women s children s services n.
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Women’s & Children’s Services

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Women’s & Children’s Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Women’s & Children’s Services. Unit Practice Council 2014. Empl oyee Engagement Survey 2013. What we’ve done…. Orientation Process Change. Orient on Mother-Baby and allow to work as staff RN with a mentor New RN mentor pairing

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women s children s services

Women’s & Children’sServices

Unit Practice Council 2014

what we ve done
What we’ve done…

Orientation Process Change

  • Orient on Mother-Baby and allow to work as staff RN with a mentor
  • New RN mentor pairing
  • After competent on MBU orient to specialty area (L&D, SCN, Peds)
  • Previously would orient to all areas and turn them loose


  • Increase staff availability
  • Decrease mandatory overtime
  • Increase new nurse confidence and skill levels
  • Integrate new nurse in flow of unit
  • Increase nurturing of new nurses
  • Decrease staff burnout
    • Increase staffing flexibility
    • Decrease number of nurses in orientation simultaneously
what we are doing
What we are doing…


  • Competency for 2014
  • Charge RNs adding skills by taking debriefing classes


  • Daily stress leads to long term stress
  • Identifies areas of needed flow change
  • Skill improvement
  • Review procedures
  • Team building
    • Involve CIT
    • Chaplain
    • Led by charge RNs on shift for immediate demobilization
what we are doing1
What we are doing…

Retention & Recognition of Loyalty and Longevity

  • Questionnaire going out to staff via Survey Monkey regarding retention
  • Long term employee perks like
    • Decrease weekend and holiday obligation
    • Preferential scheduling
    • First sign up for vacation


Honors our employees who have shown loyalty to the institution and unit

Budget neutral

Puts out a challenge and reward to new staff

Encourages ownership and engagement in our unit and facility

Shows our value of employees who are invested in our unit

what we are doing2
What we are doing…

Team Building

  • Activities
    • Girls’ night out
    • Carry ins/unit parties
  • Group Projects
    • Christmas gifts for local organizations
    • Christmas hot chocolate “pay it forward”


We provide family centered care and we need to care for our family

Allows us to give back to our community

continuing to ask questions and look for ways to improve
Continuing to ask questions and look for ways to improve…
  • How do we create an atmosphere of nurturing and acceptance?
  • What are the questions we should be asking?
  • How do we recognize experience and loyalty?
  • How do we integrate new employees into daily operations of the unit in projects, improvements and friendships?