s traight to t he h orse n.
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S traight To T he H orse . Maya E venhaim.

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People use horses for many different reasons. For example, horses are used in the Military to travel. Cops in New York City use horses to get around because it is so crowded on the streets. Also, people in Central Park take rides in horse drawn carriages. Yet with all of these people using horses they still need to be fed, groomed, and bathed.


When I was really little and I went to horseback- riding I sat on the horse slumped, and yelled at my grandma to take me off. Now I LOVE horseback-riding and all I had to do was give it some time.

One day I was going horseback-riding and I went straight to the horse with a smile on my face. After I groomed the horse and tacked him up I headed to the riding ring to start riding. At some point in the lesson the instructor let me jump the slightest elevated jump, and yet it was so fun! I never realized how much fun riding could be, and how much I loved riding. I trotted toward the jump and my horse skipped over it. Even though it wasn’t much it was a start. When I was done with the lesson the smile on my face whipped off because I had to leave. I took my horse, untacked him, and then groomed him. Even though I had to go I couldn’t wait for next weekend.



Sources at http://www.horsekeeping.comsay that for all this hard work horse ownership provides many

benefits. A relationship with

a horse is very fulfilling. Having a relationship with a horse can

bring out the good in you and

make you become a better

person. Caring for a horse

can make you a more reliable,

trustworthy, and honest person.


Even though owning a horse can cost a lot and be tedious work it is worth it. Owning a horse involves a lot of care. For example, grooming a horse and making sure it’s tack is clean is part of it. You groom because when you brush the horses’ coat of skin it removes dust, dirt, and dead cells from the horses.

Some people enjoy hanging out with their/around horses, and you should. For example Kerrie Ticher, a cowgirl, says “… I was thinking to back when I was a kid, when I would be at the barn all day. No necessarily riding, but just spending time with the horses. There is a lot to be said for getting solid hours of horse time.“ This means that, of course, if you are at a barn you will ride but it is also important to spend time with your/a specific horse. This quality time might pay back.


You will need to spend time exercising, feeding, and grooming your horse. Also buying feed and repairing tack. The way you tack up is by first taking the blanket and the saddle pad and put it on, then you take the saddle and put it on. Then you slip the girth through the slots and tighten it. After you have done that you need to put on the bridle. You take the bit and slip into the horse’s mouth. After you adjust the bridle you are ready to go out to ride.



When I interviewed NoaEvenhaim, an 8th grader at East Side Middle School also a horseback rider, she said that she likes horseback riding because she can get rid of all her worries, and it is very pretty and elegant.


She also said that she LIKES taking care of a horse before and after she rides. She likes it because she thinks that it is part of riding, and that it is really fun and a good way to get to know the/ your horse.


A lot of people like Cherry Hill, a book author of a book called How To Think Like A Horse and other books, says that when she was little after grooming a horse she’d be careful not to wash her hands completely so that the wonderful smell can stay as long as possible.