A public digital repository for jamaica
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A Public Digital Repository for Jamaica. John Preston * University of the West Indies, Jamaica Stacey-Anne Moses National Environment and Planning Agency, Jamaica. http://www.ejamaica.org. Overview. Background What eJamaica.org has to offer Hardware & Software Data Management

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A public digital repository for jamaica
A Public Digital Repositoryfor Jamaica

John Preston*

University of the West Indies, JamaicaStacey-Anne Moses

National Environment and Planning Agency, Jamaica



  • Background

  • What eJamaica.org has to offer

  • Hardware & Software

  • Data Management

  • Customisations

  • QA

  • Social Networking

  • Data

  • Roadmap

  • Sustainability

The vision
The Vision

The eJamaica.org vision is a Jamaica where the citizens have easy access, and the means to share information of cultural, scientific, educational, and historical value.

The goal
The Goal

eJamaica.org is a Public Digital Repository (PDR) that seeks to promote the sharing of information on Jamaica stored in electronic format by:

  • the provision of a long term storage space;

  • a framework for the sharing of the data;

  • tools to assist users in creating, managing, publishing and analyzing the data.

The PDR will foster the development of partnerships between persons and organizations with information to share, and persons requiring information.

Who does ejamaica org serve
Who does eJamaica.org serve ?


Marine Biologist


Earth science professional





What s available
What’s Available ?

  • digital content storage (100MB / user);

  • tools to assist users in creating and managing their collections;

  • Blog;

  • additional search criteria based on spatial context of item;

  • peer review process to rank repository content;

  • a facility to encourage partnerships between data gatherers and information users for their mutual benefit;

  • inclusion in google web search engine via google sitemaps.



Media Server



WMS Server



Media Server

Intel Core 2 Duo

E6600 2.40 GHz

Processor with


750GB disk (RAID-1).

Intel Core 2 Extreme

Quad-Core 2.66 GHz

QX6700 Processor with


500GB disk.

WMS Server

Intel Core 2 Duo

E6600 2.40 GHz

Processor with


250GB disk.





Media Server



WMS Server

Data management
Data Management

Multimedia Application

Streaming Storage Layer

Mapping Applications

Spatial Data Layer


Application Layer

Business Logic

DSpace Storage Layer

Tools cont d
Tools cont’d

Tools will be available to assist users create specialized content and update metadata easily.

  • add geo-referencing metadata to items;

  • create CSV text files of data points for inclusion in repository;

  • 2D charting of CSV data files;

  • create interactive map files;

  • create xml text files for specialized content;

  • spatial data management tools;

Geo referencing repository content
Geo-referencing repository content.

dc.coverage.spatial name=Elkhorn Coral; east=-77.075275; north=18.419214; units=deg; projection=wgs84

Video storage with streaming playback
Video storage with streaming playback


Video filter (org.ejamaica.app.mediafilter.MPEGFilter) runs periodically creating copy of video submission in streaming format, on the media server.

User submits video item to repository

Media Server

mencoder /path/to/submission/bitstream

-ofps 25

-o /path/to/streaming/format/of/submission/bitstream

-of lavf

-oac mp3lame

-lameopts abr:br=64

-srate 22050

-ovc lavc

-lavfopts i_certify_that_my_video_stream_does_not_use_b_frames

-lavcopts vcodec=flv:keyint=50:vbitrate=300:mbd=2:mv0:trell:v4mv:cbp:last_pred=3

-vop scale=320:240


Video storage with streaming playback1
Video storage with streaming playback




Wms server for spatial items
WMS Server for spatial items

Users maintain collections of various spatial data documents

containing bitstreams submitted as format:shape.

Periodically a cron job runs a script that creates links to the shape files in the asset store, for use by the WMS server (GeoServer).

The shape files are added to the WMS server configuration as layers.

A map file is created referencing the shape files as layers.

