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  1. ADL DATA SYSTEMS, INC ONLINE RESIDENT TRUST FUNDS Presented by Martha Ramirez October 15, 2012

  2. Overview • Benefits of Using Online Resident Trust Fund Module • System Parameters Trust Funds • Bank Set Up • Vendor Set Up • Manage Registers • Special File • CR & TF Entry • Track Receipts • Track Registers • Journals • Checks Manager • Direct Deposit Information

  3. Benefits of Using Online Resident T/F Module • Ability to create/post transactions (Debit, Credit, or Check) immediately • Ability to check notes ledgers simultaneously and distribute receipts. • Create multiple transactions to various bank fund accounts and produce one receipt. • Functionality to work in “batch” mode while still working on individual transactions. • Produce checks “on request” or “delay” check printing • View receipts/transactions for both CR and TF and user entries via Track Receipts.

  4. System Parameters – Trust Funds • Disbursement of funds control: Ability to control releasing of funds on residents with zero balance • Print right away or delay checks: Ability to control when to print checks

  5. Bank Setup • ADD a Bank and enter information: Bank Abbreviation, Routing#, Fractional Route, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Bank Phone, Contact Information • SAVE

  6. Link Bank Account to Fund Accounts • Select Account you want to change • Enter from grid below number line in which new bank should be • Tab and current bank is now the old default

  7. Add a New Vendor • Adding a vendor can be done in two ways: • Online Receipts -Vendor Setup---Click ADD and enter Vendor Information • Or Create “New” Vendor on the spot when entering transaction

  8. Make sure to uncheck SKIP ZOOM SCR. Otherwise, vendor info will not display Create “New” Vendor on the spot. View Vendor Master When doing a check transaction, search for the vendor. If vendor is not in the Vendor Master, Create a new vendor on the spot.

  9. Enter all pertaining information for the vendor and SAVE

  10. Manage Registers Create a new box by clicking on Boxes then Set Up • Manage Registers gives you the ability to: • Setup a box • Opened a box • Closed a box • Stopped a box • Use cash box

  11. Setup a box • Click Insert • Enter a Comment

  12. Enter Cash amount to begin the daily balance. If checks remain in teller box, enter amount as well. Select reason, and where/bank/Account. Select Teller ID if necessary too.

  13. Setup Special File Online Receipts always looks at today’s date • At the beginning of each month make sure to SETDAT to new month • 2. Create Special file

  14. CR & TF Entry Select assigned box Designated Teller- assigned during Box set up. Actual Teller- user that chooses box. Confirmation Box- to assure box selection

  15. Cash Receipts and Trust Fund Entry A/R side TF side Resident Balances Paysource Balances Invoice Balances CR/TF screens are interchangeable you can go from one screen to another. All CR entries are done to the left of the Rcpt column, all TF amounts are entered on the right side of the Rcpt column

  16. Example 1: Resident wants to pay NH bill, and deposit $$ in their personal cash account. • AR Side • Enter Name or Acct. no • Enter Paysource • Enter $$ Amount • Receipt # is Automatic • Date will default to today's date. Change to reflect date of service. • TF Side • 6. Enter Trust fund code- P,E,M,X only. • 7. Enter Fund amount • 8. Verify line total amount • **GL will default to designated account. (01-04)** 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tab through to get to next line

  17. Preparing Receipt in CR • Enter Purpose of Deposit • and Payment Form • Select OK and cursor is on next line • Click on Process button

  18. Print receipt for transaction

  19. System now reflects a Box total of $ 1000 a deposit into the residents Cash account and a payment to the Pension balance

  20. Other options in Online CR and TF Include…….. • Ability to check transactions. Click under Ledger for display of: • Resident Ledger • T/F Statements • or Print Journals • Ability to Review/Edit Notes, Funds Balances and Premium File for specific resident if necessary

  21. Hide Trust Fund Balance on print receipts option

  22. Trust Fund Side Entry • Enter Name/acct no. • Double Click Dscr (column 1) • Enter Dscr- free text • TF- Use only codes • Enter amount of Debit, Credit or Check amount. • **GL will default to designated account. (01-04)**

  23. Tab through to next line and select Process

  24. Print receipt for transaction Transaction updated amount of total cash deposit in box

  25. Example 2: Resident wants to pay a bill via Check

  26. Print receipt for transaction

  27. Print check

  28. Example 3: User needs to produce one check for multiple residents • Select Vendor either by look up or new vendor • Under Trans select type of transactions • Enter details in Description 2 field. • Default Fund No. is the acct. to which all withdrawals are coming from. • Post Date is date in which event happened. • Default amount will be for all residents.

  29. Print check

  30. Track Receipts Scroll to see additional details

  31. Tracking Online Entries Tracks operations of Users boxes. Displays date/time Opening and Closing amounts of Cash and Checks. Also shows total of Cash and Check Transactions.

  32. Trust Fund Disbursement Journal

  33. Cash Receipts Journal

  34. Trust Funds Transaction Register Uncheck All Funds type to pull up types selection

  35. Resident Funds Transaction Register

  36. Resident Funds Transaction Register Summary

  37. Checks Manager Click on bar to display details List of all checks process on a period of a time. Parameters can be set for display

  38. Checks Manager Options • Generate a report • Print Delayed checks • Reprint Jammed Checks • Reconcile checks • Void Checks

  39. Generate a Report Option List of all checks issue in a period of a time, export to excel functionality in the screen: • Enter In Period • Select Option Generate Report • Select Fund to display • Select Bank • Process

  40. Reconcile Checks Option RECONCILED • Enter In Period • Select Fund to display • Select Option Reconcile Checks • Enter As of Date • Select Bank • Uncheck Not Reconcile Only • Click column CHECK and the system will Reconcile Item with As of Date

  41. Print Delayed Checks Option • Enter In Period • Select Fund to display • Select Option Print Delay Checks • Select Bank • Check mark Non-Printed Only • Click under Check column and the Printed column turns green, click Print. • After printing the check, dates display in Column Printed

  42. Void Checks Option • Enter In Period • Select Fund to display • Select Option Void Checks • Enter As of Date • Select Bank • Click column CHECK and the system will VOID ITEM WITH AS OF DATE • Void date displays in VOID ON column

  43. Reprint Jammed Checks Option • Enter In Period • Select Fund to display • Select Option Reprint Jammed Checks • Select Bank • Click column CHECK and Column PRINTED will turn green • Select PRINT

  44. ADL DATA SYSTEMS, INC ONLINE RESIDENT TRUST FUNDS Presented by Martha Ramirez October 15, 2012