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Boonstock Penticton

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Boonstock Penticton
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  1. Boonstock Penticton Boonstock Music & Arts Festival is anticipated to be one of the largest community events in Penticton this year. The festival is expected to attract 18,000 to 24,000 people over three days in 2014 and will feature a comprehensive entertainment component with various music groups as well as visual artist installations throughout the site. The 2014 event is scheduled to take place August 1st to 3rd and will be located on the Penticton Indian Band locatee lands. A maximum of 8,500 people may attend each day of the event including ticket holders, sponsors, participants and complimentary guest tickets. In addition, 400 to 500 event staff will be present throughout each day—including operations staff, volunteers, entertainers and security personnel. . Mandate To showcase international art & entertainment in a fun, interactive festival environment highlighting the region and First Nations culture Location Penticton, BC, Canada Dates Friday, Aug 1st, 10am – 2am Saturday, Aug 2nd, 10am – 2am Sunday, Aug 3rd, 10am – 1am Attendance Projected attendance is 8,500 guests per day

  2. 10 Years of History Over the last 9 years, the Boonstock Music & Arts Festival has developed into an annual outdoor event with a demographic catering to young adults predominantly between the ages of 19 to 35. With the change in music line-up, we anticipate the audience shift to include a wider range from 19 to 45. Boonstock has developed into a recognizable brand attractive to the Millennial demographic – an age group that represents the culture of the 20 and 30 year olds in todays market. Born between 1980 and 1995, there are over 80,000 million millennials moving into the work force. Their unique attributes include their advanced technology skill sets, substantial multi-tasking abilities and higher levels of education across the demographic. Creating a music festival for this group must focus its energy on an evolving line-up appealing to all the senses. New for 2014 • New location in Penticton, BC • Music format slightly changed to a more indie-rock, eclectic, and EDM sound • Boonstock now on the August long weekend. August 1, 2 & 3 - 2014 • Reserved camping • Beach and water activities tied into the weekend • Additional community touring available

  3. The Site – Locatee Lands Located at the south end of the City of Penticton, the Boonstock Music and Arts Festival is a 114 acre parcel of land owned by locattee families of the Penticton Indian Band. In close proximity to services, it is a rural environment that will be developed to accommodate the festival. Permanent perimeter fencing with predetermined access will surround the site maintaining controlled access. Entry onto the grounds is located on the north end of the property which is 3.2 km. from the highway. The beach is a short walk along the Kettle Valley Railway trail and the underpass that connects to the lake. The Penticton Regional Airport is easy access to the site for both attendees as well as bands and their entourages.

  4. Festival Grounds Map

  5. 2013 Demographics

  6. Security Contractors Boonstock Music & Arts Festival will engage a professional security organization to execute the Safety and Security Plan including Crowd Management and First Aid Services for the 2014 event. In January 2014, Boonstock Music & Arts Festival entered into a Service Agreement arrangement with International Crowd Management Inc. (ICM). We are extremely confident that ICM understands the security and safety challenges involved in successfully executing this type of major public event and know they have a successful track record of delivering reliable and effective Security and First Aid Services on numerous similar sporting and concert events—including the 2010 Olympics, Keloha, Centre of Gravity and the City of Vancouver’s 125th Birthday Celebration of Stanley Park…to list a few. Boonstock Music & Arts Festival is contracting Dave Fraser and his security team to implement the PIB Community Safety Plan. He has a long standing history with the PIB and has an extensive working relationship with community members and the PIB. Since he is very familiar with the PIB and its community members, Dave and his team will know who to provide access to band lands. ICM will manage the festival site, Dave Fraser will manage the PIB community plan and the Traffic Management Plan will oversee all the Ministry of Highway’s roads and vehicle traffic with a professional flagging team. • Concert Bowl • Main Stage • Second Stage • EDM Stage • Vendor Village • Bowl Licensed Gardens • Beach Licensed Gardens • Campground • Beach Security Categories

