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Debate0 Help V2

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Debate0 Help V2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Debate0 Help V2. Simplified version created by stardestroyer. The content in this Version 2 slideshow include:. General Rules How to Add Pages How to Edit Pages Debate Judging Code of Conduct New Member? Other. General Rules. Follow the rules.

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debate0 help v2

Debate0 Help V2

Simplified version created by stardestroyer

the content in this version 2 slideshow include
The content in this Version 2 slideshow include:
  • General Rules
  • How to Add Pages
  • How to Edit Pages
  • Debate Judging
  • Code of Conduct
  • New Member?
  • Other
general rules
General Rules
  • Follow the rules.
  • No cussing, obscene images, insults, or sexual material allowed. All debates will take place in an organized fashion.
  • When debating, press the edit button. Then simply type under each heading reasons to support your side. Don’t forget to type your sources (including, if possible, addresses)
  • You must cite your sources. If you don’t, your additions to the page will be deleted.
  • Do not delete any material without authorization unless it is a clear violation of the rules. Reasoned judgments cannot be deleted, because that is the hope for many.
  • Your opinion may be deleted at any time (however this has never happened before).
how to add pages
How to Add Pages
  • To add pages, put in this name:
  • Portal[portal name].Catagory[category name].SubCatagory[subcategory name].[Article name]
  • Ex. PortalRingsvsNarnia.CatagoryGroundCombat.SubCatagoryNoWeapons.SimpleFighting
  • (edit as necessary)
  • Always request permission before adding pages. Requests on discussion pages are not permitted. If requesting permission, go to the home page or the Debate0 Requests page and type there.
  • Do not create unauthorized pages, for they can be deleted if not made properly. All material may be challenged. If challenged, then it is because of a rule violation. All material must be verifiable, accurate, and canon.
  • If you have a specific type of page in mind, for ex. Article type page, you can use the available templates to help set up the page.
  • When complete, it is suggested to notify the Administrator of the complete page so he/she can plan the next activity accordingly.
how to edit pages
How to Edit Pages
  • When editing pages there are certain rules to follow:
  • All entries must be canon, on-topic, directly related, and provable by including citations.
  • Citations include: URLs to authentic sites, appropriate references to movies, books (ex. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien), episodes, and seasons.
  • The point of view is 3rd person and from slightly ahead of that time period, taking on a semi-encyclopaedic perspective.
  • Facts are only tolerated in articles.
  • No assumptions may be included with your addition to the page unless it is made by a canon source.
  • How to cite:
  • [your text here]((0))
  • Sources: ((0)) http://... Or Day of the Dove (TOS)
  • Sources must refer back to your added content.
  • Images are allowed, however the size cap is 300X300 pixels.
debate judging
Debate Judging
  • If so far the debate content is authentic and follows the rules, it will be judged by the Organizer of that debate (unless special permission is granted by the Administrator).
  • The judging article is then locked so all data up to then is available to be judged. The organizer will grade that article and publish the data to all pages related to that article when it is complete. The next article should be open so people can do something while waiting for the result.
  • When all articles in a sub-category, or all sub-categories in a category, or all categories in a portal are complete and already judged, the organizer will double check the entire section (or portal if all categories are complete) and announce the winner.
  • The winner is determined by the amount of points it receives (that exact value is stated on the portal page under “Winner”). If there is a difference of only 10%, the debate will restart to clarify the winner.
  • Any requests on point changes of a particular article should be sent to Trekkie0. Any comments or concerns on Judging should be sent there, too.
  • Please note that any special rules on any portals or debates take priority over these rules. Take this into account if trying to build a case.
code of conduct
Code of Conduct
  • All members must conduct themselves so that no other member is harmed, either feelings or threats.
  • All members must treat everyone else, including Guests, Organizers, Administrators, and VIPs, with respect and dignity that they are entitled to receive.
  • Again, no cussing, obscene images, insults, or sexual material allowed. All debates will take place in an organized fashion.
  • Mail, discussion posts, and other tools for communication must contain respectful text or it can be brought to the Administrator for consideration.
  • Disrespectful, harmful, threatening, or otherwise disorderly conduct will not be tolerated and will be brought up to the Administrator for consideration.
  • Administrative probation or punishment must be followed if you want to stay in Debate0.
new member
New Member?
  • If you are a new member, either to Debate0 or Wikispaces itself, note the following:
  • Conducting yourself well, contributing often to Debate0, inviting others to Debate0 with permission, following the rules, and suggesting errors to fix will be noted and you eventually will be rewarded.
  • Disorderly conduct, staying inactive for long periods of time, not following the rules, and creating problems will also be noted and you eventually will be put on probation.
  • If you are new to Wikispaces then note that editing while someone else is editing, and then both of you saving the same page will result in a bad thing. If a notice says “Are you sure you want to save over [user name]’s work?” just say cancel, Ctrl+C your additions, press Cancel, then press Edit and then press Ctrl+V to paste your work there.
  • Also note that because the Internet is global that people may not be on the same time you are, either time zone or actually signed in. Mail usually arrives at the recipient about 2-5 days, depending on how busy they are. If you are having a Wiki Mail conversation it may take some time.
  • If there are questions about Debate0, its content, or the content of this slide show, contact the administrator.
  • As of the date of this slide show, three debates are open and one is in construction. This number may change at any time, and debate judging averages may also change.
  • Thank you for the time to watch this presentation.
  • Original presentation created by Trekkie0, some content from that presentation was used here.
  • This presentation created by stardestroyer. However all credit to this work should be addressed to Trekkie0.