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Fair Trade

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Fair Trade - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fair Trade. What is fair trade?. Fair trade is a very simple but amazing idea that was put together so that the people that produce the things you buy are paid a good and fair price for it. Facts & Figures.

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Fair Trade

What is fair trade?

Fair trade is a very simple but amazing idea that was put together so that the people that produce the things you buy are paid a good and fair price for it.


Facts & Figures

The fair trade system currently works with 1.3 million people – farmers and workers – across more than 70 developing countries

There are now 1,149 fair trade producer organisations worldwide.

In 2012 , farmers and workers from some of the world’s poorest countries received €80 million in fair trade Premium to invest in business, social and environmental projects in their communities.

In the UK sales of Fairtrade products in 2012 reached £1.5 billion – an 18 per cent increase on the previous year.

One in every three bananas sold in the UK is fair trade.

44% of bagged sugar sold in the UK is fair trade certified.

25% of all roast and ground retail coffee in the UK is fair trade certified.


Fair Trade Products

Indian Fair Trade Products

India is a country that produces many of the fair trade products that companies all over the world are buying.

They produce cotton, and large amounts of coffee, rice and tea. Today India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, although 70% of the tea is consumed by the country itself.

The cotton is grown in India and are then made into cloth by FLO* certified manufacturers. The cloth and cotton is then woven, knitted or finished in whatever way the company wants and the fabric is made into the design the company wants. Then these clothes are sold in stores in countries the company operates in.


Fair Trade Producers

Roseau Model Farm fair trade Group, St Lucia, Windward Islands - Conrad James - has been selling his bananas into the fair trade market for over six years. His farm is 5.6 acres in size and most weeks he harvests around a hundred 18kg boxes of bananas. He feels that fair trade is helping to change peoples’ way of life. The Roseau Model farm group used their money to build a fence for the local school and also buy some fans for the local medical centre, which previously had nothing to keep patients cool in the tropical heat.

TadesseMeskela - is a 46-year-old coffee farmer from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Tadesse is married with four children.  Tadesse is dedicated to improving the lives of poor farmers struggling with rock-bottom coffee prices and was instrumental in establishing the Oromia Co-operative Union.

Four primary schools are being built to help farmers keep their children in school; two clean water pumps have been installed; two clinics are under construction; seven coffee washing stations have been completed or are under construction; and farmers have used the extra income to build or repair houses and purchase livestock.


Local Sources

You can find fair trade products locally most commonly at supermarkets such as: Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco’s etc.

These companies are capable of buying fair trade goods in order to sell in their stores, and/or even importing them from other countries themselves.

Fair trade goods can also be bought at newsagents and really any store that sells chocolates and sweets. As a lot of well-known chocolate companies use fair trade cocoa beans to produce their chocolate. For example, Cadbury’s is a very well known chocolate brand because of their famous ‘Dairy Milk’ bar which are sold in shops all over the UK.

Kit Kat is also another very popular chocolate brand that uses fair trade cocoa beans to produce their chocolate and can also be bought at local shops and supermarkets.


Fair Trade Event

On the 25th of October we will be hosting an event to promote Fair Trade clothing products. Clothing is the category that the general public seem to be most interested in and so this event was put together to showcase some great material fair trade clothing and prove that fair trade quality products are just as good or maybe even ‘better’, than normal products. We will be discussing the issues with the use of sweat shops, and how fair trade can prevent these problems. This event will hopefully promote the Fair Trade Organisation and change the way people shop, even if its just a little. Fair trade can help poor people in countries all over the world help feed their families and earn a decent living so they can have a home just like you.

Food and drinks will be provided at the event as well as a speech by a special guest. So please attend, especially if you are new to the whole Fair Trade Organisation get up.

The event will be held at:

St. Chad’s Park

Chadwell Heath