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Digital Pens

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Digital Pens. rewriting the future Rex Santacruz MIS 304. What is a Digital Pen?. A battery operated writing instrument that saves whatever the user is writing as an image file. LiveScribe. Nokia with Bluetooth. Logitech. How the Pen works. Required: Special paper from Anoto

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Digital Pens

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digital pens

Digital Pens

rewriting the future

Rex Santacruz MIS 304

what is a digital pen
What is a Digital Pen?

A battery operated writing instrument that saves whatever the user is writing as an image file.


Nokia with Bluetooth


how the pen works
How the Pen works

Required: Special paper from Anoto

Each page is laid out with a special dot pattern print out. These dots tell the pens where exactly on the paper they’re writing. Each of the pages are designed differently so the pen identifies which page you are writing on.

how the pen works1
How the Pen works
  • As you write normally like you would with an ink pen, approx. 50 digital pictures per second are being taken.
  • Each image saves the data as coordinates of where each pen stroke was taken and even the time it was made.
  • The images are saved in the pen’s memory. (For most pens, up to 50 pages of writing can be saved.)
how the pen works2
How the Pen works

Two ways to upload: “Click” on a special box on the paper, which tells the bluetooth to upload the data through your cell phone.

Or you can connect the pen to a USB port.

The pen data will be saved according to where the images were taken on the paper, when it was written, the name of the writer (inputted by user), type of paper used and number of pages written.

The data is most commonly saved as an image file (.jpg, .gif, etc.) but it can be converted into other files with the use of character recognition software.