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NERIC Spring 2014 CIO Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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NERIC Spring 2014 CIO Meeting

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NERIC Spring 2014 CIO Meeting
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NERIC Spring 2014 CIO Meeting

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  1. NERIC Spring 2014CIO Meeting Mary McGeoch, Program Manager for Data Warehouse, Testing & Medicaid

  2. New for 13-14 • Free & Reduced Price Collection • News & Updates from NYSED • New Level 2 RPTs • Timeline • Report Card release • AYP Appeal process • TSDL • PARCC Field Testing • LO Historical • SMS Certification Center • IRS Portal Error • New NERIC DW Offerings • New Level 1 reports • Testing Reminders • EOY Checklist/Certification • New for 14-15 • Coming Attractions • Reminders • Resources & webpages New

  3. NEW for 2013-14 Free & Reduced Price Collection See updated guidance in SIRS Manual

  4. NEWS & NOTES from NYSED Title III – Outreach will begin soon. Legislative Changes affect the Educational Data Portal and data privacy & security; Smart Schools Bond Act. NEW TSRV website coming soon. SED is also working on a new TSDL Summary webpage: Bulleted list of items with links to full memos back to 2012-13. Coming Soon! Labs – ONLY need to be scheduled separately if the teacher is not the same. Change from what we were originally told. Immigrant Counts were due May 1st. Questions should be directed to Laura Arpey: 474-8775 NYSSIS and UIAS – please resolve NYSSIS and review UIAS reports to fix data. Portal Error: if you see red Warning bar, they are aware there is an issue that needs to be resolved.

  5. NEW Level 2 Reports • Free & Reduced Price Lunch report • COMING IN MAY: • Updated Annual Regents Report to show all 5 levels for Common Core Regents • NEW Backmapping Report to certify. State Aid Funding attached. • New Monthly Enrollment Report • NEW 3 Year Enrollment Report to certify – formerly done through State Aid Office. Delivered to the IRS Portal. • NEW 1, 2, 3 Year Cohort Reports • ISR reports - there will be a new version that can be run by Location of Enrollment so that BOCES and other Out-of-District placements can run ISRs for their students. • NOTE: ES AVRs are not refreshing at this point as they wait for some new business rules.

  6. Timeline May 30th- FRPL pull by NYSED (NERIC Deadline: May 28th) June 6th– Certification of FRPL (through IRSP) June 6th– FINAL submission of TSDL & Staff Assignment data for use in state growth calculations (ES, MS & HS). Data submitted or corrected after NERIC deadline of June 4thwill NOT be sent to the vendor for use in calculations. June 13th– Certification of TSDL & SA data (through IRSP) July 11th– June Regents to be used in state growth score calculations MUST be in Level 2 (NERIC deadline of July 9thto make corrections. NERIC will load scanned scores unless you fail to make corrections and/or data files are not available for sheets scored by DRC. August 22nd – NYSED final submission deadline for 13-14 data other than a few domains that are sent in the fall; however, ALL demographics, enrollment & program services must be reported accurately by NERIC deadline of August 13th. Data submitted on this date by August 20th will be used for accountability status determinations for the 15-16 school year; for state and federal reporting purposes & state aid allocations.

  7. Report Card release • Embargoed data or not? Now that it is publicly released, whatever you can see without logging in is public data. If you cannot see a data set without logging in, the data is still embargoed. They still have some calculations/determinations to do. • AYP Appeal Process: May 16th Deadline •

  8. Teacher Student Data Linkage (TSDL) NEWS • CIOs can be granted access to TAA to check on status of teacher account and/or access. • Some Ghost accounts continue to resurface. • FAQ has been updated to include deactivation, change of email, etc. • SED will be adding a new column to the PINS Distribution Summary Report to show “Last Access date”. Due 5/19. • ALL instructional courses need Roster type Staff-Student-Course records. • ALL courses leading to a state assessment need an Evaluation type record PLUS a Roster type records. • ONLY Evaluation type records will be used for state growth calculations this year. Evaluation type TSDL records need to be submitted no later than June 4th!

  9. PARCC Field Test Update • Level 0 Historical • Changes will begin to migrate weekend of May 17th. • Refreshed 2013-14 L2 RPTs and Cohort reports will be refreshed on May 19th. Other year reports are NOT refreshed with the data. Corrections should still be made. • Coming Soon: Level 0 Historical application to allow revision to assessment scores; will include approval process.

  10. SMS Certification Center Check status of your vendor or prospective vendors. IRS Portal Error If you get a 503 error on the IRS Portal page, just click F5 button or the Refresh button on your browser and it will go away; SED is working with Oracle to resolve. It is related to that software. NEW NERIC Data Warehouse Offerings Data Administrator Institute Shared Data Assistance Coordinator

  11. TESTING REMINDERS • NEW Level 1 Reports • How to navigate and find the report you want. • Work with your local BOCES Data Coaches to interpret and use for instructional improvement and data decision making. • Coming Soon! Reason Not Tested report • ALL 3-8 NYS tests • N24-2 forms – students MUST be in Level 0 and pushed to Level 1. If there are notes on roster, fix data. If there is an error in demographics on N24-2, notify District Test Coordinator and NERIC Testing immediately. • Check Tested/Not Tested Reports early & often • Check grade level, fix in Level 0, push to Level 1; also check Level 1 Preliminary ELA (then Math) Student List. • Regents CSV file – include out-of-district students & students not enrolled in a course but taking Regents. • NYSAA – must be Grade 13 or 14 and have 0220 Program Service code. Otherwise, no sheet printed. • NYSESLAT – 0231 Program Service must be reported or no sheets.

  12. EOY Checklist/Certification • EOY Checklist 2013_2014_2nd.pdf • NEW for 14-15 • (New Codes for 14-15) & (New Templates for 14-15) • COMING ATTRACTIONS • Staff Assignment Template • Course Instructor Snapshot Template

  13. Reminders • Please use & 518 862-5409 NOT individual lines/email. • Don’t forget to report NYSITELL scores; IB & ACT results (if provided to you). • Verification – start verifying NOW – don’t wait until the end. Reviewing AVRs & other reports gives you a chance to catch errors before it’s too late. • Resources • Memos • • • • Training Materials: • •

  14. SIRS Guidance • • Collection Requirements for 2013-14 and 2014-15 • • • APPR guidance • • Comprehensive Course Catalog •

  15. Thank you for all that you do!