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History #2

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History #2. The Need for Confederation in Canada. American Civil War: Lessons for Canada.

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history 2

History #2

The Need for Confederation in Canada

american civil war lessons for canada
American Civil War: Lessons for Canada

Map of the division of the states during the Civil War. Blue represents Union states, including those admitted during the war; light blue represents Union states which permitted slavery; red represents Confederate states.

Unshaded areas were not states before or during the Civil War.


The American Civil War resulted in an estimated 618,000 deaths: more than the number of Americans who died in both world wars and Vietnam combined.

Canada: A People’s History , page 263

threat of american take over
Threat of American Take-Over
  • "(It is) ..our manifest destiny to over spread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty."

John O'Sullivan, democrat leader and editor of the New York newspaper 'The Morning Post‘: 1845.


what is manifest destiny
What is Manifest Destiny?

O'Sullivan was expressing the long held belief that white Americans had a God-given right to occupy the entire North American continent. It was not a new idea, nor was it historically confined to America. Manifest Destiny as a concept was exercised in 1492 by Christopher Columbus and the Spanish monarchs who initially sanctioned the colonization of South America. It was also exercised by the Pilgrim Fathers when they landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, by the British when they colonized Australia and India. Indeed, any act of colonization and settlement at the expense of another race can be said to be an expression of Manifest Destiny.


fenian raiders another reason to unite
Fenian Raiders: Another Reason to Unite
  • Fenian infantryman: Most Fenians seem to have worn civilian clothing, but some units did manage to provide themselves with uniforms.

(Canadian Department of National Defence)

fenian raiders
Fenian Raiders

"We are the Fenian Brotherhood, skilled in the arts of war,And we're going to fight for Ireland, the land we adore,Many battles we have won, along with the boys in blue,And we'll go and capture Canada, for we've nothing else to do."-Fenian soldier's song

  • www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~dbertuca/g/bayonets.JPG
battle of ridgeway with the fenians
Battle of Ridgeway with the Fenians

IDEALIZED IMAGE OF THE BATTLE OF RIDGEWAY(In reality, the sides never met in line formations on an open field nor did the Canadians wear red uniforms.  They wore green tunics. )

need for railways
Need for Railways

Necessary for to Improve Trade…

Necessary for Stronger Defence…


the plan for the grand trunk railroad in the 1850 s
The Plan for the Grand Trunk Railroad in the 1850’s