spotlight on 3 key funding partners1
Spotlight on 3 Key Funding Partners

  • That Application - Goodness Sakes Alive!

  • Process – Long, Tedious, Worth it!

  • New Partner Power

Spotlight on 3 Key Funding Partners

  • A Volunteer’s Reference

  • Local Safe Kids - Community Credibility

    • Local Presence

    • We ARE the Experts

    • Meeting Mutual Needs

Local boards fundraising
Local Boards &Fundraising

Building strong donor relationships

Building Strong Donor Relationships

Linda K. Brees, MS, Director

Children’s Advocacy/Safe Kids Upstate

Greenville, South Carolina

History of safe kids upstate
History of Safe Kids Upstate

  • Began in 1994

  • Small Department Operational Budget, less than $100,000

  • 1.5 FTE’s

  • No Philanthropic Support

Safe kids upstate today
Safe Kids Upstate Today

  • Departmental Budget of over $500,000.00 per year

  • 16.5 FTE’s in Advocacy (7 fulltime SKU)

  • Philanthropic Support over 19 years of $3,000,000

How and why did this success occur
How and Why Did This Success Occur?

  • Unique positioning of Safe Kids Upstate into Mission of Healthcare System and Leadership Metric

  • Children’s Hospital Development Council

  • Community Awareness and Networking

  • Essential Partnerships within System and in CommunityAND……….Donor Relationships

C a r e s model
C.A.R.E.S. Model

Community Awareness and

Relationships Enhanced

through Stewardships

Development of sponsorship levels
Development of Sponsorship Levels

  • Program Sponsor—Bradshaw

    • $100,000.00 each year for 5 years

  • Initiative Sponsors

    • “At Home” – ReMax Real Estate - $25,000.00

    • “At Play” – Walmart - $25,000.00

    • “At School” – Michelin North America - $25,000.00

    • “On the Way” – Kohl’s Cares - $100,000.00

  • Expansion Counties $75,000.00 to $100,000.00 each year Oconee Medical Center Partnership and Clemson University and Children’s Miracle Network

  • Sponsor benefit
    Sponsor Benefit

    • Connection to Success

    • Merging of Mission and Visions

    • Marketing/Community Benefit

    In summary
    In Summary

    • It is our responsibility as Safe Kids Coalition Leaders to provide the essential energy, expertise, enthusiasm, and overall buy-in to make building donor relationships successful

    • Use every opportunity possible to be seen and heard and share your passion and story about injury prevention

    • Connect with your lead Organization’s Mission and Vision: Do not Operate your services in a silo

    • Don’t be afraid to ask for the stars…I did and got them