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Media in the future

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Media in the future - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Media in the future
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  1. Media in the future We are social…

  2. We are social • 1 in 5 people on earth use social media. • By the end of 2013, 1 in every 4 people will be using social media.

  3. We are social • Social media is already too big to ignore.

  4. Media in the future Mobile phones • future mobile phones will literally run our lives for us. • development of high resolution touch screens and better quality speech recognition. •  encourage interpersonal interaction, in both social and business scenarios. • high quality camera phones become more widely and cheaply available.

  5. Mobile phones • Mobile devices become main platform for web use especially for social media. • These devices will be ‘feature phones’. • phones will be used to take photos and make notes on field trips, in order to create a more active and informal approach to learning.

  6. SoLoMo takes off • Social, local and mobile services will take over the media services. • Use of social media tools. • People will use media to interact with others, not just listen or watch them. • People will want to be part of action not just watch it.

  7. technologies • Advancement in technologies • Camera • From newspapers to Online news • From desktops to laptops • From playground to Playstations and ipads • From abacus to calculators

  8. Media in the future • Point and click will change the world. • Brands and products will play a signficant role in making world a better place. • Facebook will be larger than the largest countries in the world. • Population of china- 1,3 billion • India- 1.3 billion • Facebook- 150 million registered menbers • Russia- 143 million

  9. Youtube • More than 100 million videos are viewed on youtubeeveryday. • That’s 1157 videos per second. • People will dance on many PSY’s “oppagangnam style”.

  10. Media and effect on us • Change the way we read and write • Change the way of access to information • Communication will be flawless

  11. Media in the future • Low cost • Unlimited access • Simplicity • Global reach • Flexibility

  12. Internet • The internet in thefuture: • Personal • Accessible • Interactive • Social • Universal

  13. Television • People have connected and talked about TV shows like TODAY for 60 years, viewers will continue to  use new technology to share and react to what they're watching. • From real time alerts as news is breaking to immediate feedback from our viewing audience. • There will be two way communication in television too.

  14. Media in the future • everyone will feel like they have their own set of presidential advisors filling them in and letting them get on with their lives. • People will be actively becoming more engaged, active, and interesting through new social applications that encourage people to think bigger then learn and act together.

  15. 3rdworld war over the internet. • It will move from the tips of your fingers, or a tool that fits in the palm of your hand. • Human Relationships will no longer be as physically dependent and we will befriend and hang out with people from all over the world . • People will get married over internet.

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