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3 rd Quarter Contractor Business Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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3 rd Quarter Contractor Business Meeting

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3 rd Quarter Contractor Business Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3 rd Quarter Contractor Business Meeting. Facilities Session. September 9, 2011. Mike Kehoe. Plant Engineering. Agenda. OASIS Transition to Exostar – O55, Chris Goush Yard Cleanliness Requirements for reporting a spill New process for submitting MSDS information – S-1032, Rev. A

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3 rd Quarter Contractor Business Meeting

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Presentation Transcript

3rd Quarter

Contractor Business Meeting

Facilities Session

September 9, 2011

Mike Kehoe

Plant Engineering

  • OASIS Transition to Exostar – O55, Chris Goush
  • Yard Cleanliness
  • Requirements for reporting a spill
  • New process for submitting MSDS information – S-1032, Rev. A
  • Pre-task plans
  • Lift plans
  • Contractor crane briefing class - September 15
  • Crane accident reporting, X36, Jimmy Shearn
  • Vehicle Safety – EH&S, O27, Rod Taylor
oasis transition to exostar
OASIS Transition to Exostar
  • Newport News Shipbuilding will be transitioning from the Northrop Grumman Oasis System to EXOSTAR.
  • Target for transition completion is mid November.
yard cleanliness
Yard Cleanliness
  • Great effort was made in preparation for Hurricane Irene. Much appreciated.
  • Clean worksites are safer.
  • Expectations are high that we will maintain level of cleanliness.
  • NAVSEA 08 audit begins September 11, 2011.
requirements for reporting a spill
Requirements For Reporting a Spill
  • All spills are to be immediately called in to the Communications Center.
  • The Communications Center phone number is 380-2222.
  • IMMEDIATE notification is required to avoid Notice of Violation (NOV) or fine.
submitting msds information
Submitting MSDS Information
  • Newport News Shipbuilding Procedure S-1032, Rev. A – Approval and Use of Hazardous Materials
  • Submittal process of MSDS has changed.
    • PAST: Contractors submitted information directly to EH&S, Dept. O27
    • CURRENT: NNS Contractor Coordinators shall submit the appropriate material requests (NN Form 9453) to EH&S, Dept. O27 on behalf of the contractor
pre task planning
Pre-Task Planning
  • All projects are to have pre-task plans.
  • Review plan with work crew before commencing the work
  • Important to evaluate your work area
  • Identify potential hazards
  • Review required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Describe work to be performed, hazards associated with each step, and how to eliminate or control the hazard
  • Work crew sign off
  • Contract Coordinators/Field Engineers should audit pre-task plans.
lift plans
Lift Plans
  • Yard-wide Lifting and Handling Requirements for Departments working with contractors. Lift plans are required for all suspended loads. This includes loads suspended from forklifts, backhoes, etc. Lift plan issues and accident reporting apply to rigging applications as well as crane work.
  • Take two. Take time to review the lift plan, equipment and rigging. After the job is hooked up and the rigging is snug, stop before you lift and do a second check or a ‘take two’ to ensure everyone is really ready and the travel path is clear.
  • Remember: ANYONE is authorized to stop the lift when conditions are questionable.
contractor crane briefing class
Contractor Crane Briefing Class
  • Mandatory for all contractor crane operators before performing lifting and handling operations. Attendance of riggers is recommended but optional.
  • Scheduled only 1 day each month in B133-2.
  • Class size is limited to 15.
  • Next class is scheduled for September 15, 2011
  • E- mail toMichael.T.Kehoe@hii-nns.comto sign up for class.
  • Attendance records are maintained. Not required to attend more than once.
crane accident reporting
Crane Accident Reporting
    • An accident occurs when any one or more of the six elements in the operating envelope fails to perform correctly during operation, including operation during maintenance or testing resulting in the following.
      • a) Personnel injury or death. Minor injuries that are inherent in any industrial operation , including strains and repetitive motion related injuries, shall be reported by the normal personnel injury reporting process of the activity in lieu of these requirement.
      • b) Material or equipment damage
      • c) Dropped load
      • d) Derailment
      • e) Two-blocking
      • f) Overload
      • g) Collision/including unplanned contact between the load, crane and/or other objects.
crane accident reporting1
Crane Accident Reporting
  • In the event of a crane accident, as a contractor you must:
    • Stop work immediately and secure the site! Do not alter the scene of the accident unless it is necessary for the safety of personnel or property!!!!
    • Call *911 (from Shipyard phones) or 380-2222 (from cell phones) for emergency assistance, if needed.
    • Call 688-9888 to report the accident to the Facilities Service Desk. The Facilities Service Desk will notify the Newport News Crane Accident Response Team.
    • Keep all persons not involved with the accident away from the area. Make sure that anyone who was involved or has knowledge of the accident remains near the area.
      • Involved personnel must remain on-site until released by the Crane Accident Response Team, even if it means working past the end of their shift.
    • Wait for the Crane Accident Response Team to arrive.
contractor crane operator requirements
Contractor Crane Operator Requirements
  • The crane operator is responsible for ensuring a safe lift and shall never make a lift that he or she feels is improperly or insufficiently rigged.
  • The operator must confirm that any personnel hooking on to the crane or signaling the operator are qualified.
  • Mandatory compliance to Shipyard regulations.
  • Pedestrians must use available crosswalks, sidewalks, designated walkways.
  • Effective August 1, 2011 the following requirements apply to all motor vehicles, including personal vehicles when operated on shipyard property:
    • Motor vehicles used to transport personnel, such as cars, trucks and Mules, must have firmly attached, designated seats for all passengers.
    • Anyone operating or riding in/on a motor vehicle must use a seatbelt if one was provided by the manufacturer. If seatbelts have been removed, for whatever reason , they must be reinstalled.
    • Employees are no longer allowed to ride in the back of a pickup truck or any other type of motor vehicle. All materials must be secured to prevent them from falling off or dragging from the vehicle.
  • If you have questions regarding this presentation, please contact your Contract Coordinator or:

Mike Kehoe

O41 – Plant Engineering