don t meth with it n.
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Don’t METH with it.

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Don’t METH with it. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Don’t METH with it. Oneisha J. Newell. Free Powerpoint Templates. Are you aware that…. Neurons multiply at a rate 250,000 neurons/minute during early pregnancy? 70,000 is the number of thoughts that it is estimated the human brain produces on an average day. First off what is it?:.

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don t meth with it

Don’t METH with it.

Oneisha J. Newell

Free Powerpoint Templates

are you aware that
Are you aware that…

Neurons multiply at a rate 250,000 neurons/minute during early pregnancy?

70,000 is the number of thoughts that it is estimated the human brain produces on an average day.


First off what is it?:

  • Neurons are the basic building blocks of the nervous system.
  • Neurotransmitter is a chemical messenger that carries, boosts and modulates signals between neurons and other cells in the body.
no one thinks they ll get eaten by a whale meth will change that
No one thinks they'll get eaten by a whale. Meth will change that.

The chemical called methamphetamine, methylamphetamine, or desoxyephedrine. The shortened name is 'meth'. When it is in its crystalline form, the drug is called: crystal meth,

Usually crystal meth is smoked in glass pipes, similar to how crack cocaine is used. It may be injected (either dry or dissolved in water), snorted, swallowed.

affects on the human body
Affects on the human body
  • Methamphetamine affects the body physically. The physical aspects are extreme weight loss and decreased appetite. However, it also acts as a popular stimulant. Methamphetamine improves concentration, energy, and alertness.
nervous system
Nervous system

Methamphetamine is a powerful central nervous system stimulant. The drug works directly on the brain and spinal cord by interfering with normal neurotransmission.


Methamphetamine increases the release and blocks the intake of the neurotransmitter. It effects the pleasure chemical –dopamine-- leading to high levels of the chemical in the brain--a common motive of drug abuse. Dopamine is involved in reward, motivation, the experience of pleasure. Methamphetamine has the ability to release dopamine rapidly in reward regions of the brain produces euphoria.

side effects
Side Effects

Physical effects from crystal meth include: increased heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. Anxiety, emotional swings, and paranoia are the most common psychological effects of chronic use of crystal meth. With long term use extreme paranoia, hallucinations, and brutal violence becomes common.

method withdrawals
Method withdrawals

While Crystal Meth withdrawal symptoms can be very intense, they are generally psychological in nature. The addict going through the withdrawal process will experience symptoms of anxiety, agitation, sleeplessness, and intense cravings for the drug. Drug withdrawal can be a painful process and many people choose to continue doing drugs instead of going through the uncomfortable feelings of the withdrawal process.

highly addictive and highly dangerous
Highly Addictive and Highly Dangerous…

According to the World Health Organization, methamphetamine is second only to marijuana as the most widely abused illicit drug in the world, and it is the most prevalent synthetic drug manufactured in the United States.

works cited
Works Cited