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MSI Applications

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MSI Applications. E. Houstis (CS) A. Elmagarmid (CS) A. Nour (VET) L. Tsoukalas (NE) M. Ishii (NE). Overview. Purdue-On-Line: CS activities Purdue-On-Line: Vet activities PUMA: Purdue University Multi-Dimensional Integral Test Assembly.

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msi applications

MSI Applications

E. Houstis (CS)A. Elmagarmid (CS)A. Nour (VET)L. Tsoukalas (NE)M. Ishii (NE)

  • Purdue-On-Line: CS activities
  • Purdue-On-Line: Vet activities
  • PUMA: Purdue University Multi-Dimensional Integral Test Assembly
purdue on line a facility for on line instruction and course delivery

Purdue-On-Line: A Facility for On-Line Instruction and Course Delivery

E. Houstis (CS), A. Elmagarmid (CS), A. Nour (VET), N. Dhanjani (CS), L. Tsoukalas (NE)

what is purdue on line pol today
What is Purdue-On-Line (POL) today?
  • Research project trying to address the following issues:
    • Design and prototype an environment for on-line instruction on stationary and mobile platforms
    • Research teaching methodologies for on-line instruction
    • Experiment with a set of traditional courses
    • Evaluate courseware delivery models/software and on-line courses
    • Evaluate video servers (hardware/software), videoconferencing, and communication technologies
    • Assess the overall cost and impact of on-line education
    • Educate faculty
who supports this effort
Who supports this effort?
  • Primarily Intel Corporation and Purdue University
  • AT&T and IBM provided equipment support
  • International collaboration (Univ. of Crete, Greece)



Video Server

(CISCO Video Server)

Video sources:

Tape, Camera,

Satellite, ...

Digital Video Studio

(Optibase Mpeg Card)

Video Clients

(with and without hardware decoders)

Switched Ethernet Hub (3Com)

CD-ROM Burner

purdue on line course multimedia client server systems
Purdue-On-line Course Multimedia Client/Server Systems
  • Course Management Tools
    • Learning Space (http://medusa)
    • WebCT (
    • LearningLink (xyz) (considered)
  • Videoconferencing
    • CuSeeMe (videoconfering)
  • Multimedia documents
    • Vxtreme
  • Videoservers
    • CISCO
    • Lucent
    • Oracle
hardware facility
Hardware Facility
  • Optibase movie maker mpeg encoder card
  • VCR/TV/Sony digital camera
  • PC based Servers (Medusa: Quad PC, 60Gbytes disk, 512 Mbytes RAM)
mobile virtual laboratories and pses for instruction and research
Mobile Virtual Laboratories and PSEs forInstruction and Research
  • SoftLab (virtual lab framework)
  • WebPELLPACK (Problem Solving Environment)
programming in c c
Programming in C/C++
  • Freshman and Continuing Education Students
  • High School Background
  • Offered two times
cs190e tour
CS190E Tour
  • http://medusa
cs541 data bases
CS541: Data Bases
  • Videolecture delivered by CISCO videoserver
veterinary school
Veterinary School
  • On-line courses
  • Multimedia material
chemistry course
Chemistry Course
  • Lecture 4 (“The World of Matter”)(Delivered by CISCO videoserver)
  • On-line distance learning technology requirements
    • Easy of use technologies for developing, accessing, and storing multimedia documents
    • Indexed full screen, high resolution video material on demand
    • Tools for safeguarding digital library material
    • Videoconferencing
    • Secure course records
    • Efficient course management tools
    • Efficient network facilities
    • Multimedia content production facilities
  • POL will benefit from MSI infrastructure and research
  • POL environment, courses, material can be served as benchmark to MSI research