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Guidance Department. Counselors: Anya Stewart (Last names, A-K) Blake Edwards(Last names, L-Z). South Carolina Graduation Requirements Powdersville High School 24 Total Units Required. Minimum Requirements.

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guidance department
Guidance Department


Anya Stewart (Last names, A-K)

Blake Edwards(Last names, L-Z)


South Carolina Graduation Requirements

Powdersville High School

24 Total Units Required

Minimum Requirements

Name: Date: Counselor: .

7 Units of Electives

Needed to Graduate


(1 unit)


(4 units)


(4 units)


(3 units)

Social Studies

(3 units)



(1 unit)

US History



Foreign Language or


(1 unit)

  • Exams Required to Graduate
  • Math HSAP English HSAP

Additional electives:

Please note that in order to graduate, you must complete successfully the required units and pass all parts of the High School Assessment Program (HSAP).

Also, realize that the above requirements satisfy the requirements for high school graduation and do not guarantee college entrance.


4 Year College Requirements

(please note the differences in the graduation requirements vs. college admission requirements!)

Name: Date: Counselor: .

Fine Arts

(One unit in appreciation of, history of, or performance in one of the fine arts.)


(1 unit)


(4 units)


(4 units)


(3 Lab units)

Social Studies

(3 units)

Algebra I OR

(Math Tech I and

Math Tech II)

Biology CP level or higher

English I CP level

or above


Social Studies



(1 unit)

Chemistry CP level or higher

English II CP level

or higher


US History

Something other

than keyboarding

Is recommended

Algebra II

Physics CP level or higher

English III CP level

or higher


Foreign Language

(2 or 3 units)



Statistics, or

Dual Credit Math

English IV CP


or higher

Of the same


Please note that all colleges have their own admission requirements. The requirements listed above are the minimum preference of most schools. Please research the particular schools you are interested in to make sure you are preparing/meeting the correct requirements for admittance.

what should i do and when should i do it
  • Take at least one SAT and ACT by June of 2013 (for four-year colleges only).
  • Visit five college websites by May 1, 2013.
  • Visit at least two colleges by July 1, 2013.
  • Strategize which 3-6 colleges you will apply to by November 1, 2013.
  • Take your second SAT and/or ACT in October. Take a third, if necessary in either November or December (all testing should be done by January 1, 2014).
  • Apply to your prospective colleges by November 1, 2013. You can never lose by applying early. Don’t wait for standardized testing to end to apply.
  • Complete the FAFSA after January 1, 2014, but as close to it as possible.
college admission testing


(Register at

Test fee is $50

Late Fee is an additional $27


10/06/12 09/07/12

11/03/12 10/04/12

12/01/12 11/01/12

01/26/13 12/28/12

03/09/13 02/08/13

05/04/13 4/05/13

06/01/13 05/02/13


(Register at

Test fee is $35 for ACT without writing

Test fee is $50.50 for ACT with writing (recommended)

Late fee is an additional $22


09/08/12 08/17/12

10/27/12 09/21/12

 12/08/12 11/02/12

 02/09/13 01/11/13

 04/13/13 03/08/13

06/08/13 05/03/13

college admission testing1
  • The spring of the junior year is the recommended time for taking SAT and/or ACT for the first time.
  • Online applications are preferred, but paper copies are available.

Taking the writing part or not

  • Most of the colleges require the writing part of SAT (writing section is included, not an option) and ACT.
  • On ACT the writing part is optional (you have to sign up for the writing when you sign up to take the test). The ACT without writing is $35.00 and ACT with writing is $50.50.
  • If you plan on testing ACT, you may call the college you want to attend and ask if they require the writing part for admission.
compass testing
  • If you are planning on entering a 2-year school after graduation, you DO NOT NEED to take SAT and/or ACT. Students transferring from a 2-year college to a 4-year college, still do not need to take SAT/ACT.
  • COMPASS is a computerized placement test to assess college readiness in English And math courses.
  • All of our juniors were tested and will receive their scores on Oct. 18th and 19th.
  • All students taking dual credits their senior year must take this test and meet a minimum requirements.
sources of financial aid

*The colleges in which you are interested: Most colleges have Merit and/or special talent scholarships. Typically, merit scholarships are based on a combination or SAT/ACT scores and rank in class. Each college has different programs.