<dspace context url>/bitstream/<dspace handle>/<item id>/<bitstream id>/<item filename>

/<geoserver data path>/<dspace handle>/<item id>/<item filename>  <dspace assetstore>/<bitstream path>

<datastore id=“<user email>:<item name>" enabled="true" namespace=“<user email>”>

<connectionParams >

<parameter name="url" value="file /<geoserver data path>/<dspace handle>/<item id>/<item filename>"/>

<parameter name="namespace" value=“<user email>”/>



<namespaces >

<namespace prefix = “<user email>" uri="http://www.ejamaica.org/dspace/<user email>"/>




<name value=“<user email>:<item name>"/>

<url value="http://www.ejamaica.org:8090/geoserver/wms"/>

<visible value="true"/>

<srs value="EPSG:3448"/>



Wms server for spatial items1
WMS Server for spatial items



<name value="byhisdeeds__gmail_com:jamaican_coast"/>

<url value="http://www.ejamaica.org:8090/geoserver/wms"/>

<visible value="true"/>

<srs value="EPSG:3448"/>



<name value="byhisdeeds__gmail_com:Island_Roads"/>

<url value="http://www.ejamaica.org:8090/geoserver/wms"/>

<visible value="true"/>

<srs value="EPSG:3448"/>



<name value="byhisdeeds__gmail_com:hospitals"/>

<url value="http://www.ejamaica.org:8090/geoserver/wms"/>

<visible value="true"/>

<srs value="EPSG:3448"/>




/geoserver/data/5921/Island_Roads.shp -> /dspace/assetstore/63/04/06/63040615514641477119349820214680267110

Ejamaica org community
eJamaica.org Community

From the repository items, various composite collections are built reflecting the community of users.

Community of jamaican sayings proverbs
Community of Jamaican Sayings/Proverbs

Users maintain collections of XML text documents submitted as type:saying.


<phrase>What is fi yu, cannot be un fi yu.</phrase>


<meaning>If it was meant to be, it will be.</meaning>


Periodically a cron job runs a sayings filter that extracts all documents of type saying not yet read, and updates the sayings database.

Another cron job periodically extracts a random saying as a text file, which is included in eJamaica.org home page.

curl http://localhost/dspace/update-saying

Updating current saying: Sat Mar 01 17:17:38 EST 2008

Handle: handle/1876/119

Saying: What is fi yu, cannot be un fi yu.

Author: Unknown

Community of jamaican placenames
Community of Jamaican Placenames










Users maintain collections of XML text documents which are submitted as type:placename.

Periodically a cron job runs a filter that extracts all documents of type placename not yet read, and updates the placenames database.

The placenames database will be available via KML format for use in various mapping application.

Ranking repository content
Ranking Repository Content

A form of Peer Review will be used to rank repository content.

  • repository oversight board;

    • rotating membership by user activity and standing in the community;

    • monitoring and rating repository content;

    • recommending repository content for inclusion in eJamaica.org preferred collections;

  • usage determined ranking;

Some available datasets
Some Available Datasets



Yearly reef check data since 1990 (http://www.reefcheck.org/);

Integrated Watershed and Coastal Areas Management (IWCAM) in Caribbean Small Island Developing States (2007-2008) UNDP/GEF

NASA MODIS Rapid Response 250m Satellite Data for Jamaica (daily)

IKONOS 1m Satellite data for Jamaica (2002)

GOJ Social Development Commission (SDC) community profiles for over 100 communities across Jamaica. 2002-2007

Slave records for sugar plantations.

Survey Department Jamaican placenames (>5000)

Spatial / Text

Spatial / Text



Spatial / Text

Image / Text

Spatial / Text

Current status
Current Status

DSpace Server

Media Server

Placenames Database

Sayings Database

Basic user tools

Advanced tools (spatial, query, etc)

Peer review mechanism

Meeting room


Under development

(partial funding secured)

Design/Development required

(funding required)





http://www.ejamaica.org/ beta test site startup.

Testing of spatial data management tools.

Testing of basic tools by select users.

Registration open to general public.

Thank you for your attention
Thank youfor your attention.

Many hands make light work.

John Heywood (English Playwright and Poet, 1497-1580)‏