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Top 5 qualities

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Top 5 qualities. By: Abie Ezinga. Communications Skills.

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top 5 qualities

Top 5 qualities

By: Abie Ezinga

communications skills
Communications Skills

Most often employers look for someone that has the ability to listen, write, and speak effectively while they are working. They want someone to listen and communicate effectively conveys with information that they verbally write at the job. For example if you have good communication then you might get bonuses. A bad example is that if they don’t the they could be a spy.

planning organizing

They want you to have the ability of design, plan, organize, and implement projects and tasks within a timeframe so you can get you work done. You can make an exhalent design. You can make something horrible.


Because so many jobs require that you work with others. You must have the ability to work with in a professional manner when working with others & completing a task or project. Because sometimes you need to trust others when you are doing a dangers tasks like building, working in a zoo, drilling for oil, & mines. You can get things done faster. If your in a tough situation then your done for.


Sometimes they want to make sure that you are truly loyal to their work and not give away their secrets to the work to another one. Also they want someone with an excellent work record which shows their loyalty. You can trust someone. Someone might be a spy.

willingness to learn
Willingness to Learn

Sometime at a job they want to make sure you can learn new things and learn new skills. The job might change and evolve to new things so you must learn how to deal with the new change. You must also be Enthusiastic, knowledge-hungry learner, & eager to learn new things. You can be good at more than one thing. Might go to an another job.