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7 th Heaven. Done by Tyrell Ulmer . Introduction.

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7 th heaven

7th Heaven

Done by Tyrell Ulmer

  • 7th Heaven is about a family with 5 kids (eventually seven) that live in Glean Oak, California. The father is a minister and the mother is a stay at home mom. They have 5 kids until twins are born in season three. Four of the seven kids end up leaving the house but, the house is always full with house guests are there kids.
  • It ran from 1996-2007 which makes it the longest running family drama in history beating out little house on the prairie and The Waltons.
  • The actors are Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks, Beverly Mitchell, Mackenzie Rossman, David Gallagher, Barry Watson, Jessica Biel, George Stults, Lorenzo and Nikolas Brinoare the twins that are eventually brought in.
  • The show takes place in Glen Oak California, where the father (Eric) is a minister.
  • With Eric being a minister some scenes take place in a church others at there home.
  • The setting is fairly important and usually includes them as a family at home and at church.
  • There is a very family orientated atmosphere which draws people to the show and always makes people want to know what is going on next with the family.
jessica biel mary camden
Jessica Biel (Mary Camden)
  • The oldest daughter of Eric and Annie and second oldest kid.
  • She is a good athlete with a love for basketball until, she is hit by a car and damages her knee.
  • In her senior year the coach lockouts out the basketball team for falling grades. The team reacts by vandalizing the school gym but get caught before they do anything. Mary gets of with community service and avoids serious punishment.
  • Instead of going to college she decides to work, she has trouble holding on to a job.
  • Eventually she ends up drinking and gets caught by the cops leading to her to move in with her grandparents. She leaves the house feeling as the rest of her family betrayed her.
  • She marries a guy in Florida and they have a kid. He moves back to Puerto Rico taking the boy with him as Mary has given up her parental rights. At Simons wedding it is revealed that they are back together and that Mary is expecting twin girls.
david gallagher simon camden
David Gallagher (Simon Camden)
  • He is the fourth oldest and second oldest boy. He is known to his family as the bank of Simon because he always has money or is making money.
  • In the pilot episode he prays and begs his parents for a dog which he soon he gets, Happy the dog.
  • High school is tough for Simon even with help from his big sister Lucy. In his senior year he runs in to a cyclist and the death is ruled accidental but he can not stop blaming himself.
  • He leaves for college and breaks the family rule of premarital sex.
  • He meets a girl named Rose and about to get married but they both decide not to at the alter. Later he gets married but its unknown to who.
barry watson matt camden
Barry Watson (Matt Camden)
  • The oldest of all seven children.
  • In high school he sacrifices his school hours to help others and keep them happy. Sometimes he does not tell his dad if they want to remain unknown. He bounces from job to job and manages to graduate the top of his class.
  • Out of high school he works at a hospital cafeteria. This makes him want become a doctor and eventually he works at a women's clinic.(not as a doctor)
  • He gets married to Sarah Glass, the marriage is kept a secret for some time. After graduating Medical school together it is revealed that they are expecting twin boys.
teen issues
Teen Issues
  • This TV show dives into a teen issues such as, smoking and relationships. In the pilot episode Matt gets sent to an old ladies house that claims she smoked and is missing a lung. Also in the pilot episode Eric and Annie decide its ok for Mary to date older guys.
  • In its first season on WB it drew in 3.2 million viewers good enough for #10 on the network. The following year it had 5.8 Million viewers it was #2 on the network. In 1998-1999 it had 7.6 million viewers making it #1 on the station. Although in never had that many viewers it remained #1 on the network for 7 years. In 2005-2006 was supposed to cancel the show. CW decided to air one more season that drew in 3.3 million viewers making it #9 on the network.
  • I believe the show was successful because it was more than just a teen drama, it revolved around a whole family. There was always something different going on with the family.
comparison the oc
Comparison, The OC
  • The OC is a teen drama as compared to the family drama that 7th heaven is.
  • The OC started with 9.7 million viewers its first season but continued to decline, 7 million, 5.3 million and in its last season only had 4.3 million.
  • In terms of viewers after the fist season they are pretty even. 7th heaven aired for a much longer time.
  • In my opinion 7th heaven was more successful and I enjoyed it more.