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Manga. Made By Anna. Table of Contents. What is Manga? 3-4 Japan 5-6 Anime 7 Pictures 8 Bibliography 9 Bye Bye 10. What is Manga?. Manga originates from Japan.

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Made By Anna

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • What is Manga? 3-4
  • Japan 5-6
  • Anime 7
  • Pictures 8
  • Bibliography 9
  • Bye Bye 10
what is manga
What is Manga?
  • Manga originates from Japan.
  • It is a mixture of both comics and anime.
  • Manga is a Japanese word if translated it means whimsical drawings.
  • Manga is like American comics.
  • Some manga’s have superhero's just like most comics.
  • For Example, Tokyo Mew Mew .
  • Another manga that has a superhero is my favorite Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.
  • Manga includes anime.
  • Anime is whole new subject.
  • Anime is very important.
  • Manga have become popular around the world but mostly in Japan.
  • Japan
  • Japan is where a lot of manga and anime come from.
  • This is a picture of a doll wearing a kimono and carrying an umbrella.
  • Some woman wear kimonos if they

like to.

Some Americans and Canadians think that a lot of Japanese women wear kimonos but they don’t!

more about japan
More About Japan
  • Japan is home to many things including SUSHI!!!!! Yay!
  • Japan is an island nation in East Asia.
  • Japan is also famous for Tokyo.
  • Tokyo is very famous for a lot of things like….sushi, parks, toys and more!
  • But don’t worry I don’t have a slide about Tokyo!
  • Anime is … funny, cool, and cute.
  • Anime is very kawaii. Kawaii means cute.
  • Anime is pretty much the whole manga.
  • There are some mangas made into movies .
  • Those movies are Anime!
  • Like Pokemon or Yotsuba (you’ll see) have been made into episodes!
pictures finally something i can understand
Pictures! (Finally Something I Can Understand)
  • Full Moon Pokemon
  • O Sagashite Diamond And
  • (KF) (Cute) Pearl (KF) (Cool)


Happy Happy Clover

(Very Funny!) (KF)

(KF) (Cute and Funny)

  • (Book) All about Manga
bye bye
Bye Bye

I hope you liked my


  • That’s his way of saying bye!
  • ( Roary the dino!)
  • (Also anime and manga!)
wait there s more quiz time
Wait there’s more!Quiz Time

1. Where does manga originate from?

2.Give me one example of a manga?

3. Who said bye bye in his own way?

4.What does manga mean?

5. Japan is an island nation in where?

6.How many Pikachu’s did you see during this slide show?


1. Japan

2.Happy Happy Clover , Yotsuba , Pokemom , Full Moon.

3.Roary the dino

4. Whimsical drawings

5. East Asia

6. 5 Pikachu’s!!!!