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Alternative Hiring Authorities

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Alternative Hiring Authorities. IBPWT Task Group Report. Task Group Charter. Explore other hiring authorities to meet the demands of needed expertise for wildland firefighting. … this will allow FS and DOI the ability to take the AD Pay Plan back to it’s original intent. Task Group Objective.

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alternative hiring authorities

Alternative Hiring Authorities

IBPWT Task Group Report

task group charter
Task Group Charter
  • Explore other hiring authorities to meet the demands of needed expertise for wildland firefighting. … this will allow FS and DOI the ability to take the AD Pay Plan back to it’s original intent.
task group objective
Task Group Objective
  • Explore other hiring authorities that will meet the needs of providing emergency workers in an expedient and efficient manner at the least cost for the incident agency AND with the least impact on the individual.
the report discussed
The Report Discussed
  • Currently delegated Federal appointment authorities
  • Federal appointment authorities requiring delegation from OPM
  • FEMA Disaster Assistance Employee Program Authority
current delegated authorities
Current Delegated Authorities
  • 30-Day Critical Need
    • 30 days, may be extend an additional 30 days
    • Appointment is specific to a particular incident occurrence
    • No requirement for competition
    • Can not employ the same individual under this authority for more than 60 days in any 12 month period.
    • Requires a classified PD
    • Incumbents must meet position requirements
more 30 day critical need
More 30 Day Critical Need
  • Incumbent must meet citizenship and suitability requirements
  • Incumbent earns sick leave, and are NOT entitled to annual leave, and benefits (life, health, retirement, TSP etc)
  • Incumbent may be terminated when critical need no longer exists
  • Impacts HR workload
  • FTE affected
  • Intermittent work schedule is not appropriate
  • Suggested Uses: Backfill – FMO, Staff, Receptionist, Existing positions
temporary nte non competitive reinstatement eligible
Temporary NTE Non Competitive Reinstatement Eligible
  • Appt to last for a specified period NTE 1 year
  • Former federal career employees may be non-competitively appointed to positions like those they previously occupied with the Fed Gov.
temporary nte non competitive reinstatement eligible1
Temporary NTENon Competitive Reinstatement Eligible
  • Requires classified PD
  • Must meet quals
  • Must meet citizenship and suitability requirements
  • Can earn sick leave
  • Can earn annual leave if appt is over 90 days
  • Not entitled to benefits (life, health, retirement, TSP, etc)
temporary nte non competitive reinstatement eligible2
Temporary NTENon Competitive Reinstatement Eligible
  • May be detailed to another position, temp in nature
  • May be placed in intermittent status
  • May be terminated when emergency no longer exists
  • Impacts HR workload
  • FTE affected
  • Employess can be hired quickly
federal appt authorities requiring opm delegation
Federal Appt Authorities Requiring OPM delegation
  • NTE – Reemployed annuitant with waiver of dual compensation reduction
  • Temporary Emergency Need
  • Emergency Indefinite
nte reemployed annuitant
NTE – Reemployed annuitant
  • Appt expected to last for a specified period of time NTE 1 year
  • Can be rehired non-competitively waiving dual compensation reduction
  • Agencies must request this authority describing the event or circumstances that has created emergency hiring need
  • Annuitants must be reemployed in a position actively engaged in or immediately supporting the emergency operation during periods of PL 4 and PL 5
nte reemployed annuitant1
NTE – Reemployed annuitant
  • Agencies must first exhaust all other staffing options
  • Annuitants are employed at same grade and pay they held at retirement
  • Annuitants are terminated when PL returns to a 3
temporary emergency need
Temporary Emergency Need
  • Appt NTE 1 year for which OPM determines that an emergency hiring need exists and examining is impractical (OPM granted this authority to certain agencies who responded to 9/11)
  • No requirement for competition
  • Requires classified PD
emergency indefinate
Emergency Indefinate
  • Appt may be authorized when the President or Congress declare a national emergency.
  • Head of defense-related agency may also request OPM’s approval to make this appointment without a declared national emergency, when some portion of the military reserves for military purposes (FEMA – DAE)
emergency indefinite
Emergency Indefinite
  • Program must be intended to combat threat to national safety, security or stability
  • Agencies must demonstrate normal hiring procedures cannot meet surge employment requirements
  • Requires classified PD
  • Former federal employees may be reinstated, must meet position requirements
  • Employees may be placed in standby status
  • 1. Encourage managers to utilize the currently delegated authorities. Develop helpful tools to facilitate the hiring process
  • 2. Task an interagency committee to prepare a request to OPM for delegation of authority for; A) Temporary NTE – reemployed annuitant; B) Temporary Emergency Need; and C) Emergency Indefinite authorities