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UK Grocery Retailer Insights

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UK Grocery Retailer Insights - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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UK Grocery Retailer Insights. Weekly retailer themes and brand promotions from the top UK grocery retailers. w/e 26th May 2013. New Malden – Wednesday 22nd th May. Key Customer Themes :

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uk grocery retailer insights

UK Grocery Retailer Insights

Weekly retailer themes and brand promotions from the top UK grocery retailers.

w/e 26th May 2013


New Malden – Wednesday 22ndth May

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • 10p Off Per Litre Of Petrol When You Spend £60 Or More In Store: Seen advertised all over the car park as well as signs inside the store.
  • NEW £10 Off When You Spend £75 Or More On Electrical & Gaming Products: Seen advertised down the majority of aisles on numerous bus stops.
  • Clubcard Voucher Exchange: Encouraging shoppers to convert their £5 vouchers into £10 tokens. Advertised on a large entrance display and followed into store with extra signs and bus stops.
  • Happiest In The Garden: 15 bays of associated products found in the seasonal aisle, highlighted with overhead signs, bus stops and barkers.
  • Beer & Cider Festival: An EPU display of reduced relevant products with an emphasise on Father's Day.
  • General Feel: The store feels quite cluttered and over whelming with promotional signs, but the shelf's are stocked well and plenty of staff are seen helping customers.

Key Deals:

  • Coca-Cola 24pk: £5 / 8pk & 1.5ltr: BOGOF
  • Selected Meat / Fish / Poultry: ½ price
  • Beer / Lager / Cider: 3 for £21
  • Selected Pet Food: 2 for £10
  • Uncle Bens / Patak / Blue Dragon sauces: £1
  • Tilda Rice: £1 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Sutton – Wednesday 22nd May

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Price Lock: Theme can be seen advertised in the central aisle area attached to various offers, along with bunting on the aisle ends.
  • Let’s Garden: 15 bays in the gardening department and an EPU of garden equipment and ornaments can be found highlighted and bordered with POS.
  • NEWGeorge ½ Price Clothing Sale: Clothes seen on sale racks at the front of the clothes dept.
  • The Home Sale: 10 bays of household accessories at reduced prices, highlighted with overhead signs and bus stops.
  • 1000's Of Products £1: Extensive POS in every aisle, using barkers, bus stops, tax discs and overhead signage to highlight the various offers.
  • General Feel: There were lots of tills open with queuing kept to a minimum and there was a lot of staff filling empty shelves.

Key Deals:

  • Walker Crisps 6pk: £1
  • George Clothing Sale: ½ price
  • Selected Kellogg's Cereals: £2
  • Selected Laundry Products: 3 for £10
  • Selected Wines: 3 for £10 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Sutton – Wednesday 22nd May

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • We're On A Mission To Save You Every Penny We Can: Extremely visible promotion with POS throughout the store promoting the theme on store offers.
  • Great British Nights In: Advertised wit various POS outside the main entrance, front of store and central aisle including lots of overhead signs.
  • Collect Saver Stamps: The Pink Pig logo can be seen on and above every checkout and around the front of store.
  • Bring On The Great Outdoors: Gardening and outdoor accessories are launched in the seasonal aisle covering 8 bays. Highlighted with directing overhead signs, bus stops and barkers.
  • NEW100% Availability Guaranteed On Our Pick Of The Week Deals: Huge double sided overhead signs above the checkouts and other various POS throughout the store.
  • General Feel: The store was nicely laid out, with wide aisles and plenty of shopping space. Shelves very tidy and plenty of staff on hand to assist.

Key Deals:

  • Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations Chocolate: ½ price
  • Wolf Blas Yellow Label Wine: Save £3
  • Coca-Cola 2ltr: BOGOF
  • Walkers Crisps 14pk: BOGOF
  • Volvic Water 6pk: 2 for £3 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Colliers Wood – Wednesday 22nd May

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Tesco Clubcard: This appears to be the main theme in store which can be seen advertised around the entrance and over the kiosk using overhead signs.
  • General Feel: Busy, but slightly messy store. Staff seen putting stock out but blocking some of the aisles with their trolleys, however the shelves were stacked reasonably well.

Key Deals:

  • Beers / Lager / Cider: Various offers
  • Mars / Bounty 4pks: £1
  • Walkers Crisps 6pk: £1
  • Lucozade 1ltr: ½ price
  • Bassett's / Maynard / Cadburys Bags: £1 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Wandsworth – Wednesday 22nd May

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Summer Outdoor Living: 7 bays in the seasonal aisle promoting seasonal products, highlighted with high signs, bus stops and barkers.
  • Brand Price Match: Comparing their prices to Tesco's using green barkers & bus stops scattered around the store along with large hanging signs.
  • 1000's Of Ways To Great Value: Seen on signs highlighting various offers.
  • NEW Father's Day: There is an EPU at the front of store promoting various offers on gifts for Fathers Day, highlighted with an overhead sign and bus stops.
  • General Feel: A well laid out and clean store with neat well stacked shelves. Plenty of staff working on shop floor to assist the customers.

Key Deals:

  • Pre-packed Deli Produce: 10% off
  • Selected Ready Meals: 3 for £6
  • Selected Cleaning products: Various offers
  • Duchy Products: 25% off
  • Watercress: Save 1/3 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Mitcham – Wednesday 22nd May

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Fairtrade: From various picture displays on the pillars it was obvious to customers that the Coop cared for the environment and community when selecting their products and liked everybody to know about it.
  • Big Deals: Logo advertised on all the major offers around the store. Seen mainly on overhead signs, sides of dump bins and assorted POS.
  • NEW Father's Day: Additional card shippers placed FOS in association with Father's Day.
  • General Feel: Tidy store with noticeable red Big Deals signs throughout. Shelves stacked well and additional confectionary shippers were seen. Plenty of helpful staff to assist. 

Key Deals:

  • Stella Lager 12pk: £8
  • Cadbury's Marvellous Creations Chocolate: ½ price
  • Pringles Crisps: BOGOF
  • Walkers Crisps 12pk: BOGOF
  • Capri Sun Juice 10pk: ½ price | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


Wimbledon – Wednesday 22nd May

  • Key Customer Themes:
  • Brand Match:POS throughout can be seen throughout the store advertising the various products.
  • Summer Gardening: Outdoor products, barbecues and picnic items are advertised on 6 bays in the seasonal aisle, highlighted with directing signs, bus stops and barkers
  • Everyday Food Made Special: Latest advertising slogan used throughout the car park, entrance and in store.
  • NEW Happy Pets: Reductions on pet food seen advertising on security shrouds and additional bus stops down the pet aisle.
  • How Did We Do Today?: Theme in store directed solely at the customers for feedback which is Promoted on entry using bunting as well as leaflets at the customer service desk.
  • General Feel: Slightly smaller store which was tidy and clear with well stocked shelves. Plenty of helpful staff were on the shop floor available to help.

Key Deals:

  • Felix Cat Food 12pk: £3.50
  • Napolini Sauces / Pasta: £1
  • Cadbury’s Chocolate Pouches: 2 for £3
  • Selected Meats: ½ price
  • Bistro Meal For 2: £10 | 01844 296700 | @CosineUK | | Cosine Blog


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