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Apartment Safety

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Apartment Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Apartment Safety
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  1. Apartment Safety

  2. Apartment safety is everyone’s concern. The following information highlights ways to keep your apartment, as well as your community safe. Please exercise care and diligence to protect yourself, your community, and RIT. Apartment Safety

  3. Health & Safety Inspections Every year, RIT Residence Life staff conduct Health & Safety Inspections in each apartment. You will be notified in advance of when your apartment will be inspected. Any violations found will be followed up by Residence Life.

  4. Prohibited Items – Fire Safety Torchier Lamps Portable Space Heaters Candles Incense Extension Cords (Only surge protectors are permitted)

  5. Prohibited Items Pets Cats Dogs Frogs & Lizards Hamsters Only fish are permitted. The tank cannot be more than 10 gallons.

  6. Prohibited Items Weapons Guns Swords & Large Knives Paintball Guns No types of weapons are permitted

  7. Other Health & Safety Measures • Alcohol & drug paraphernalia are not permitted-this includes beer pong tables, funnels, bongs, and pipes. • Do not cover any fire safety equipment including smoke detectors and fire alarms. • Nothing can be attached to a ceiling including tapestries or posters. • Utility Rooms in Colony Manor basements cannot have any items stored or placed in them except for washing machines.

  8. Personal Safety • Always lock your apartment doors and windows. • Know the location of blue-light courtesy phones around your apartment and classes. • Don’t give your keys to anyone else. • Walk along lighted walkways on campus and with a friend especially at night. • Contact Campus Safety if you see something suspicious at 475-2853.

  9. A Recipe for Safe Cooking • Stay with your food. • Always turn on the fan above the stove. • Cook on LOW and MEDIUM heat to prevent food from burning, overcooking, or creating a large amount of smoke. • Use a lid on pots and pans when possible to limit splatter, steam, and smoke. • Do not cook when you are overtired or distracted. • Clean stove top and oven spills promptly. Make sure when you cook that your surface is clean.

  10. Further Resources For complete information, please consult: • See the Terms & Conditions of RIT Housing for details about all these policies and more.http://finweb.rit.edu/housing/docs/0607/termsconditions.pdf • Residence Life Apartment Area Office, 1 Colony Manor, 475-4300 v/tty, AIM: ritapts • Housing Operations, 113 Kimball Drive 475-5815 v/tty • Campus Safety, Grace Watson Hall, 475-2853 v, 475-6654 tty

  11. THANK YOU Thanks for taking time to review this procrastination program. Please click the link below to take a quick and easy quiz of this material AND be entered to win one of 4 gift baskets! Drawing will be held on 11/15/06. Apartment Safety Entry