  7. ICM will organize sufficient coverage for each of the security posts identified in the plan. Some posts will be manned 24 hours per day with others only during hours of operation. RCMP will also be posted at key areas where interaction with attendees is important. ICM and the RCMP will work collaboratively to determine numbers per post. Security Posts • Main Entrance/Exits • Stage Areas including front of house and back stage • Concert Bowl includes roving • Parking lots both weekend pass holders and temporary • Site Roving • Licensed Areas including exits/entrances, roving, sales & money escort • Fence Perimeter Roving • First Aid and Security Tents • Back Stage and Artist Hospitality • Vendor exits and entrances • Emergency Exits • Off Limits Areas • Campground • Box Office

  8. On-Site Communications Overview Special event security programs must include integrated communication protocols that bring together key leaders from all the agencies involved in supporting security at the event and understanding the organizational structure. An on-site command post will be established as a venue for daily briefings as well as providing a staging area for emergency services. Boonstock Music & Arts Festival will provide the on-site RCMP supervisor, medical and security team leaders with a radio for direct contact. Communication between the police and security agencies should be maintained through a liaison representing each agency. Plan includes: • Medical & First Aid • Crowd Management • Emergency Evacuation Protocol • RCMP & Security • Traffic Management • Supplies & Warehousing • Organizational Protocols

  9. The Boonstock Music & Arts Festival has engaged ICM to conduct medical services on its behalf. The ICM Medical Director will oversee all aspects of medical activity on site and coordinate with the ICM Supervisors assigned to each of the sites including the campgrounds, concert bowl and beach areas. . First Aid and Medical Plan Medical Plan includes: • General First Aid • 2 Medical Clinics located on-site • Mobile Response • Licensed Paramedics and Medical staff • Transportation • Supplies & Equipment

  10. The Boonstock Music & Arts Festival will apply for Special Occasion Licenses in May 2014. Although changes to the previous liquor laws allow a more open concept of fencing, Boonstock prefers to implement fencing on each of the liquor areas with specific entrance and exits well marked and supervised. All Special Occasion Licensing protocols will be in place and supervised by ICM. Special Occasion Licensing Serving Strategies include: • Pre-event delivery housed in refrigerated trucks – ICM • Maximum 2 drinks sold at one time • ICM will manage security posts and interior roving • All patrons checked must provide 2 pieces of ID • Fence perimeters patrolled by ICM • Strict policy regarding over service

  11. The traffic management plan determines how incoming and outgoing traffic will be managed during the festival. The plan is to be implemented by qualified traffic control personnel and event staff, and will be subject to the approval of the Ministry of Transportation and the Penticton Indian Band (PIB). Traffic Management Plan Traffic Management Plan includes: • Engineered plan created by Ecora Engineering • Information outline provided by the Ministry of Transportation • Traffic Modelling Study • Consultation through Boulevard Transportation • Exit and Entrance strategic options • Traffic Control Personnel • Contract with Central Interior Traffic Control

  12. Working collaboratively with the Penticton Indian Band Fire Department, the Boonstock Fire Suppression Teams will oversee the festival grounds and perimeter areas throughout the duration of the event including set-up and tear-down. All additional equipment and supplies will be organized through the Boonstock Music & Arts Festival.. PIB Community Patrols • PIB Security Posts: • Band Hall • North End of Box Office • Airport Road • Kettle Valley Road • Store by Channel Gates • South End of Channel • Skaha Meadows Golf course • Skaha Hills Development

  13. The immense power of the internet, social media, web integration and targeted traditional media, inform Boonstock’s rapidly growing audience. As planning is completed, Boonstock Music & Arts Festival will update its technology information. Guests can access Frequently Asked Questions to understand the policies of the festival and what they should expect when they arrive on-site. Communications Website E-Newsletter Facebook RFID Wristbands Programs IPhone / Android app

  14. RFID – Radio Frequency Identification Devices are the latest wrist bands on the market. The relationship between live events and their partners is more necessary, crucial and symbiotic than ever before. RFID’s deliver new ways to engage with attendees, ways that connect our partners to our guests and advertising campaigns to inform like never before.Using social media check in points at branded zones on site, to online competitions, detailed information can be gathered from our audience bringing Boonstock closer and more meaningfully together.RFID also allows brand sponsors to link their activation strategy with their overall marketing and business goals delivering an intelligent results-driven investment, and in a fiercely competitive sponsorship market. RFID Wristbands Portals will be available throughout the site Wristbands scanned at the Box Office on Check-in

  15. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact: Barb Haynes Director of Operations P: 250-490-5014