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D. G. A: D ead G uy A cademy PowerPoint Presentation
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D. G. A: D ead G uy A cademy

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D. G. A: D ead G uy A cademy
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D. G. A: D ead G uy A cademy

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  1. Day 3 : Greece (continued) D. G. A: Dead Guy Academy Mr. Norris 6th Grade Social Studies 2010-2011

  2. It is believed that Homer was blind. His poems were not originally written down, but memorized. I lived during the 700s or 800s BC. Homer • Homer was the greatest poet of the ancient world. • I wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey, two epic poems that are read by students today. • My poems tell the stories of great heroes. • The Illiad is a story of the last years of the Trojan War and a hero named Achilles. • The Odyssey tells of a hero named Odysseus’s travels following the war. • Odysseus meets obstacles like monsters, magicians, and angry gods. • These poems were memorized by students as part of their education.

  3. I ruled from 460 BC to 429 BC. Pericles • I was a leader of Greece who was very proud of my country. • Under my rule, democracy reached its height. • In a democratic government, rulers are elected and opinions of the people are taken into consideration. • I believed that my people should speak their voice, and that serving in government is just as important as fighting in the military. • I believed democracy was so important that I even paid people to participate. Before democracy, civilizations were ruled by one or a few rulers. Democracy allowed for all citizens to have a say.

  4. I lived from 496- 406 BC. Sophocles • I was a famous Greek playwright. • I focused mostly on tragedies. • Not only was I the writer of some of the most famous tragedies in history, I was also an actor. • Tragedies are plays that tell of terrible events that occur in the lives of the characters. • My most famous tragedy is called Oedipus the King. • This tragedy tells of an orphan who is destined to killed his father and marry his mother, which he does.

  5. I lived from 480-406 BC. Euripides • Much like Sophocles, I was a playwright. • However, I was kind of a rebel and wrote about things that not many Greeks agreed with. • I wrote plays that made fun of gods and government. • Because I wasn’t very popular, many people made fun of me and treated me poorly. • My works still live on, however, as plays different than anything that had ever been written before. I wrote between 75 and 92 plays.