*The State Government: SC scholarship programs.

*The Federal Government: Based on income and assets of the student and custodial parent(s). Complete FAFSA after Jan. 1st of the senior year, but as close to this date as possible.

Register for free private scholarships searches: Fast Web is considered the best of many. Go to

Research your affiliations: The best are typically employers of parents and student, organizations in which you belong or have membership (church denominations, unions, insurance companies, etc.).

*These three sources are the most impacting in terms of helping reduce college costs considerably. Spend most of your time exhausting these possibilities

state scholarships
State Scholarships
  • Palmetto Fellows
  • Life Scholarship
  • Hope Scholarship
  • Lottery Tuition
palmetto fellows scholarship
Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

Available for attendance at four year institutions in South Carolina

Maximum Award

$6,700 during Freshman year

$7,500 per year for Sophomore through Senior years

Must apply during Senior year of high school

Deadline for early applications is December 15

Deadline for final applications is June 15

Guidance Counselors will help with the application process

palmetto fellows scholarship1
Palmetto Fellows Scholarship

Initial Eligibility criteria:

Top 6% of class,

1200 or higher SAT (math and critical reading), 27 or higher ACT, and

3.50 cumulative GPR on Uniform Grading Scale


1400 or higher SAT (math and critical reading), 32 or higher ACT, and

4.00 cumulative GPR on Uniform Grading Scale

Continued Eligibility criteria:

3.0 GPA or greater and at least an average

of 30 credit hours per academic year.

life scholarship
LIFE Scholarship

Available for attendance at a two or four year institution in South Carolina.

Maximum Award – at a Four Year institution:

Up to $5,000 per year

Maximum Award – at a Two Year or Technical School:

Up to Cost of tuition + $300 book allowance

life scholarship1
LIFE Scholarship

Initial Eligibility requirements at a 4 year school:

Any two of these three:

3.0 or higher cumulative GPA

Top 30% of high school class

1100+ SAT (math and critical reading), or 24+ ACT

Initial Eligibility requirements at a 2 year school:

3.0 or higher cumulative GPA

sc hope scholarship
SC Hope Scholarship

Freshman year only at four year institutions in South Carolina

Maximum Award:

Up to $2,800 towards the cost of attendance

Eligibility Requirements:

3.0 GPA at time of high school graduation

lottery tuition assistance
Lottery Tuition Assistance
  • FAFSA must be submitted.
  • Must be enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours and be a degree seeking student.

* This information regarding the eligibility and scholarship amounts for LIFE and Lottery Assistance are always subject to change.

recommended websites

PVHS: Go to the Guidance tab on the top and select from the dropdown menu.

Information on testing, scholarships, colleges, a guidance calendar and more.

TESTING: –Student and parent sections. Information on the SAT, AP and CLEP. Register online for the SAT. –ACT information and registration.–Click on ‘prospective students’, then ‘getting started’, then ‘placement testing’. Information on placement testing for

technical colleges.

COLLEGES: about SC colleges, college search, apply to SC colleges. –College search and links to all colleges.–College information and links to all SC public colleges. with the NCAA (to play Division 1 or Division 2 sports) - group of colleges that use a common application.

CAREER: US Dept of Labor website. Detailed info on various careers.–Parent website for helping children with career planning. Designed for parents in Anderson, Oconee and

Pickens Counties.

Recommended Websites
websites cont d
Websites cont’d.

FINANICAL AID:–Application for PIN# to complete FAFSA online. Should be done in the fall. –To apply online for Federal Aid (grants, student and parent loans and work-study programs). You must apply after Jan. 1 of the senior year but as close to this date as possible. - get an idea how much aid you might receive from the Fed Gov.

www.fastweb,com- Free private scholarship search. -SC Higher Education Scholarship Brochure (Palmetto Fellows, LIFE, HOPE, etc.).

MILITARY: -links to all branches of the military, information on scholarships for the military community, and information on education.